Tuesday 2 October 2018

Bring Me Back A Souvenir

Hi everyone

I like welcoming people back from travels. Besides listening to accounts of their experience there you would also get souvenirs😉in the form of memento articles, clothing or food synonym with the countries they visited.

It is as if that only what counts. No. What really makes you happy is the fact that you know you are always in their hearts where ever they may be. The souvenir is the proof that you are not forgotten. What a humbling feeling. It does not matter what souvenir they take back for you even if it's only a fridge magnet. 

Most important is to know that they go whether for work or holiday, are fine throughout their stay there and then come back home safely. That is all I care. Thanks to the advance in communication technology today, you don't worry so much whenever people you love have to leave home and travel far. You are still near to them just as near as you are to the phone. We also can track their journey as they are high up there from the comfort of our own home.

As for the souvenirs, keep sticking them to your fridge door. Fill it up. You know, one of my friends became cynical seeing all those mementos.  She knows I don't travel and never once I responded to her organized jalan  jalan. A cynical of the highest order when she asked how I enjoyed all those traveling :(

A souvenir from Morocco

Sometimes you may receive foodstuff that is quite alien to you.especially to me because I am not that adventurous with food and recipes. At times you are not sure, you might just pop the thing into your mouth when actually it should be used as an ingredient in cooking. It can be hilarious sometimes due to ignorance.

Preserved figs

I like it best when people send me photos. Though these can tempt me I just resign to looking at the photos only than myself go traveling. I don't like the hassles of traveling and suffice to the accepting of souvenirs hahaha.

Let's look at some of the latest photos I received.

They sometimes do bird watching for me . . .

Hope you too enjoy the photos.



  1. I think I should learn from you! Easily contented and happy. So intelligent you!
    You do have a sense of humour in your writing. I enjoyed reading this post and seeing the pictures! Thank you!

    1. Easily contented and happy has got to do with age I suppose.
      Glad that you enjoy this post and pictures. Thanks.

  2. Selalunya begitu kan. Kita tumpang kembara mata melalui gambar yang di rakam kekawan.

  3. Wow!Nice collection of fridge magnet

  4. My mother would love to have her fridge magnet collection to be on the fridge.
    But cucu-cucu tangan gatal sangat habis rosak-rosak, kena simpan at a safe place at the moment.

  5. Hahahaha... lawak pulak baca "foodstuff that is quite alien to you" I can relate to myself dapat foodstuf dari pakistan tak pernah makan huhuuuu...

    1. Ada tu yang kena masak kita terus masuk ke mulut. Apa lah rasa :))

  6. Zumal pun selalu kumpul dan simpan hadiah2 yang kawan beri dari jauh. nak pergi tak daya...

    1. Hadiah tanda ingatan dan persahabatan.
      Satu hari nanti mesti Zumal dapat pergi.