Friday, 30 October 2020

A Rare Sight


Indeed it is a rare sight at least to me   

I felt like striking a lottery last Friday.

For a few days, I heard some uncommon sound but nothing was in sight. 

On Thursday night the sound was louder of course I couldn't see anything but I recorded the sound.

Early next morning ie Friday I while I as was tending to my plants there was this sound again.

The mystery solved! 

Here . . . 

Good morning

Let's share breakfast

Two more birds on the adjacent tree

( Sorry my hands not steady)

Amazing they are here in the vicinity. The Hornbills !

Hope you like the pictures.


Sunday, 25 October 2020

Slow Walk In The Park


It was many years ago that I first visited the botany garden in Putrajaya. I have forgotten what I saw there and what I gained by visiting the place but I remember it was very green.

For a long time I have wanted to go there again but never made it though it is just a short drive from our 'second' home. In a year I might be there a few times but only stay home and don't go out much. 

With the MCO and travel restriction recently I was stuck at home here but that was the time I felt I really wanted to go jalan jalan. Such is human nature in me that when there is time, time is not managed well. 

Last August I was there again at the second home, then came all the girls to join me as they didn't have a plan for the short school holiday. There are many places of interest in Putrajaya where the girls can go for an excursion. Might as well come here no need to spend much on trips elsewhere. Anyway quite risky for them to go traveling at a time of Covid 19.  

We decided to visit the botany garden though I think the girls are not really interested in trees and plants. Maybe just go for a picnic or do activities like a bicycle ride or just walking around to enjoy the place.

The place was quiet, not many visitors seen and all activities like tram ride were not available. This pandemic time, caution takes over. People prefer to stay away from others. In fact, some people came earlier and were going off when we arrived. They came for a power walk maybe.

As we strolled following the track the sun was already high but the atmosphere made cool by the vegetation which was quite dense. Of course, it should be if not it won't be called a botany garden. But in my heart, I would say it's not enough, it should be more jungle-like and more green and shady.

There is a beautiful lake. Calm blue water. There are some trees in the lake but I could not see any water birds, maybe they were hiding, but found a tortoise swimming.

We stopped at the lakeside, nice cool breeze blowing as we enjoyed the nasi lemak brought from home. Didn't feel like getting up to complete the track after that . . .  ahh we continued . . . at a much slower pace.

In water, the tortoise is not so slow

Till next entry. 

Stay safe.

Monday, 5 October 2020



The COVID is coming back with a vengeance. The number of infections is on the increase to a worrying high. 

Everyone felt relief after the last MCO since that time the number was decreasing to single-digit. Our jubilant is shortlived. 

So now it's better to back to stay home though we are not forced to. 

I think I have to avoid going out too often, got to sacrifice my outdoor hobby. 

I would use the extra time at home to practice my other hobby.

Stay safe.