Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Bake A Sponge Cake To Pass The Time

Hi everyone

As I go through life I find that I am getting more into blanks. I have things to do of course but I don't do it so willingly. Kind of lazy, and being idle, later makes you anguish for wasting precious time.

Apart from swimming or walking in the morning and on every alternate day for tennis I still have plenty of time left after doing the house and cooking.

Reading is a good way to fill the hours, especially in the afternoon ( sleepy?) when by then all or most of the housework is done. But reading good novels can be so absorbing that you tend to forget the time, at least for me. So I try to read only short articles in blogs though sometimes the entries are nothing much, just something light like mine here. But that's ok since I don't really want serious disturbing heavy reading to make me worry for nothing.

By the way here is one good article I just read.

(Referring to the article, I wish I am young again to start all over hehe)

At times I would occupy myself by doing some baking, like trying making cakes or try baking my own bread. But all these fattening food I have tried to avoid now, as I am trying to care better for my health.

Some people mock at old ladies trying to lose weight. These people really don't understand the fear in us. Of course, we are not trying to be as slim as the bird.

The Shrike

At this age, health is really what is important. You don't want to end up falling ill and become nonambulatory in later life. God forbid, hope it won't happen.

Nonetheless, we like to enjoy when it comes to food. It depends on what we really like. As for me, I can't help it. I like cakes.

I have got to choose low-fat recipes like the one which I got from an old book. In a later entry, I will share with you the recipe for a light cake like this.

Sponge cake.

Meantime, let's watch how sponge cake is made in this youtube video. Watch till the end.

Till next entry,

bye . . .

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