Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Can Go Up Cannot Come Down


What is it that can go up but cannot come down.

You guess.


Correct. Correct!

This handsome cat with a voluminous tail had the other day climbed up the gaharu tree and got stuck between the branches. I heard its whining as it was trying to get down but I didn't give much attention as I thought if it knew how to go up surely it would know how to come down. I got things to do in the house better not waste my time watching him. Just hoping that if he descends don't ever poo in my garden.

Nearly three hours later I found him (or her? nevermind, it's him because he can climb trees) still up there. His whining was more heart-rending.

Serious situation.  He really cannot climb down. He must be up there for many hours already and must be hungry by then

I brought out a ladder and position it so I thought the cat could jump on to the ladder and get down. But it was afraid and instead, it tried to climb higher.

I dare not climb the ladder to bring it down. Apart from my leg has not yet recovered from some muscle injury I am also not very fond of cuddling and holding cats. Geli! My other half is worse he has Ailurophobia - that irrational fear of cats. Hmmph. We had a brief face-off as who would have to take down the cat.

Then I Whatsapp neighbors the above photos with caption "sapa punya?" but no one owned up. No response.

Lucky we have a gallant neighbor next door. He came out when he heard the commotion. He came to the rescue.

It was quite an effort to bring down the cat as it was reluctant and kept pulling back and did not want to jump into the container in which was put some fishy bits and pieces. The cat looked frightened and did not respond to coaxing. It only surrendered after some force was used but all were unharmed, the cat, the rescuer. No untoward incident.

I found out much later from the owner that the cat was missing from the night before so I assume the cat was stuck there for many hours. Its no wonders why it appeared dazed and bengong and not even a meow when finally brought down and released.

The cat with the voluminous tail

It moved around as if looking for something. Then it rested a while at the car porch and then went roaming again between the plants. Then it stopped. Hey, I thought cats don't eat grass, only cows and the like do it but I observed there and realized cats do eat grass.

There was a tag hung around the neck. A phone number marked on it. I called. There was no response from the owner. The cat later found its way out and much later the owner called back saying that the cat was safe at home and that it was missing from last night.

Found out that cats are naturally good at climbing up but not so much for climbing down due to their having curved claws and stronger hind legs but weaker front legs. 

Friends, if you see your cat climbing up a tree warn it not to go up too high okay :))

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Haze Haze Haze


This morning when I woke up but still sleepy I thought I smell something burning. When fully awake I realized it was the haze again. 

Yesterday and the days before the air quality here was better. Adli was here for the weekend and we could take him out. He behaves well when taken outside. It is good that he has now gone back, the air quality today is deteriorating. The last I check at the website the air quality index was at 213, orange, very unhealthy.

Heard the schools close, maybe true because I didn't see any student passing here this morning. The house in the neighborhood looked quiet maybe everybody remains indoor except me raking the dead mango leaves on the road in front of the house.

Hey no, there was the drumbeat coming from the nearby army camp. The soldiers were doing their training and I could hear the instructor shouting away marching commands. His voice rose over the sound of the drums. 

Was he wearing a mask too? If not he would be breathing and swallowing all the smoke and pollutants in the haze. But then his shouting might burst the thin mask :))   A little cumbersome with all these masks really. Wonder how effective it is in filtering out the smoke and dust particles. Anyway, it is advisable to wear one especially if the AQI is getting higher.

It is such a restless time if one has to remain indoor for as long as the haze keeps hanging there for days, the answer is to wear the mask. Effective or not? Hope it is. 

How the air quality is one has to get out and about because there are things need to be done or one is itched to do things that one likes. Me, the other day when the haze was quite bad I still went for a morning swim. And this morning, no matter how thick the haze, I can't wait to repot this hydrangea as I have just got a new and bigger container for it. 

 Below haze at 7.40am today.

That's my observation on the haze in my place. Hope condition in your place is not as bad.

Take care.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

"They Call Me Mama Blues"

You can see me today
tomorrow, every day
I am always around here, there
But no one would bother
a person fated to serve no purpose

Some have known me for years
see me only with glancing eyes
they veered to the side
if I ever stray 
on to their way

Some naughty and tried to flirt
but has stopped as my hair already turned white

I am bad if I don't give credit
to the compassionate
who hands me one, two ringgit
though our eyes don't meet

I see through my insanity 
that most lack empathy
those that joke and tease
and called me names

If only they knew
if only they care to look deep into my eyes
perhaps they could read
the long sad chapter that is my life

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

The Replacement

Hi friends 

This entry was in my Word document and I forgot all about it. It is about to be deleted but I decided to publish it anyway though the story is outdated. 


This entry is not about me enjoying a hobby or a pastime. But this is something important that determines whether we can continue to have cheer in life. For without it in good condition we go into misery. To lose it is something to be regretted if even just one. 

In the end it has to go. 


A tooth. 

The second doctor I went to said it had to go although at the time I went to see him the pain has reduced. 

I was not convinced when the first doctor I went to said it earlier even after she pointed out the problem to me. I thought it still could be saved. I sayang this tooth because a root canal treatment and crowning had been done on it. 

So she was correct after all.

I went to the second doctor because I have confidence in him. He once refused to extract my aching tooth even when I begged him to do it. He did a laser treatment on the gum and the tooth still stands until today without giving me problems. So I thought the current problem could be solved like before. 

The problem was not the same and he said there was no other way but to get it out. 


He warned that the tooth might break in the process. Then it had to be dug out meaning a minor surgery, meaning higher fee. All these had me worried.  

He managed to take it out in one piece. I was lucky, and he, a great dentist. 

Then I wanted a tooth replacement done. 

I chose to have an implant. 

He allowed two weeks for the gum to heal. 

On the next visit, he made an evaluation on the condition of the gum whether it was suitable for an implant. The evaluation process included scaling, dental impressions, photograph, x-ray and relevant measurement. 

A week later he gave a proposal and explained the process. It involved three stages. 

Now I have gone through the first stage, minor dental surgery to build the foundation for the implant. As my bone density is less he has to strengthen it. Artificial bone is grafted to it to add volume. The procedure was quite painless but took some time. Even after the local anesthesia has worn off there was not much pain. 

The healing process takes about three months before proceeding to the next stage. 

The second stage involves the insertion of a titanium screw into the bone through the gum. I have to wait for the gum to heal before proceeding further. The healing of the second stage which takes about three months also. 

The third stage is when the porcelain tooth is fixed to the titanium implant. 

So you only get a new tooth in about half a year. 

Now I am only in the first stage healing process. Yesterday visit was to remove the suture. 

Looks like a long wait for a new tooth. It would be a longer waiting time if the healing is slow. 

Oh yea, the cost, I think it may be different for different conditions. 

For me, well, I have to pecah tabung

Is it worth doing the implant? Yes of course. It is the best type of tooth replacement if you can afford it. I had one done before this. After more than ten years it is still ok. Of course, it was cheaper in those days.

Have teeth can smile 


There my old story, thanks for reading.

Till next post bye.