Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Elegant #Dove


For today's entry I want to present to you my friends some pictures of the beautiful doves which I captured after holing up at my secret birding spot for quite some time.

My hiding place

But one incident I observed last week keep gnawing inside me that makes me want to speak out my mind...

You see there are times when you cannot find words to say what's on your mind. In some situations that will be good because it depends in what state you are in, the words you say might be offensive. Especially when angry we tend to say things we don't really mean.

Wrong words can move others to tears.

Relationship can sour.

In the worst case you may get a backlash and ended up with a slap on your face.

Or you may cause somebody to leave home....

Children can be very sensitive. A little scolding from angry parent will make them sulk all day.

In this situation a grandma can play her role. She might not be good with words and she might not know much of psychology. She only knows how to say things as they really are.

Children of today they don't have the opportunity to enjoy their lives like children of earlier days. Even the way they dress make them look so morose. That is the trend today. Why why why the parents put them in that situation.

If I were the parents I will want my children to live their lives as children should. Why burden them with doctrine and dogma. Why confuse them . Get real. Show them the way to be appreciative of the beauty of nature and all its greatness...in themselves and in the whole wide world....

There are things that should be said explicitly but sometimes we don't have the heart to say it...so as not to invite controversy..

Ok now presenting the elegant dove...

Try getting a a panoramic view

Cleaning and grooming to relieve all that is sticky

Thinking before taking a step..

Step on the right footing..

No hesitation

                                                   And be full of confidence....

Be happy always...


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