Thursday, 12 December 2019

The Reunion


Have you ever been to a reunion?
Yes, a reunion.
The social event that is in trend nowadays.

I went the other day.
Not a family reunion or the school reunion or the alumni meet.
It's a workplace reunion.
Well, a meet up of old colleagues.

Met so many old friends.
Some meet for the first time after so many years.
Everybody was so excited, so upbeat.
Kisses, peluk cium, handshakes, high fives, salute all forms of greetings.
Smiles, laughs, shrieks, guffaw, all kinds of happy sounds as we swap stories and reminiscing.

We exchanged updates about own self, about others, about cats.
Compare notes proudly about sons and about daughters.
Hey, most forget about spouses hehehee.

Yes so happy and excited we forgot about migraine and knee pain.
One announced painlessly . . . " I have breast ca . . ."😮
(God, help her)
One announced proudly "I am a survivor"

A reunion, an event that can arouse all kinds of feelings.
Amidst the joy and happiness all around there is sadness and melancholy(?)
Of being indirectly reminded that we are approaching sunset.
Or are we already there.
What with the sad news . . .
Of friends fighting chronic conditions.
And of friends succumbing to deadly diseases.
Of friends who had taken the final journey.

But then that is life.
We just walk on, hopefully on a guided path.

Their skill, wits  and humor add to the enjoyment of the evening 

That sweet voice, our matron's

Once a tennis gang

Hiii long time no see

Posing for remembrance

Girl power

Thanks to the organizer for their hard work.
For sure everybody was happy and satisfied.

Me, still thinking about it maybe :)

Till next post.

Take care.


  1. It's always nice to have a reunion after a long time

    1. Because it is like hitting a refresh button

  2. remind me of school reunion that can break up one's family..

    1. Quite unfortunate. Must be because the old flame is still burning :)

  3. Seronok gak.jumpa lawn lama.. mama jarng pegi reunion sekolah

  4. Bestkan. Saya baru balik minggu lepas jumpa kawan2 lama dimajlis kenduri. Kalau tiada aral bulan Feb ni akan ada perjumpaan lagi. Geng perempuan saja dulu.

    1. Best sebab dapat keluar dari suasana biasa sekejap. Geng perempuan saja lagi best. Moga perjumpaan Febuari ni bawa kegembiraan kepada Mala n geng :)