Thursday, 23 April 2020

Be Home And Stay Safe


They wish me "stay home stay safe"

Yes, I am inside but my heart is outside

I wish I can go out for a walk

or for a picnic

Or simply stand around
and watch people play

But who dares to violate the lockdown

The beach will be empty and quiet

We abide by the rule

We stay home

Salam Ramadhan dan Selamat Berpuasa to dear readers

Stay healthy stay safe.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Lockdown Punai

People are confined to their homes.
No walking
No biking
No motoring
No boating
No flying
No noise
No voices

The birds were having their day
Nothing to frighten them away
As the place was unusually quiet
And they stayed long enough for a few exposures
They hovered over the banana tree
Like playing hide and seek
Then they flew off

They are free to go where they want
They are not under a lockdown :)

 The female green pigeon

The male bird has a patch of orange color 

Bear with the rest stay home is best

bye  . . .

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Continue To Stay At Home


Yes, we continue to stay at home!

The COVID 19 pandemic is serious and deadly. It looks like it is becoming worse which I hope not. Every day there is sad news of people dying from it. Every day there are more confirmed positive cases. 

Therefore I am all for the continuation of this stay home order. 

I hope scientists can find the remedy soon so that people can be saved. Meantime to stay at home and distancing ourselves socially may be the only way to prevent and curb the widespread of the disease.

We are now already over 20 days under the MCO, what can you do except to be patient and pray that the situation improves. We feel for those infected and wish for their speedy recovery.  I hope that our front liners will stay strong and healthy to cure and care for the sick, to fight the disease, we feel grateful to these dedicated people. We do our bit by staying at home.

Back to about family life under this circumstance well to say that malaise and boredom do not come over me during the lockdown is an overstatement. How much gardening can you do and not become tired of it? What with the hot weather and sudden torrential rain. And some plants seem to stagnate in growth and my kacang panjangs keep being stolen by the monkeys😠

Household chores? It looks like it is non stop. The cleaning and the washing, as now we need to wash more and clean more. Even the grocery that just brought back needs to be carefully sorted and the package wiped clean to reduce the risk of contamination before putting it into storage. Eh, suddenly I remember about that sterile non-sterile the non-touch technique . . . 

Every day you have to cook until you run out of ideas. Though some eateries open for business I feel it is safer to eat home-cooked food.

Now I have more time to indulge in my indoor hobby. I play music with my Yamaha keyboard until the sound runs out of tune as my fingers become confused and go out of control 😣

Then I would read until my iPad need frequent recharging or when while lying down the gadget falls and hit my face. By the way, I have stopped logging in my share trading account, if I curiously do I no more cringe at it as I am already immune to the sea of red displayed on the screen. Big or small everybody is affected by the crisis. 

And the telephone? Ever so busy with all sorts of messages that every day you need to declutter. But without it, how would you feel if you are alone at home. With the telephone, you can at least call friends and make the voice box function a little.

In a time like this forget about kenduri or birthday. I have three wedding invitations that even without notifications I know they are being canceled. 

The Saturday before was Adli's first birthday. No birthday bash befitting the first birthday is possible. But Adli still got the first cake to cut, thanks to his kakaks especially Adelia who helps to ice the cake. Me, hubby and daughter shared the joy through facetime. In fact, most nights we connect so that we can know how everybody is coping in this trying time.

Both my daughter and my son's family is cooped in their respective condos. My girl is working online from her home. My son is out working because he is in the essential service leaving the family behind.

The girls my cucus are taking the school lessons online and there is the tv Pendidikan which they can follow.  I hope they don't miss much.

Of course, Adli won't know a thing, can't understand yet why grandpa cannot take him out from his playing pan though he can see atok's face live. He can see, he can hear but he cannot touch! Wait till all these are over when we can do visiting.

Had video chat with Adli 

Nah . . . the birthday cake made by kakak

Enjoy yourself, stay at home

How is your stay-home? How's your family coping?

Take care.