Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Bake A Sponge Cake To Pass The Time

Hi everyone

As I go through life I find that I am getting more into blanks. I have things to do of course but I don't do it so willingly. Kind of lazy, and being idle, later makes you anguish for wasting precious time.

Apart from swimming or walking in the morning and on every alternate day for tennis I still have plenty of time left after doing the house and cooking.

Reading is a good way to fill the hours, especially in the afternoon ( sleepy?) when by then all or most of the housework is done. But reading good novels can be so absorbing that you tend to forget the time, at least for me. So I try to read only short articles in blogs though sometimes the entries are nothing much, just something light like mine here. But that's ok since I don't really want serious disturbing heavy reading to make me worry for nothing.

By the way here is one good article I just read.

(Referring to the article, I wish I am young again to start all over hehe)

At times I would occupy myself by doing some baking, like trying making cakes or try baking my own bread. But all these fattening food I have tried to avoid now, as I am trying to care better for my health.

Some people mock at old ladies trying to lose weight. These people really don't understand the fear in us. Of course, we are not trying to be as slim as the bird.

The Shrike

At this age, health is really what is important. You don't want to end up falling ill and become nonambulatory in later life. God forbid, hope it won't happen.

Nonetheless, we like to enjoy when it comes to food. It depends on what we really like. As for me, I can't help it. I like cakes.

I have got to choose low-fat recipes like the one which I got from an old book. In a later entry, I will share with you the recipe for a light cake like this.

Sponge cake.

Meantime, let's watch how sponge cake is made in this youtube video. Watch till the end.

Till next entry,

bye . . .

Sunday, 28 January 2018

A Walk Of A Few Thousand Steps

Hi everyone,

Before, I did not like to go on long walks for exercise. I prefer to do low impact aerobics and line dancing which are more fun to me.

Swimming is definitely a terrific form of a workout, something which I love.  And so is tennis.

Walking was for me just a fill-in.

I don't mean to underrate walking. It is also a very good way to exercise with minimal hassles but gives a positive impact on our health and self-esteem.

There are so many health benefits of walking. It can help in weight loss or at least maintain it, strengthen our bones, tone our muscles, good for circulation, heart health etc.

Walking is good for all especially suitable for the seniors (read old . . .ehem) like me.

In fact a long time ago I tried to walk regularly but time was limited. Also, there were no safe and proper walking tracks. I could walk by the roads if I wanted to but I don't like breathing in fumes coming from the vehicle exhausts.

However lately I have a change of heart.  Those are just excuses, I realized. Now I like to walk. I got interested in walking after experiencing the Fun Run and then the Putrajaya Night Run last year. My success in completing the distance motivate me to carry on. (See my entries, The Fun Run and The Night Run )

I go for walks quite regularly nowadays. I like to do it alone instead of going with a group of friends like some women used to do where they enjoy walking together. Talking and laughing can take away the boredom of walking.

It is true walking can be boring. Walk... .walk.... walk.... wa....lk . . .

I prefer to walk by myself, a chance to be alone, listen to my own thoughts and feel the peace. And enjoy the music coming through the earphone.

I have a few different route to follow so that I don't see the same view every time.  I am lucky to live in this area because a track or two I follow is by the sea. Low tide and high tide would have changing scenery and effects on you with a different mood and feel. The trail along the seaside is my favorite.

I have a set of music numbers which I downloaded from Spotify to accompany me. The music tempo keeps me going and going sometimes briskly, a slow jog or just walking easy accordingly. On a good day, I can cover more than four kilometers . . . but usually less 😞.

That would be far from the 10000 steps a day I try to achieve. But that's ok. I will try to do better the next time. But if I combine it with other activities or walk again in the evening I would easily achieve my goal. And maybe far better.

Sometimes I am not so seriously walking, I take a detour and become a busybody stopping briefly to see what some people are doing bending over and squatting on the ground and digging into the sand. In quite an early morning I find not many people come this way though.

There are times I find my walking trails cut short when the tide is high. Part of the path would be under water. When low tide this area is exposed.

This part, the foreshore, is a place I like to make a round when it is possible Not every time you come this way the situation is the same.  But I sometimes I forgot about the existence of sandflies/fleas(?) there. Should have used insect repellent whenever going out early.

Part of my walking trail . . .

Start early walking downhill

Wetland area exposed only when at low tide, be wary of sandflies/fleas here

Sandfly bites on the leg, terrible itchiness after 24 hours & lasting for few days
(read here)

 Hard work digging for cacing. A serious hobbyist, angler, the kaki pancing

Not afraid to walk this little lalang lined lane on the way back

The uphill task at the end when the sun is already high . . .

So friends lets walk walk walk . . . walk for a few thousand steps a day for health, happiness and well being.

Bye . . .

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The House Holds The Story Forever

Hi everyone

I have spent my time about a week away from home. Since everything is back to normal and the sick have fully recovered it was time for me to take leave.

On my way home I made a detour to see an old house, the house which I  bought a long time ago when I was in my late twenties. It is situated in a housing area at the outskirt of the city.

I bought the house with the intention to stay but never had the chance to do that. When the house was ready I was transferred out of town and then transferred again to my present locality and as mentioned in my past blog post I fell in love with this place. I remain here to live my retirement years. I don't know what the future holds for me, most probably I remain here until the end.

About the house, in the beginning, it was difficult to get a tenant. There was no public transport plying the area, and walking out to the nearest bus route was out of the question. The area is hilly. The reason for the difficulty.

"This house is ours you need to fly to come up here"

Anyway, after some time we got a tenant, an engineer. A good tenant, he paid his due on time always. His Mrs was a full-time housewife. They rented there for some time, I don't really remember how long but when they left they had additions to their family. He was happy and I was happy too.  He moved out to live in his own house.

Then there was also a tenant who claimed to work in the entertainment industry. I let the house to him as he and his wife were very interested.  They were not very punctual with the rental payment but as long as they pay I was quite happy. They stayed there just for a short while.

There were few more tenants, all with their own idiosyncrasies. The last one was a businessman. He paid the rental alright quite punctual. By this time I was very busy having to look after the home and family single-handedly as my husband was away working in different places and we were really too busy to care for anything else. As long as the rental came in I was quite happy.

When the businessman moved out I was quite shocked and sad to see the condition of the house. Obviously, he did make alterations but later removed it. He had put temporary dividers to make more rooms. There were nail marks everywhere, holes in the wall and ugly marks on the parquet flooring. In hindsight, I think he must have sublet the house to his workers, otherwise why the need for the dividers. You can imagine what will become of a house when there are more occupants than what it can accommodate.

I have had enough. After him, I just left the house vacant. Also how to rent the house when it was in such a shabby state. At that time I did not have enough fund to repair and to make the house decently livable. I thought I would repair and spruce up the house when it was time for me to go and stay there but really I was reluctant. By this time we have bought the house which I am now staying.

When my son first came back from his study and started working I made him tumpang with my sister but later he wanted to live on his own. So we minimally repaired the house for him to stay and he continued to live there for many years after being married. Last year his family that is his wife and the four girls moved out.

The house was snapped up by the next door neighbor. He rents it for his son to stay. And he has spoken to us about his intention to buy.  Should I sell it?

I was advised not to sell it yet. There is now an ongoing road construction linking the area to a highway. A good prospect for the house to fetch a higher rental or higher price if I sell it later.

I am not thinking too much about that but I hold special regards to this man, the neighbor.  Even if he decides not to buy and wants to continue renting I won't increase the rent unless when I am in a dire need. I feel indebted to him. Why?

He has on one night saved my family members from possibly being chopped by robbers who broke into the house.

On that unlucky night, my son was abruptly awakened by a man holding over him, a parang. His reflex was to fight back but managed to only shout but once. Quick thinking made him be quiet because he did not want to put everybody else in danger. They had him bound and gagged.

Actually, there was nothing valuable for them to rob. Not much money and no jewelry and that angered the robbers. And when these bad people are angry they can do anything to you.

They made my daughter in law walked downstairs to get her handbag which she left there. As she walked down the stairs another man followed with another parang held over her head.

My daughter, staying in the house at the time was awakened, drowsily opened the door - right into the trap! She was tied up there and then and robbed off her phone. Two young children were in the same room.

My daughter in law begged the intruders not to do anything to the children. Thank God they were not disturbed but we know one of them was aware of the presence of aliens in the house because in the morning she asked  ". . . mana uncle semalam?" .  What to say to her except aiyoh!

The third girl, the youngest still a toddler at the time was left with me for a few days because the mother was preparing for some exam.  So she was not there during the break-in. Imagine if she was there causing agitations to the intruders by her crying . . .

I do not know what will happen if the neighbor did not come to their aid.

When the neighbor heard my son's angry shout he became suspicious and came out to investigate and called my son, of course, there was no response. He realized that was a break-in.

He shouted and startled one of the intruders standing guard at the main door. The man alerted his accomplice. Then the three (four?) men scrambled out. the neighbor gave a chase. One of them fell right before him.  He could have poked the man with the garden tool he was holding but sanity prevails though he was furious and angry.

The robbers escaped before the police arrived.

This man, the neighbor,  risked his life for my family. We owe him gratitude.

As time goes we tend to forget even the neighbor himself might have forgotten the incident but I will always be with the old-fashioned viewpoint 'Budi baik tetap di kenang". The house holds the story forever.

So that was the house I went to see. We just drove past the house which now looked spruced up with a new coat of paint. Hope they take good care of my house, a house which I never come to make a home but nevertheless soaked up a lot of my emotions.

Occupants' sweet moments in the house

Will stop here, for now.

Take care.

Thursday, 18 January 2018


Hi greetings to all,

Today I am at a loss for words or really lacking ideas on what to write. But write I must for how else can I pass this ample time with doing nothing?

I am now cut off from my kampung-like environment staying here for more than a few days. Not that I don't feel at home but if you ask me I would say I prefer to be nearer to nature, a place like my own home.

The only thing natural right here is the Adelia's garden  (picture below) hehehe. I keep forgetting to bring some greens here, a pot of curry leaf plant or the fragrant pandan to put at the balcony which at the moment is void of any decorating plants. We are on the ground floor and our unit is within reach of the big compound but our right is just within the four walls and the little balcony.

The ' garden'

Of course, there is the manicured garden with outdoor chairs and gazebos, the pools, the gym and the children playground, there on the fourth floor for the residents. But as always when I am here I get myself stuck in the house, quite reluctant to go out because of the hassles of security and me quite unfamiliar with the surrounding. Perhaps I have not gotten accustomed to condo living.

This time around I am here for already more than just a day or two, on top of that I remain indoor except on the first day when I went out to visit someone in the hospital, the very reason I came over a few days ago. Now that the little cucu of mine is sick I feel I should stay back to care for her since one parent is working and the other recuperating.

Besides looking to the needs of the little girl, I do a little cooking, reading and most time watching tv which sometimes got me gawking at the box . . . at the lively cartoon . . . It is little wonder why most children how small they are getting glued to the tv and know every cartoon character there is. Our little girl can pick up English from the cartoon programs. She has quite a good vocabulary and, mind you, sometimes her grammar and pronunciation and intonation can put me to shame. She can understand and speaks quite well thanks to those quality programs besides being coached by her mother.

Enjoyed by the young and old (some 😊)

I have also completed reading a novel. Ah not reading every word there is but I did speed reading my way, just to get the gist of the story. The usual stuff the CSI type of story, you can guess the end more or less if you got a detective, I mean, investigative mindset. . .

Read . . . read

Time seems to pass so slow. What do I do if it is not trying to write a blog posting since I have a blog?  Only thing is if you have plenty of time there tend to be emptiness up there, the mind just whirling without any ideas . . .

Ah the kitchen keep calling when you are aimless and idyllic. A refrigerator is a destination whenever you make trips to the kitchen. Lucky, here the owner is not in the habit of hoarding foodstuffs. So I don't have much to look for, safe me from overloading myself. Hmm . . . I am still cautious  . . . watch your diet !!

I'll be patient, in a few days time I would be able to resume my activities. I miss tennis and I know my kakis miss me too heh. And I can't wait to resume my walk/jog. I have to practice for I plan to join another Big Walk.

Already many days I left my plants and garden at home. I know they won't dry up because of the abundance of rainfall. But I hope the plants won't be broken by strong wind. If they are I feel sorry for them. I am nowhere to fix them. No one is there to care.

Sometimes it is wishful thinking that how nice it is if we have many lives. One always near to love ones the other enjoying life with friends, another tending lovingly to plants and flowers and yet another be alone with no one to bother you, all at the same time. Call me mad hah ha  . . . but I guess most people feel the same.

Nice to be alone here in the early morning to appreciate the greatness of nature

Hey I thought I got nothing to say but I have said much although maybe there is not really meaningful to you, just the same I hope you enjoy reading.


Saturday, 13 January 2018

Walking In The Rain

Non stop rain for three days and three nights!

It was lucky that the rain was only moderately heavy and drizzling most time otherwise some areas in this district would be flooded. Most people should be happy to stay indoor and enjoying hot coffee. No worries.

But on the first day it was really heavy. In the evening when it really started pouring I was midway in my walk. There was no place I could take shelter except the trees but I was scared of the possible thunder and lightning.

I walked on in heavy rain, really heavy , heavy rain. I was drenched, soaked to the skin. At first I tried to rush then I was thinking why should I it could cause more anxiety which possibly would  trigger pounding and palpitation in my heart.

And so I continued walking not even trying to quicken my pace. Not even trying to avoid the puddles of water forming in my path. Just redah saje . There was rain everywhere so might as well enjoy it. Let it rain . Let it rain.

Part of my track on fine day

Remember when we were small that time, we liked to play in the rain. Were we not  delighted as we played on the wet field or in the padi field, in my case. We ignored the worrying  parents who would be yelling asking us to get inside.

 As adults we always want the umbrellas. We always worry when clouds start to thicken. We open the umbrellas even when the rain has yet to come. What is this life if it's full of worries.

If you are caught in heavy rain like that don't run for shelter, just enjoy it and reminisce about your childhood time playing in the rain. Only thing is now you might worry about your new jogging shoes or the telephone in your pocket which all would get soaked.  My i phone was ok anyway after wiping and the shoes I blew with a hair drier after getting rid of the excess water and letting it stand for a night. No problem.

Now I don't know whether there's still rain in my area for I am in a different place. Was suddenly "uprooted" from my home to here, where I am completing this writing now. About 70 kilometers from home. And here too the rain drizzles on.

Let's hope the rain brings us blessings not misery.

See u next entry.

bye . . .

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Imagination is idealistic, magic. fantasy
in realm of  posibility
sans logic 
to inhibit mind's creativity

Imagination is
dream in the wake 
 to fantasize 
the pleasure of paradise

Imagination is invisible 
and abstract 
where the impossible

Imagination is to sooth
the hurts
of cuts and bruises
of  hearts

Imagination is escapism
from the pain
and sorrow 
of the reality world

Friday, 5 January 2018

White Headed Munias Cheer Up The Day

Hi everyone

Almost every friend I met had wished me a happy new year.  Wishing new year has become automatic, fake or true we don't care. Just say thank you and wish them back sincerely. Ya lets hope we go through the next twelve months and beyond in happiness.

People are talking about making new year resolutions as always. Do you? Me, I don't have a list. I don't want to add any to the bag log of the previous years'. Seldom ever reaching my goals. Anyway at this age why should I bind myself with promises of to do or to be. Life for me would just go on with not much interests to look forward to. 😔

Ah no point being pensive and feeling melancholy, cheer up! Just get on to do what is best for now.

White-headed bird fresh and active in the morning

I have wanted to restart my health/fitness walk as soon as possible since I have neglected it in the past weeks. So on the very first day of the new year I have started my walk.

Gloomy weather, a warning of possible rain giving me uncertainty. Let not the gloom affects our spirit.

I started out on my walking albeit with hesitance. True enough, half way I decided not to proceed. I made a turn and head back for the house after about one and a half kilometer thinking that if I didn't I may be caught in the rain as the sky was getting darker.

The weather was just teasing, the rain was yet to fall or would it not come at all?  Not satisfied with the short walk I drove to a park by the seaside to continue my walking.

I like this place because it is quiet and scenic where you can enjoy being alone, to think or to reflect , without much distraction.

Disappointingly I found the place has been turned to a camping site by picnickers who stayed overnight  (or were they the new year revelers catching up on lost sleep?).

I walked on anyway, but just for a while  because I felt a little awkward with so many people idling around . I ended my walk. Obviously that was not enough exercise. Perhaps I would continue in the evening.

By early afternoon it rained . It rained hard and the wind came on strong . . .until it caused my pokok to tumbang . It rained into the night . . . I ended up staying indoor the rest of the day . . .

My dracaena plant once discarded but recovered to green my porch

Has the weather got any connection with our moods?  I don't feel like doing anything in this kind of weather except may be to relax on the sofa  and entertain myself to some old pictures.

Here, these were taken on my previous birding expedition walk around.

These are white-headed munias . Small but very active and "talkative". Supposed to be a common bird. But I only have seen them once or twice around my area. The picture was taken in May last year.

There are more interesting pictures in my album. I will share them in future blog posts.