Sunday, 28 January 2018

A Walk Of A Few Thousand Steps

Hi everyone,

Before, I did not like to go on long walks for exercise. I prefer to do low impact aerobics and line dancing which are more fun to me.

Swimming is definitely a terrific form of a workout, something which I love.  And so is tennis.

Walking was for me just a fill-in.

I don't mean to underrate walking. It is also a very good way to exercise with minimal hassles but gives a positive impact on our health and self-esteem.

There are so many health benefits of walking. It can help in weight loss or at least maintain it, strengthen our bones, tone our muscles, good for circulation, heart health etc.

Walking is good for all especially suitable for the seniors (read old . . .ehem) like me.

In fact a long time ago I tried to walk regularly but time was limited. Also, there were no safe and proper walking tracks. I could walk by the roads if I wanted to but I don't like breathing in fumes coming from the vehicle exhausts.

However lately I have a change of heart.  Those are just excuses, I realized. Now I like to walk. I got interested in walking after experiencing the Fun Run and then the Putrajaya Night Run last year. My success in completing the distance motivate me to carry on. (See my entries, The Fun Run and The Night Run )

I go for walks quite regularly nowadays. I like to do it alone instead of going with a group of friends like some women used to do where they enjoy walking together. Talking and laughing can take away the boredom of walking.

It is true walking can be boring. Walk... .walk.... walk.... . . .

I prefer to walk by myself, a chance to be alone, listen to my own thoughts and feel the peace. And enjoy the music coming through the earphone.

I have a few different route to follow so that I don't see the same view every time.  I am lucky to live in this area because a track or two I follow is by the sea. Low tide and high tide would have changing scenery and effects on you with a different mood and feel. The trail along the seaside is my favorite.

I have a set of music numbers which I downloaded from Spotify to accompany me. The music tempo keeps me going and going sometimes briskly, a slow jog or just walking easy accordingly. On a good day, I can cover more than four kilometers . . . but usually less 😞.

That would be far from the 10000 steps a day I try to achieve. But that's ok. I will try to do better the next time. But if I combine it with other activities or walk again in the evening I would easily achieve my goal. And maybe far better.

Sometimes I am not so seriously walking, I take a detour and become a busybody stopping briefly to see what some people are doing bending over and squatting on the ground and digging into the sand. In quite an early morning I find not many people come this way though.

There are times I find my walking trails cut short when the tide is high. Part of the path would be under water. When low tide this area is exposed.

This part, the foreshore, is a place I like to make a round when it is possible Not every time you come this way the situation is the same.  But I sometimes I forgot about the existence of sandflies/fleas(?) there. Should have used insect repellent whenever going out early.

Part of my walking trail . . .

Start early walking downhill

Wetland area exposed only when at low tide, be wary of sandflies/fleas here

Sandfly bites on the leg, terrible itchiness after 24 hours & lasting for few days
(read here)

 Hard work digging for cacing. A serious hobbyist, angler, the kaki pancing

Not afraid to walk this little lalang lined lane on the way back

The uphill task at the end when the sun is already high . . .

So friends lets walk walk walk . . . walk for a few thousand steps a day for health, happiness and well being.

Bye . . .

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