Thursday, 3 March 2016

Do We Need To Meet

Hi everyone

Feel good to be back again with another entry.

If much of your time you spend alone holed up in your secret birding spot you are not to be annoyed when someone says that you have got nothing better to do. Or you may become a cuckoo just like the cuckoo you are chasing to shoot. Well I don't mind at all  because I know what I am doing is something like drinking ice water on a hot day. I like it.

Its the same when someone reminds you about the adverse effect of frequent dipping in chlorinated water on skin and hair. Ermm I am old that do not matter anymore, as I said before the joy of swimming surpasses everything else

Yes hobbies take a lot of your time  its ok if you like doing it. Try and you will know. Although you are doing it all alone and not interacting with anybody it does not mean you are anti social.

To be alone by oneself does not mean you are being isolated or friendless.

Sometimes we have to oblige friends to attend functions which they organised. Truth is I am quite reluctant because if there you meet people of a different wave length then  you will be bored to death. There would be chatter box among the attendees but its rude to engage in gossiping  while somebody is giving a speech. Have to wait after the ceremonial formality then you can start getting to know people.

Sometimes you get invited for a morning coffee its better to concentrate on the kueh koci rather than the gossip.

At anytime I prefer to be with my camera under the tree scanning for birds. Weird you say..

Enjoying the kueh

Got to make yourself busy sometimes

If no one try to break ice just keep your cool...

When someone wants to warm up to you be responsive

Of course not necessarily to be too familiar

It is better to keep a distance

Take the opportunity to know more people

And enjoy a good conversation over some matters of importance

So sometimes its good to congregate....

Will be sharing more in my next entry


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