Saturday, 11 December 2021

A Fallen Tree

A Fallen Tree

 Rows of them at the beach front

The one with spreading canopy

would be scrambled to by many 

to camp under

to gain shelter

Today I see one is downed

broken by the night storm

laying lifeless on the sand

bypass by many

as no shelter is offered by a fallen tree 

The leaves will soon dry up and drop

leaving dead branches poking the air

soon it will rot

and get drifted

alone and lonely

Friday, 23 July 2021

Have You Been Vaccinated?

That question did put me at ill at ease then. 

Not anymore . Because I had my complete dose already.

I was not so keen earlier on but after deep thinking plus after the urgings surrounding me I came to my senses. 

Not that I am anti vaccine or anything like that, its just that the thought of not wanting to disturb my body system. Scared that  while well and healthy some foreign things injected in may cause havoc inside there.

I know I am quite wrong in thinking like that but after reading about the newly developed Covid vaccines its positive and nagatives of course being sceptical is just natural. Its a layman understading . .

On the lighter side, no I know not the needle that I am afraid of.

Of course its not something like this hehehe

(Injection on gaharu tree)

(This is to trigger the production of more agarwood)


But I got vaccinated anyway. 

I think I do good to myself , my family and to my country which aim to achieve herd immunity soon possible. 

After the vaccine you step out with confidence

Monday, 12 July 2021

Gardening Makes Me Happy

Though the prolonged MCO is making me feel lethargic by the day, I cannot allow my mood to slide. That can make my time go to waste.  I try to be productive. I spend a lot of time in doing up my garden albeit doing work at snail speed.

Tried a makeover for the garden but I don't have a proper plan. Haah whatever for, the area is just small . . . just aim to make it look big ๐Ÿ˜Š

Now my garden look more spacious.

I have pushed the plants and flower pots to the side and let the centre be occupied by grass. Its quite a hard work removing the plants which have rooted quite deep into the ground. Some how I could do without anybody's help.

See this big pot. It houses a tall hibiscus, the roots dig through into the ground. I managed to move it ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช. 

The grass is growing quite fast but there are still some bare spots. I have put more garden soil over the area hoping the grass will spread there in search of nutrients. Hope the whole centre area will turn green like a carpet. No, its not carpet grass. It is just the humble cow grass but they look nice when properly trim and stay short.

Of course I don't cut them with scisors. I have bought a grass cutter like this. No battery, no electricity. No need maintenace. So convenient. Good enough for my small lawn. Now the grass has no chance to grow high. Can't wait to cut them. Good exercise you know pushing that thing.

I like the changes I made but I thought better if I could replace some of the flower pots. Some bought from ancient time you can imagine how they look. But then I can't do it now . The nursary where I used to get my garden supplies is closed due to the MCO. Look like I have to scrub them. Theres plenty of time to even scrub the flower pots . . .

At times my work will be interupted by the little creatures. Sometimes you are not aware, nearly come to touching ๐Ÿ˜ฎthem but the catterpillar won't give a hoot to my squeal it will just continue chomping the young green leaves . . . who cares . . .

The other day someone sold me 2 sacks of garden soil mixed with cowdung and a sack of cocoa peat. I have repotted some plants using this soil and they are happily growing now. Hope they maintain the healthy growth.  

The grass is getting thicker and so green. Must be that cowdung . . .

Nice little lawn I have now. Little Adli can play here when he balik kampung. 

Wonder when will they open the state border. . . how long more this crisis will last. Will it take many more months . . . or years . . .

Hope not when it is over and they finally free us  the little lawn would be too small for Adli to romp around. Children grow fast., don't they.

Happy gardening. 

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Filling Time And Wandering Mind

The other day a friend called with no particular purpose but to just chat over nothing of importance. As with most people the phone chats help to fill time especially in this time of restricted movement due to the Corona virus.

Already so many weeks forced to stay home and she is getting fatigue over it. Anyway she thanked me for making her buy an electronic keyboard and learning to play music. That helps save her from being insane over inactivity.

Another friend also expressed how she has become tepu. Tepu  . . .ha ha its not about the saturated cooking oil .of course. Just can't take it anymore she said about this continuous stay at home order.

I read in the news there's anger, there's despair, there's fault finding among the raayat. I have sympathy for those who really are badly affected. We the ordinaries can't do much to change things. Stay calm find something to do to fill the time to keep us stay sane.

Me? Still ok sustaining living my quiet life. My home garden occupies most of my time.

It may just be a small one but it is good enough a place for me to sit around if staying indoor makes me feels tepu . . . I can go out and get to enjoy the soothing breeze here.

You see, though not big it has space for a few big and tall trees. So its shady and cool. 

Lucky that I like gardening and during the MCO as I don't have other hobby to distract I spend more time here.  Everyday watering the plants or raking away the leaves that never stop falling. So the plants thrive and the ground quite tidy.

I like to have a laissez faire kind of garden so I let the plants grow as they please. Some have overgrown their pots. The kesidang has grown so well that it has climbed up to the top of the tall gaharu tree.

Recently it delighted me with clusters and clusters of flowers blooming and releasing sweet fragrance. When the wind blows the air is charged with the sweet smell.

I appreciate this little pleasure, yes.



Happy blogging.

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Living in Sync

I used to think that the movement restriction whether the tight, the tightened or relaxed ones don't really affect my daily life. 

But after more than a year of living in such situation I begin to feel what other people might already been feeling, the stress of living in such a dictated way.

Our freedom to live the way we used to is curbed not only by the country authority but also by our own fear and anxiety.

I would in the past be enjoying tennis in the evening. Maybe in the morning I would have gone for swimming. Not that I cannot also go for a beach walk but the fear that the virus is everywhere scare the wits out of me. It ends up me not doing anything.

Of course there is the gardening to do. But my garden is just a small one and therefore now has nothing more left for me to do. Even if there is I tend to idle. I think boredom is setting in.

I know I am only thinking about frivolous matters. Not so much the urgency to address it. 

Its in the news that the pademic situation is really badly affecting the people in many ways. 

The loss of job is one. Lost in investment and etc. It is real that people finds it hard to live like they were used to, standard and quality of living have gone down. They are now cloaked in fear not only of the virus but also of their economy that is sliding downhill, may be I should say falling. 

The area I live in is also declared a red zone. There are many confirmed Covid cases. Heard that there are a few serious ones still in the ICU.  Hope they will recover.

Sad., last week an old friend lost to Covid 19. 

Its a relief  that the govt has declared a total lockdown and hope it will be enforced strictly in the true sense of the word, but it doesn't seem so. Can the chain be broken?

How I wish . . . 

Ah no point thinking and wishing as I am a powerless nobody. 

I have to be a good citizen and do my part.  

I will stay home.  

Just may be can do bird watching from my kitchen . . .

That must be the same bird again. Came over here a few times. 

I think it is looking for a new place to build a nest. The dead tree on whcih it dug  holes to stay has been chopped off by the land owner.  

Of course the bird had never pay any rentals. 

You are welcome to stay here in my garden :))

Stay safe.

Friday, 28 May 2021

2 Title-less Poems For Adila

No 1

Life has its up and down
 like the weather, there is rain and shine
at times of extreme heat
the grass die and lost its green
even the trees not able to resist
but to shed their leaves
 the flowers bow 
and drop their petals

But never a season forever lasts
when the rain comes and the drought passed
the air freshen up back to life
those before, droop in gloom
would perk up to bloom

No 2

Why would a stumble slow me down
a misstep on the lane
a cut, a bruise on the skin
 hit my spirit down?

I have hope and faith
in heart and mind
a time will come 
will find my true strength 
like the tide of the great ocean
it ebbs but rises again

Pride matters to humankind
success do matter
in the life of man

And so I will as life dictates
to do my best in tasks I undertake
with the full heart I will commit
for the success that I seek

Monday, 10 May 2021

Just Go For A Leisure Walk

 In a few days time its going to be a Hari Raya again. How is it going to be this time. 

Heard that the authority is going to clamp down on our movement meaning that there will be no home coming cheers, visiting or entertaining. 

There will be no rushing and busying for me. Thats why am sitting here before this laptop.

Its going to be a quiet Hari Raya just like last year's.

Thats because of Covid.

Covid has affected the way we live. It has changed the way we behave and do things. 

There are such things as the new norms that we have to adopt.

One is that our face is masked whenever we go out or sometimes even in the house if an outsider happens to be around. 

Ever wonder whats behind those masks. Smirks or smiles?

Another is that no touching. That makes some feel less friendly. 

Social distancing must be strictly observed they say better adhere to it than be sorry to be in isolation if you get Covid.

No raya shopping to avoid crowd. But I have learnt to shop online :))

Its confirmed now.

Strict travel restriction is cast upon the country, the number of new cases is escalating, thats why.

Its scary.

Have to tolerate this restriction and emergency. 

Never mind  if there's no home coming, no visiting, no entertaining.

I'll just entertain my self on that day.. May be  just go for a leisure walk at a quiet place nearby.

Selamat Hari Raya

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Saturday, 6 March 2021

My Monstera Stays Green.

Its been hot days for weeks and the weather condition seems to continue to be so as there is no sign of rain coming. 

The grass in my small lawn is yellow, drying and dying. There is so little green grass left. 

The trees that I have, the gaharus, cempaka, mulberry, the belimbing buluh are shedding so much leaves. I hope they don't go bald. 

But the dukong tree is doing fine. 

Other plants which grow here are also not doing well. The sun loving hibiscus are also shedding their leaves. It is natural for them to shed leaves during hot dry weather but there is one that makes me worry. It is looking extra limp. It doesn't help even if I drench it morning and evening. Anyway to be safe, not to let it go extinct here I have taken stem cuttings to try to grow new ones.

Plants that are parked under the trees are also limp by afternoon, except the anthuriums which remain steady. 

And there is one, come what may will stay green and fresh and lush.

It is the Monstera.

This plant is looking ever so strong conquering the dukong tree on which it finds support. It is sending out shoots everywhere even on the ground. 

The climbing stem around the tree trunk looks like snake. It might be mistaken for one because it looks so real. It gives me a fright sometimes especially when I am lost in thoughts and suddently looking up and found the 'snake' above.

There are times when a real snake comes but so far I have seen only the green ular lidi. Its not really scarry because it is so small and its color stands out quite distinctively. The Monstera leave is darker while the snake is light green and a little shiny.

The Monstera has been greening my compound for many years already. The starter plant was just a cutting given by my florist friend. My Monstera's growth is not much being disturbed, I don't keep plucking the leaves for floral arrangement like my friend does. Mine should have overshot hers in growth. Must check.

Lately many people show interest in this plant but they buy artificial Monstera to decorate their home. I think it is better to have the faux because it will remain green without much bothering the owner should the real Monstera is to be placed indoor. Maybe the only problem is it collects dust if it is left unattended for too long. Or may be after some time you feel cheated by the fakeness.


The above part of this posting was written days ago. And I am continuing tonight because I am inspired and feeling happy that rain has come. Around 5 pm the weather was not hot anymore. And it was nice to play tennis in such condition unlike on the previous days we had to endure the heat as the sun was still strong at 6.30 

I think if the plants can talk and feel they will express their gratitude too that rain has come. And very soon the grass will spring back to life and green the surrounding as the Monstera does.

Overgrown Monstera

Hot but beautiful evening

Ok got to stop here. Need to go do my other hobby ๐Ÿ˜Š. The electronic keyboard is taking quite a lot of my time. 

Till next postng.

Stay healthy. Stay happy.

Saturday, 30 January 2021

Quiet Days

Life is quiet now. Its MCO again, movement limited to 10 km only.

Its ok with me. It doesn't really affect my daily life.

Stay home . Do gardening. Play my Yamaha keyboard. 

Don't ask about housework. It never can finish.

Ah you can go jogging, but do go alone. Keep your distance.

I prefer other sport but not allowed. I miss tennis.

I have not gone for swimming for so long. Swimming pool is closed.

Once or twice swam in the sea recently.

Thought of going to swim again this Saturday, it will be high tide around 7am. should be cool and nice early morning swim.

But yesterday's morning drive to the beach made me not want to proceed with my plan. Why.

Looking out from the car I only saw quietness. The seascape was dull foggy hazy. The ambience, forlorn, sad. Not a soul was in sight. Don't know why I felt a little scary.

Its different at other times. Even if you are alone there you don't feel it. Would I dare to be in the water when there is no one around. 

Found out later that mandi manda is not allowed. No wonder.

I like to be by the seaside in the morning and when water is high it is so inviting for you to take a dip. Very refreshing to start your day.

Two weeks before the MCO was enforced Adli and sisters came over. Their main focus was the beach. Lucky for them the rain took a breather allowing them to enjoy nature at its best.

Beautiful morning

Stay safe.

Till next post

Saturday, 23 January 2021

Saturday Morning Illusion

Looking out from my door i saw this 

A place of serenity and tranquility

Its wishful thinking one could go there

because it is too far


Stay safe