Friday, 28 May 2021

2 Title-less Poems For Adila

No 1

Life has its up and down
 like the weather, there is rain and shine
at times of extreme heat
the grass die and lost its green
even the trees not able to resist
but to shed their leaves
 the flowers bow 
and drop their petals

But never a season forever lasts
when the rain comes and the drought passed
the air freshen up back to life
those before, droop in gloom
would perk up to bloom

No 2

Why would a stumble slow me down
a misstep on the lane
a cut, a bruise on the skin
 hit my spirit down?

I have hope and faith
in heart and mind
a time will come 
will find my true strength 
like the tide of the great ocean
it ebbs but rises again

Pride matters to humankind
success do matter
in the life of man

And so I will as life dictates
to do my best in tasks I undertake
with the full heart I will commit
for the success that I seek

Monday, 10 May 2021

Just Go For A Leisure Walk

 In a few days time its going to be a Hari Raya again. How is it going to be this time. 

Heard that the authority is going to clamp down on our movement meaning that there will be no home coming cheers, visiting or entertaining. 

There will be no rushing and busying for me. Thats why am sitting here before this laptop.

Its going to be a quiet Hari Raya just like last year's.

Thats because of Covid.

Covid has affected the way we live. It has changed the way we behave and do things. 

There are such things as the new norms that we have to adopt.

One is that our face is masked whenever we go out or sometimes even in the house if an outsider happens to be around. 

Ever wonder whats behind those masks. Smirks or smiles?

Another is that no touching. That makes some feel less friendly. 

Social distancing must be strictly observed they say better adhere to it than be sorry to be in isolation if you get Covid.

No raya shopping to avoid crowd. But I have learnt to shop online :))

Its confirmed now.

Strict travel restriction is cast upon the country, the number of new cases is escalating, thats why.

Its scary.

Have to tolerate this restriction and emergency. 

Never mind  if there's no home coming, no visiting, no entertaining.

I'll just entertain my self on that day.. May be  just go for a leisure walk at a quiet place nearby.

Selamat Hari Raya