Tuesday, 15 March 2016

#Bee-Eater Eats Raw ...Of Course..

Hello everyone

For this entry I would add images of the beautiful bee-eater. Birds with turquoise plumage.

I notice that they are very quick in catching the flying insects and gobble it down fast. How very easy for them to have a meal. They seem to enjoy it very much as can be seen by their chattering non stop.

While the bee-eater eats raw we the humans choose to cook. We usually take so much time to prepare our meals....see making curry alone you have so many steps.....

Sometimes we need to short cut the way we cook so that we have more time to pursue other interests ...like watching the bee-eater catching flying insects ...ha ha..

Let me share with you my shortcut prawn curry....

You need two woks one big one small..

The ingredients

By the way to be fast cut the french beans this way

Put in the big wok
Coconut milk + curry paste + french beans + ginger + salt
bring to boil

After boiling for about 6 minutes
add prawns
Boil 4 more minutes

Add cut tomato and boil a wee bit more and let simmer

Meanwhile fry curry leaves, onion, garlic in the small wok until the aroma fill the whole house

And pour the whole thing oil included into the simmering curry
( be careful)
Cover the wok to trap the aroma.


That was fast...

After having an appetizing meal lets watch the bee eaters

Waiting ....


eyes watching

and fly to catch..

got it

mmm nice

good to be with friends now...
to fall in line.....

Yeah....All for one and one for all..,.

Happy cooking watching and reading.....


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