Saturday, 20 June 2020

Blogging On A Cold Morning


It is nearly nine o'clock but it is still dark. The rain raging from last night till now. Feel a bit groggy coz couldn't sleep well, woken by the strong wind, and worry that the tree branches might break and fall on my fragile garden plants. 

I worry more about my plants than the leak in the roof? 

Yeah, there is a leak which I counter by just putting a basin and a big towel to catch the water. So long the leak is not over my bed and I don't get wet its ok. If it is too bad a leak I transfer to another room and make myself comfortable again.

I wonder in heavy rain like this where do the birds take shelter. I know they enjoy light rain but in heavy rain like this? I think, like us humans, they also know what to do to escape adverse conditions, weather, or whatever. When the rain stops and the sun shines you'll see them again.

This, below taken from an old post

Here is my favorite place
In the morning where I perch
Between flights in my search
For food to survive

Here I use to rest
When I can shake off the dust
Pick away the pests
From my feathers to look my best


Sometimes together with a friend
We are here you can find
Every day at most time
Come rain or shine.

That.s my blogging on a cold morning


Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Adli Says


If only I can speak I got stories to tell, just like adults who are always engaged in chit chat.

Adults used to say time flies.

Yes, things move fast and I move along fine.

I had my first birthday one and a half months ago. They baked me a cake. A cake that I was supposed to cut and then they sang a song I don't understand. My father played the music along with the singing. Quite a happy time for us despite the lockdown.

The cake tasted sweet, unlike my normal meal which is bland. Alas, they allowed me to taste just a little bit. Wonder why they take the trouble to make it in the first place.

Then everyone wanted to pose a picture with me. Their faces crowd around mine disregarding the physical distancing. I don't feel like smiling but they force me to laugh by making jokes I can't understand. Anyway, I think one should play along and be a sport.  So I smiled to be recorded in a photo.

As time passed there came my first Raya. They bought me a baju Melayu complete with songket sampin. When they first tried it on me I protested. It was not comfortable. I prefer my t-shirt or jumper or romper . . . ah, whatever they call it.

On the Hari Raya day, though I wail my protest again they somehow manage to put the complete suit on me. Why would they want me to wear it . . . to make me look like my Bapa of course. The rest wore the feminine baju kurung like Ibu's.

Adults are correct when they say time flies.

I begin to understand life a bit. There is this thing called feeling. I can sense something that makes me cry. At other times I would be laughing rolling on the floor as I have developed a sense of humor.

Now I am very stable standing. I can walk fast or even run when someone wants to have fun chasing after me . . . and sometimes that makes my tokma panic scream in facetime.  I love romping all over the house. I feel so much freedom than being cooped inside the play pan.

But that day they brought back shoes and they tried to make me wear it. Of course, I wailed and tried kicking it away but to no avail. I just couldn't walk with that thing on. I stumbled and fell. Oh, they don't know how painful my knee was.

Sometimes when we are at a lower position we just have to agree to what is being dictated by those above. So I gave up protesting. I persevere and to my amazement, I began to feel comfortable and able to walk properly again. Of course, if you see me walk,  I am not walking as graceful as adults. You know why I guess.

With the shoes on,  my feet are protected especially when walking outside. I love to be in the open after so many weeks being lockdown in the house. Though being entertained by my four big sisters throughout the lockdown period this occasional spending time at the terrace with Chakya, is most waited for by me.

Today my aunty Cakya took me out and let me roam free, what a nice feeling . . .

Well, that's my story, there are more to tell the next time :)