Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Watching Football Live Telecast Makes You Emotional

Hi all

The SEA game football semifinals where our home team was involved was a match much waited for by all.That was last week but people are still talking about it today.

I was not overly excited about it at first. May be because I am not a die hard football fan. I am not a guy.

I was prompted to watch because there was  so much talk about it in the media and that the home team somewhat was looked down on by the opposing team. Our team was not good enough to play against them. It was not their challenge or so they said. They were showing off their superiority even before the game perhaps to make us feel small.

Of course this got me riled up. Its the patriotism in me , I think, although I have to agree that our football is still lagging behind compared to some others in the region. My humble opinion.

As they say the ball is round so anything can happen during a match. My heart and soul went out for our boys.

I missed watching the first half. Watched the second half game only.

As I watched I thought our players were slow and directionless, passes seemed to be wild. The sending and the receiving players lacked coordination. I don't know much about football but I was angry instead of enjoying as I have enjoyed watching some football matches before. And the thousands of spectators in the stadium were chanting and cheering. What were they cheering for? There at home I was staring at the tv getting more agitated every minute.

As the game progressed I was getting more emotional because the players were unable to attack effectively. Though the defense was quite ok our center players were not creative enough and not showing their skills. Some played as if their minds were somewhere else. The ball in their possession so easily got poached by the opponent. It looked like every minute was a struggle for our team.

Their show that night was giving me a stress.

Or was I expecting too much.

But then I was only a spectator watching from the comfort of the arm chair.

And I understand. Our boys played hard and have given their all. They were under a tremendous pressure to deliver. The whole nation was watching and want them to prove. Surely they knew what to do but what they did was always foiled by the more aggressive and robust opponent. Would you want to be in their shoes?

As playing time was coming nearer to close I was delighted our team managed to score a goal with a header. It was not a spectacular one but then it was enough, it was still a goal.  I felt relieved.

At this time at zero one down the opponent did not give up instead upped their effort and became more aggressive and our players? They made me more stressful. They looked , to me, so vulnerable. O please . . .

The game continued and the extra time given ticked away so very slowly. It was a torture watching when the opponent got a corner kick and I thought fate was going to change in the last few minutes. Gasp! Lucky the attempted goal went over and outside. If not you can get a heart attack.

Only when the final whistle was blown did the stress and tensions subsided.

Watching football live telecast, not necessarily watching it in the stadium can also take you up on to an emotional roller coaster. Fun or torture?

The boys did not disappoint us. Lets wish them good luck in the finals tonight.

You see from what is on paper people predict and form opinions. But on the day of reckoning the unexpected can happen as in this semifinals.

Sometimes what one team says about the opposite team is well understood . It is just to play psychology on the opponent. It was all about tactics. Only the supporters and people like me may get misunderstood that for talking big and so we feel slighted. We want them to eat back their words.

Anyway your showing of disdain towards people may drive them to device a better and more effective way to counter  - be it in sports in politics and in any rivalry.

Be a good sport!

bye . . .

Thursday, 24 August 2017


Hello again all

Everybody is watching sports this week. Ya . . . the SEA games . . . if you don't care to watch you would miss all the excitements.

But really watching the sports on the TV alone is not the same as watching the game at the venue itself , the excitement is different. Anyway nowadays we have the 40 inch TV screen and that at HD it is not so bad. You can even see the perspiration . . .and feel the heart beat . . .

One of the glorious moments was when our netball team won in the finals.

I have never before truly enjoyed watching net ball on the screen or in the field. My perception about the game being slow, static and unexciting made me not interested to watch. Perhaps because the  game played in the old days was full or restrictions. The whistle would sound even at the slightest pushing or obstruction at the opponent. Though in schooldays we played netball all the time we never really can keep up with the rules of the game.

When you left school you also leave the game. It is not practical to take up this game as a hobby as you hardly can get people to play it regularly. Thus the lack of interest in the game, me thinks.

When my daughter was in school I did not encourage her to take up netball seriously but to take up some other games which can be played regularly outside school hours for want of more physical exercise.

It happens that one young member in the family was talent spotted by a netball teacher and being pulled in to train with the school team. She at first was so reluctant mainly because the rest of the team are all few years her seniors. We all have to persuade her to go for it, to believe in herself and not to feel inferior. I wonder whether our words to convince her would make her more interested and to perform good.

. . . even made for her birthday, a netball theme cake . . . ha ha

Goal . . . .

I hope she had watched the SEA Game netball finals.  That will make the difference and which would give her motivation more than how much we have tried.

The finals was an eye- opener as I perceived how the game is played today. . . I marveled at the high standard of play, the agility of the players and the fluidity of their movement. And the accuracy shown by the Malaysian goal shooter, I don't have a word to say more . . .

Really enjoyed watching. It has changed my perception of the game.

For the Malaysian team the gold is rightfully theirs.

And it sure motivates and gives inspiration to the many young girls out there.

Stay active and play netball.

Bye . . .

Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Fun Run

Hi friends

Today (19/08/ 2017) I did something out of the ordinary, that which can help break life monotony. You know what. I took part in the 5 km Fun Run

I have been exercising extra hard in the past week to make sure that I have enough stamina to finish the run and the most important is  . . . not to finish last hehe.

I was a little worried too because recently I faced some health issues and fear that still, what if I tergolek on the track!

Everything turned out well. Unnecessary worry, unlike my other family members who were so full of enthusiasm. In fact my sister my niece and my hubby were among those who finish earliest. Congratulations to them.

Me? Okey. I completed!

My daughter was with me throughout the run, escorting me. She would have finished earlier too if she had wanted but preferred to tag along with me ( was she worried about me) Joining in was just for fun anyway.

Ahh let me congratulate myself for not finishing last hehe.

I was happy that I did not get chickened out and retreat and stay back. I was thinking about that possibility yesterday. I would have missed the opportunity to experience what is it like to be running and walking along with so many people in a race, that is if you can call it a race.. It was such a big crowd. It was so much different from walking alone.

Happiness is . . .burning calories

If you were wondering what event was that, it was the Larian Sukan SEA held  in Putrajaya . They have the fun run so that ordinary people like you and me can also participate .

Would I join such an activity again in the future, Yes I would.

Don't just stand by the side and just look on.

Stay active stay healthy and be happy.

Bye . . .

Friday, 18 August 2017

Shall We Not Learn

Rising temperature
Smoldering fire
And losing culture
Shall we not learn from nature
See the birds there
Feather of the same color
Flocking together
Perched on the tree and on the wire
Conveyed in their chatter
Perhaps about the weather
I don't see them pecking at one another
And no fierce scratching either
But only picking out dirt from a friend's feather
That gentle squabbles in courtship behavior
So very soon settled
Talons and claws
Are meant for intruders

Monday, 14 August 2017

Hitting It Harder


My left hand tossed it high, my right hand swinging to strike it down hard. I have learnt to do it right. And sometimes I would produce an ace 😤 much to the chagrin of my opponent whom I know most time would underrate my ability 😏.

Ouch . . . why this time I missed the ball. The racket weighted my right hand until it hurts.

Awakened suddenly, my right arm was hurting.

It was all about yesterday's tennis. The excitement got carried into my sleep.

Hey don't pass me as a standard six student writing an imaginary composition titled I dream of tennis.

This  I am telling is true. My arm really hurt. I know the reason. I slept like a log, being so tired. I am more comfortable sleeping on the right than lying on the left. My arm could have been compressed throughout the night. Lying on the left would not take me to a good sleep. Feel heavy. Could it be because of my big heart. My chest x-ray was reported as, likely cardiomegaly.

Ah lets talk about a more exciting matter than on what that can make you worry.

Yeah about yesterday's game that found its way into my sleep hehe.

The game can find its way into my dream? I am not a child, say whatever, but yes yes. Too interesting or too frustrating to forget, sometimes.

I love tennis . So are my gang here. Nobody should speak down to us insinuating that tennis is not for the old and the haggard (😒😠). Respect yea, we are seniors (read old).

Tennis is in our blood. One of my tennis friends even said he is okey if he is fated to die at the tennis court. We have been playing for so many years already and will continue to play while we still can.

Back to yesterday's game.

Earlier in the day it was raining hard. The club informed that the court was not playable when queried. Some of us the real hard core kaki tennis just went without thinking about the court being wet.

Since we, me and three other friends were already there we insisted on playing . The grounds man gave in but told us to only use old balls. Alright . . .Gleefully we went in.

Yes the court surface was still wet but the water had seep down. There was nowhere water ponding seen. The court has good drainage. The surface is of artificial turf and it has been properly built and maintained and was sanded just recently. There was no fear of it to be slippery. The condition was playable except that the ball would get wet hence we were not given new balls.

We were okey with the old balls. Used tennis balls, that is.

In the beginning it was alright we started hitting, smooth and effortless. As the game progressed the ball soaked up the water and became heavier. The ball bounce was kind of slow. You need to move faster to get to the ball and make adjustment in your stroke.

Sometimes the adjustment made was not good enough. You see we are just ordinary players . . .

It was hard to play when the ball became heavier. So try to compensate by hitting harder. If from the base line, you need to put more force on your grounds stroke. If too much you would send the ball out. Tennis is a game of skill not only about physical strength.

The lob ball would not go high and spinning. Opponent would be able to smash the ball back into your court. Nothing you can do in return but to just look in dismay.

Even the volley wouldn't be effective as the oncoming ball may also be slow and lame. If  you are real good at the net then only you can volley the ball beautifully back into the opponents's court.

And those who like to surprise and trick the opponent with a cunning slice would not be able to do so with finesse on a wet ball. Most time the ball will get caught in the net. ( By the way, I call this a coward shot).

With all the problems yesterday's game was tiring yet exciting. The friend who chose to nap would surely feel regret when she got my message. Purposely made her feel sore hehe.

Everyone worked hard at the game, cooperating well with their doubles partners, all so focused in trying to execute good shots and less of errors. At times there were bursts of laughter. At times, disputed line calls.

Me, I just enjoy the game. I love playing at the base line hitting cross court or down the line or strike a short and sharp shot to the sideline. Feel the satisfaction of getting the killing shot landed right on the line yeahh! A winner, undisputed.

Sending shots far to the back of the opponent requires good technique and strength and if the ball is wet you got to really whack. And to the one who underrate me I whack harder still huh!

Perhaps, yesterday, it was too much of whacking but less of skill and strategy, hence my aching arm . . .

I think I need to be away from the tennis court for a while to give my arm a rest.

I would go look for my avian friend instead . . .

The silhouette. Can you spot the kingfisher?

Whoever plays tennis will surely agree  that it is a good sport. For ordinary people like me it is not so much about competing though no doubt you want to win when you play. I have been playing since young but I never get bored with this sport.

It is just that playing tennis makes me happy.

"Keep calm and play tennis"

Bye . . .

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Sunday Morning Musings


Here I have a few pictures taken on the last Sunday morning.

A beautiful morning is not a time to be missed and not a time to be slaving away in the kitchen, washing sweeping or mopping. All that can wait. The cheery morning can last for just so long as the sun would soon be strong and the heat unbearable. Or may be it could suddenly change to cloudy and then raining hard. So enjoy while the weather is fine.

So there on that fine Sunday morning I walked around and randomly pointing my camera here and there but my mind was still thinking about the yesterday's happenings.

It was a joyous Saturday. But then the joy I felt did not just come from nowhere. It had to be sought. Life would just stand still if you don't make a move. Hence my endurance sitting in the car for more than eight hours(to and fro) of travelling in the same day.

It was a family event.  Greetings and handshakes. Smiles and  hugs. Jokes and laughter and sharing stories. And of course food, food and more food. A time to gather when there is opportunity.

From far and near we went there.

All for the bubbly little fellow.

An alqiqah cum berendoi for him. Welcome little one!

If I had not made my presence there I wouldn't get to feel the warmth and joy of being with them. I would have missed the meeting of brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, cousins and the members of the third generation. And not to forget the besans. We are 'originally' four siblings but now the relatives and in laws had the usually quiet house overfilled . . .

It was fun to mingle, talking aloud and telling family stories that had no ends. Problems were pushed away to the back of your mind. Bring out only the good points and happy tales after all not everyday you are on such a joyful mood . . . but then . . . not everyone was behaving likewise.

I noticed some older members tend to be quiet but wise words poured out when speaking out their minds.

Those in their fifties appeared worrisome and showed concern when picking their food.

Some in their forties seemed never to care and belly laughed their way to a good spread as they were being cautioned. Who cares about diet at a time like this . . .

There were also some serious discussions among the young on challenges in study and work life but there was also sigh of relief of overcoming so much of obstacles and survived to see that all the sacrifices had paid off.

Yes of course it takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice to reach the absolute pinnacle of academic achievement . . .

A role model for the youngsters in the family

And the kids . . . oblivious to worldly problem  . . . the most happy.

And what does the future hold for the bubbly little baby in the handsomely decorated crib?

Ah . . . I  shouldn't lose myself in the rejoice of yesterdays or into thinking about the future of which I have no control . . .

Stay in the present . . .

A bee eater waiting to catch a flying insect

So that was it, picture of a beautiful Sunday morning.

Till next post , bye . . .

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Watching The Waterhens

Hello everyone

If you see the thick and dense undergrowth, shrubs and bushes right opposite my house you would wonder why were we so stupid to have bought  this property, our house, which is just next to it. Me too was feeling the same at one time. There was a sense of regret and that we have made a great mistake . The adjacent area which we thought would be developed was not to be.

There are a few kampung houses there. The plot nearest to our home where once stood a house is overtaken by lush wild creepers and plants. The house was "stolen" and what is left behind is just the cement flooring. In fact the house disintegrated little by little, missing doors, missing windows, missing wooden walls and later vanished totally even the beams and poles/pillars.

Behind the said house there is another deserted house. And this house now is nearly covered by the shrubs and undergrowth. And the roof top sometimes becomes a resting place for the monkeys.

To create a buffer I planted crab claws and birds of paradise alongside my fencing facing the area hoping to mask off the not so nice sight. And on the other side of the dead end road bordering the vacant plot I planted hibiscus, bananas, mulberry, sour sop and even a coconut tree.

However now that plot of vacant land is not a bother to me anymore. The undergrowth at the vacant plot has become so thick and dense and so green and has covered the ugly remains of the the construction. It has a jungle look landscape with tall trees in the background. I like the sight and the freshness of the atmosphere especially in the morning after the night rain.

There must be many animal lives hiding underneath . I know. I hear them. Their croaking and cooing in the morning and sometimes at dusk would make me abandoned whatever I was doing, to go and have a look.

And last night it was raining birds and squirrels, snakes and frogs cats and dogs causing the vegetation to look so rich fresh and alive in the morning when the sun came out. Of course there were many kinds of sound as everyone was busy flying and calling out at one another but the most outstanding sound was the croaking and cooing from that rich undergrowth.

Hi there . . .   unexpectedly they were there on a coconut frond and not hiding as usual.  The two were happily preening and drying themselves. Ever so meticulous picking and probing at one another. They moved vigorously shaking their bodies and flapping their wings under the sun to "wipe" away wetness. They took quite a long time to do what they were doing.

Well . . . they don't have towels . . .

They were there preening as I watched them for nearly fifteen minutes before one of them moved away and the other soon followed and disappeared under the bushes.

These water hens, I like their clean look, white face, gleaming eyes, nice cinnamon brown feathers. They are beautiful and they sure take great efforts to maintain their good look.

A water hen
The water hen 
I hope no one will come to know about their presence there . . .b e c a u s e . . .these birds, their flesh is . . . a great delicacy. . .

Happy birding !

Bye . . .