Tuesday, 29 March 2016

#Bulbul Bird Sings A Song Of Life


Do you remember what life was like when you were very young.


Happy and carefree? Very lucky you.

Singing happy songs?

Sad and deprived? Pity on you.

However as children we observed and formed opinions but of course we keep it to ourselves.

Parents of those time when they wanted to teach their children they uncontrollably went physical. By today's standard it could be considered child abuse...since houses were built on stilts many children jatuh tangga injuring themselves while trying to escape.... Ha haaa..... well at that time it was not funny at all.

And when your time to clean up after playing in the mud you would be scrubbed the primitive way -use the coconut husk.

Such were some of their ways to express parental love.

Sometimes parents took their children along to listen to some preachers who came to the village.

And then at home they repeated the whole thing again and again to remind everybody so that you are on the correct path. Looking back I think we should be saying thanks. No?

I think not everybody's experience the same because we lived in different environments. Some societies, some families  might have been more advanced than others and have different values.

But I think the backward period of the fifties and sixties roughly life was about the same for everybody, especially in rural areas, living in hardship except of course if you were born royal or you inherit some sort of treasure.

Living in a house like this in the fifties could be considered already wealthy

What I could gather is life was so subdued and people were so low keyed. There were no questionings people went about life with heads held low closed eyes and deaf ears but were still conscious and feared they might go about doing things wrong.

The parents were all about feeding their families and always worried about the next meal. Their income were paltry. I don't say they didn't work hard they did.

And part of what little they got they gave up in alms though I think they were the ones who should be receiving because into them were drummed: its a duty to give.

For example a part of their harvest had to be given away though it can hardly last them for that year. Anyway my parents were made to be so obedient and docile. We children made do with less.

Well I said things in a roundabout way but that's the only way I can say.

Our children were lucky. The years the eighties and nineties were better times more modern and more opportunities. And people of my contemporaries are better parents I should say. We are more expressive. We can afford to give our children more than just bread and butter. Our children would not be feeling unloved.

But of course our own parents were good in their own ways.

The children of our children should be having a much better life. Or are they being pampered too much. Whatever I hope they do things the right way the grand kids should not be subjected to too much preaching and taboos in this modern time. Their future should not be compromised.

How our life has come to be, should we bother much...live on and always be positive....and I like an old poetry by Kalidasa and part of it goes like this

" ...For yesterday is but a Dream,
And tomorrow is only a Vision:
But Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of  happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of hope...."

Fifty years ago the natural environment was not tempered and the beauty at its pristine state. People did not take time to watch and appreciate because there were other subsistence matter to care for their survival.

And sighting a bird even how rare was nothing to shout about.

For us now even a common bird has a place online.....

Listen to the song...

Dear friend ...this is my story..

My friend  I have to tell you this....

This life of mine
That  I... went through...

The time was dark and life was gray
and  I...like the water finding its way ...
Suddenly the day it took a turn
The sun was out and... started to burn...

And the ground was thirsty
and parched through out
...and the water.... sadly lost
 into the drought....

Thank you


Enjoy reading and be happy......


Saturday, 26 March 2016

Want To Be Peaceful Like A #Dove

Hi everyone

Do you agree? The longer we live the less friends we have.

May be its not to some. To the young people they won't know because they have more years to go through. By the time they are old the situations may change,people's attitude may be different.

Oldies might agree but may be not 100%.

Why I say so? Think about it. When you were in school, years and years ago you had the whole class your friends. 30? 40? You may fight but you were still friends. Where are they now?

Life can't be boring when you fight
When you were working the whole department that is your colleagues all were your friends. There may be office politics and juicy gossips but you took it as part of office life. They were still your company. You may only have a few on your WhatsApp now.

Gossipping is one form of pastime
After retirement you may find yourself alone among so many people. Silence in the noise.

Flower show - watch in silence

The point is we have to conform in order to be in the group, whatever group that is, you would be surrounded by people and they then may take you as their friend. Right?

In the group...

Whatever group you are in whether it is physical or cyber let it be good and positive to your lives. No point having friends but it is making your lives stressed out.
Good grouping...

A group of friends on durian hunting

To conform to be in....

But sometimes we don't like to be bothered by the false and pretentious norms and expectations thus we like to be left alone...

You can be yourself and don't have to put on a mask.

To be cool enough to even wear rags to make yourself comfortable...

To have your own space where you can be relaxed with yourself and no one breathing down your neck.

To be free from hawking eyes that can only see your faults.

To be with the like minded to pursue common hobbies and interests.

To leave you not to be disturbed with your flow of ideas and words for your blog post  hehehe....

As they say no man is an island. One needs to have friends...

Making friend isn't easy....

Some are suspicious of you...

Not in agreement sometimes..

A friend to keep company...

A friend a confidant....

But need to be alone sometimes to be at peace with oneself....

Cheer up...


Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Lonely #Hawk

Hi everyone

A month or two ago I stated that I was very excited about finding a site where many birds came to call. So whenever I can have time even between cooking breaks I would go bringing the camera to see if there's any bird that I could capture.

Many time I was disappointed. There were some bird calls but they did not show up. May be the days were too hot so they hid under the foliage. Only  one or two birds came to perch on the bare tree. They also  did not stay long enough to be caught on camera.

That time when many types of birds including the colorful #pigeon used to appear the weather was not so hot. May be that's why. They came out to bask on the bare tree after the rain like that colorful punai.

There is another possibility that causes the birds to disappear. Could it be because of this guy.....

Standing there watching
Looks like he (she?) making this bare tree its station to launch  attacks

Shot this early in the morning. There the forlorn figure on the bare tree

Sometimes it stood guard at the communication tower.

On the lookout...

It has been there these few days making the forlorn tweeek tweeek sound most of the time. Only once I saw it went flying low over the area. It looks to me the hawk is like a sick bird.  It perched there most time remaining quiet.

It was being attacked by another bird one evening. Was it another bird of the same kind. I am not really sure.

being attacked

became unstable but not fighting back

Only yelling...

...and crying foul...

If I say it was sick I may be wrong because on another day it appeared aggressive.

Photograph taken on a different day.

Watch your back...

Other birds can get frighten.

I know the photographs I put up this time are not of good quality.

These photos were taken either at very late  evening or early morning. At other time the bird was not to be seen but only could be heard. Now I can recognize its sound.

Also these few days it began to be gloomy may be the dry season is ending soon.

Not enough sunlight with the overcast sky.

Further more the subject was way too far.

Hmmmphh....Come get me....the lonely #Hawk you say...

Till the next time for more bird story.....


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

#Waterhen And Other Water Related Matters

Hi hello

The morning was fresh after last night's rain , the first rain after days and days without rain. It is good to exercise to get the system going.

As I approached the pool I saw someone was already in there swimming at the far end. It was the lady I befriend recently. A newbie. Still struggling but confident. The far end of the pool is 10 feet deep.

Two or three months ago she just started to get interested. She worked hard at it. I think she will master the stroke fast since she is quite serious.

Seeing her I remember my struggle in the beginning. It was so very difficult to turn my head to take the breath when doing the free style.Until one day I suddenly managed to do it once and then it became so easy afterwards. That left me wondering if it was this easy why was it so difficult earlier on.

Proper breathing technique is important if not you won't love swimming.

When  brave enough I swam to the deep end and for the first few times I could sense that the pool attendant was apprehensive. I would smile proudly when I reached the wall while trying not to look so breathless. In fact I was wheezing.....yes wheezing!

And it is not so big a pool...

Regular maintenance important

Now I can swim to and fro without much difficulty.

Once I swam in this big pool

Olympic size?

I felt overwhelmed. Although I swam in the sea before but I felt different here. There were many youngsters swimming on the other lanes. They were all practicing hard. I felt really slow. Slower than the snail. I was the only grandma there...ha ha..

But then who cares...just swim...

Be cool keep swimming...

Swimming together can be fun

It is so much fun swimming in the open sea

People enjoying the sun the sand and the sea in some faraway land

Swimming keep them banded and bonded

A place where learning can be fun

A few friends have expressed their desire to take up swimming but they keep procrastinating. I suggested that they find a coach and not to be skeptical about it.

If my new friend and I, old as we are, we can do it there is no reason that they can't. Within months they will be able to swim and keeping fit would be more fun.

Take the challenge!

Wait no more .

Postponing and waiting have little advantage.

But in case of birds you got to wait ha ha

As in this case there were bird calls and sound but they were not showing not until when dusk was about to fall

There it came out from the dense undergrowth

Moving forward slowly

Wonder what it was looking for
it could be for water in this dry season

 But it soon turned back and vanished!

Waterhen.....you are captured and to remain in my picture file.....

Birds in the air
Birds on the ground
And birds in the water?
In the woods and in the trees
With their songs and the sounds
The expanse of delights
Bestowed by nature
For mankind to savour

Be fit to be happy.....

Happy reading...

Thursday, 17 March 2016

#Kingfisher-Blue Swim Wear

Hi all

Looking at the tittle of this entry you might think that I am turning to writing about fashion. No.

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts I really am serious into swimming. It is one form of exercise to keep fit.
It can be a relief for any tiredness or muscle sore resulting from the exhausting game of tennis or whatever. We have to balance the high and low impact of physical activities so as not to over tax and harm the body.

I strongly recommend people to take up swimming for active and healthy living.

 What keeps away most elderly ladies from swimming is the swim wear.

No doubt there are so many choices in the market but those are mostly for perfect figures. Of course there are S, M, L, XL, XXL etc. but still.....we don't fit well.

Like many ladies I fall into the category of short fat and flabby. Sorry.

Buying swimming costume is becoming expensive and difficult because I am quite concerned on the modesty, coverage and comfort. It also should be a little tight and fit snugly.

Most designs are too revealing.
The one-piece jumpsuit style is also a no-no for those with the bulge.....
Some are styled too loose and baggy which is supposed to provide coverage but also making it heavy and cumbersome in the water and out.

Too extreme.

I want something in between.

I used to buy these
The T top (is short)

The 3/4 length pants

The skirt to wear over the pants

Those 3 items can add up to quite a big sum when + with the price of the cap and the goggle ....

Later I found and started buying the cheaper brand and is also quite a suitable style ..

Can't find like this anymore..

This comes with a matching shorts. I usually give away the shorts.

I have to buy a 3/4 length swimming pants to wear with the T. I like this swimming top because it covers where it matters most. I don't have to buy a skirt. So its less costly.

The attire can last for only about 3 to 4 month. Of course you can keep on using it but it won't be that fitting and not hugging to the body anymore.The elasticity wear off faster if I swim in the sea.

Now I cannot find this style anymore,  anywhere. No more stock. No more in  production . That's the answer by the sales girls when inquired.

How I wish they have something like this...

(I should draw a shorter fatter woman... ha ha...)

  • Short sleeve padded Top 
  • Skirted capri
  • Strong material but light weight and chlorine resistant 
  • Color should be blue ...kingfisher blue..ha ha...

Hope I can find something like this in the mean time I have to recycle the old swim wear... how I do it is by getting rid of the padding and wearing it over a bikini top.

I wonder if there are women out there who resonates with me about this problem of finding suitable swim wear.

Ok as usual my entry will be decorated by images of birds.

This time its the #kingfisher ...new photos taken with a new camera. If the picture is not perfect it is not the fault of the camera ....its the operator...

On hot days of the equinox take shelter under this gigantic tree

When will this hot spell ends

Last night it rained ...only lightly..

There is thunder in the distance...

                                      Hmmph....  don't tell me it is just another false alarm....

Have a wonderful active healthy life....