Wednesday, 27 February 2019

They Will Survive

Hi friends

I am away from home and would only be back in a week's time.  

It is very hot here. There are no trees except for small plants and shrubs and the decorative palm trees. Their landscaping is quite ok on the fourth floor where the swimming pool is but here below there is nothing much. And the unit I am in is on the ground floor. 

I hope it is not as hot back at home. I worry for my plants, they might get dried up especially those small plants and plants that I have just replanted or repotted. They would not get watered for as long as I am in absence. 

Of course, I hope nature can help. I pray for rain to come. But seeing the weather condition now I cannot depend on hope alone.

I am quite lucky I have big trees growing in the compound. So I moved those mobile ones from their usual sunny spot into the shade.  Even those permanently under the tree their flowers might not last long in this hot and dry days. 

Those that cannot be moved I scatter around them lots of dried leaves so that the ground would stay wet after I last water them. Most of my potted plants are placed directly on the ground. 

I have thought about some kind of self-watering system but until now I am not able to devise one although I don't know how many times I have seen how people do it on videos. 

Some plants I know they can survive with little water and some plants have rooted deep into the ground and can find water by itself like the bunga kesidang which has grown all over the mulberry tree. This plant surely can survive without being watered for days. I don't have worry for these.

I hope these just recently repotted cattleyas won't dry up

And these small chili plants in the plastic pots I hope they won't die.

In the months to come, I may have to leave home again for more than a few days at a time. I must find the watering solutions for my garden plants.

Sometimes it makes me wonder why some plants like those weeds whose growth are unwanted can forever survive in extreme conditions without much ado.

Stay cool.

Till next entry, bye.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Blood-red And Beautiful

Hi friends,

The hot weather is tapering off. Yesterday was cooler as there was a quick shower in the afternoon. It was nice to go for a walking workout. The evening was dull and there was no color in the evening sky if not for the setting sun. I didn't give a miss to that big red ball. I took some pictures. I focussed and zoom at the sun only. Otherwise, I cannot get the red color as in the real.

The blood-red sun of yesterday reminded me of a time past when my two children were still in the primary school age. I quite often took my children out at a time when everybody else was rushing home.

On days when we had tennis practice, we would wait until late to see the sun "drop" itself into the sea on the horizon. The old tennis court was just next to the beach.

The sunset scene is not the same every day. Sometimes you see the sun a crisp circular glow with brilliant colors in the sky. Sometimes you see the sun as a red ball set against a dull sky. However is the situation, it's always beautiful and inspiring.

Let's zoom in

Below is the scene much earlier.

Ok, hope you like those pictures.

Till next entry, bye . . .

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Two In One

Hi everyone

Got this hibiscus plant in the garden for a long time. I have been waiting and waiting. At last, it comes.

As you can see there are like two blooms joined by a structure I do not know what to call it :) What part of the flower is that?

The second one hanging on to the first. Must be heavy for the stalk to hold I think that makes the whole bloom to face downwards.

Peach double bloom hibiscus

The picture below is the bud of the bloom earlier on. The bud was pointing upwards,  well only straight.

The aphids are attacking the plant even before the bud opened up. Looks like I have to cut away the stem and may have to sacrifice future blooms and for the sake of its health. Or should I wait for all the buds to open?

At the time of writing, alas the stem was already cut off. the condition was too bad.

Happy gardening.

Meet again at next entry.