Friday, 23 February 2018

Adelia's Garden

Hi friends

Do you like these plants.

They were planted from the seeds last December during the school holidays . It was supposed to be a homework project by the first sister.

She has taken some of the plants back to school and left some at the balcony at their home.

So her little sister took over caring  for the plants deligently watering it and enjoying every bit of her little gardening.

And now it is February, many weeks have passed  . . .

She gardens 

 She plays

As the plants grow

And now 

Nevermind if its stunted growth . . .

Its still a beauty . . .

That's Adelia's garden.

Happy gardening.

Till next entry . . .

Monday, 19 February 2018

A Small Decor Project The Glass Planter

Hi everyone

The rainy days recently had me remained indoor most time. Needed to do something to arrest the restlessness. So I came up with this small decor project for my humble home.

The planter is a recycled glass container from of a tabletop convection oven which I have been keeping for a long time not knowing what to do with it before. To have it discarded seemed to be a waste.

I put some charcoal at the bottom of the glass container and then on it some black and white pebbles. Put some plants and put more pebbles to anchor the plants in place. Spray some water. Hey I got a project ready!

Recycled oven glass container 

Pebbles to anchor the plants charcoal to prevent rotting

Sansevieria plants arranged to please the eyes

The plants used are sansevieria or the snake plant also known to us by pokok lidah mak mertua. I chose this plant because it is easy to care, just need to spray a little water maybe once a week would be enough.

The arrangement though very simple by any standard nevertheless gives freshness to the house. Hope you like it too.

Till next entry , bye . . .

Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Right To The Evening Light

Glowing sunset over the horizon

A beautiful sunset to end the day

I crave to be by the sea at sunset
for so long I have been denied
I love to see the changing colours of the evening light
slowly faded into the night

Set against the splendour of colours
the reflections in the shimmering water
of the glowing white ball
gradually disappearing as darkness falls

At times the sky is in a sad gray and neutral
 the sun, a round patch of crimson
dipping silently into the water
bidding goodbye from the horizon

If I could be free I would linger and stay
there would be joy 
to see how nature paints
on each different day

of the confining, 
an unwritten rule that man made
denied my right to such beautiful sights

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Go Outings When The Weather Is Clear

Hi everyone

These few days are filled up with going here and going there for me. Sounds busy, ah not really. Anyway, clear weather makes no hindrance to your plan.

On a public holiday in the middle of the week, had a lunch out with the family. We converge at a convenient place where everybody does not have to travel far. Here, in this restaurant. You can google to know its exact location.

Don't get the name wrong.

From outside it looks just so humble but the ambiance inside is quite good. The thatched roof is maybe for style.

And the staff, efficient and polite.

And we chose the kampung food, so fresh and tasty. Very satisfying. Not sure about the pricing because I don't pay. That's the privilege of being old and retired.

After the lunch, it's walking around the shopping complex. Burn out some calories while feeding more!

For old or young, ice cream is a therapy. . .

The next day saw me going out again. This time to the dentist, for a follow-up and an evaluation of the gum condition for a dental implant. I had one implant done before but I don't remember the procedure I went through.

This evaluation includes the taking of dental impressions, taking a few photographs, the measurements and the x-ray OPG (orthopantomography) of the whole jaw. It will be studied by the doctor before arriving at a decision. Wait for a week or two for him to come out with a proposal. I foresee that I have to break my piggy bank for this. 😟

After the dental affair, we proceeded to a shopping outlet. Just for window shopping. Maybe look for items of interest to buy later.

But first, as usual, makan.

Chose some soupy food to save on calories.

But then later succumbed to temptations . . . one of each? Or more . . .

How many hours of walking or swimming can burn them away  . . .?

I have strong willpower, resisted to have more . . .

Window shopping helped to take away those sweet pastries from the mind. . . but then humans are like that, they are always pulled in to temptations.

And parted with the money on the word sale.

And do damage control by saying, ah its a good buy.

Parted with the money on the word sale

Then today, I went to the airport. No . . . I was not going anywhere. I went as far as the passenger registration counter only hehe . . . as always.

Had early lunch, the famous fried chicken. Here it is more finger licking good than from anywhere else I have ever eaten. That's why we seldom miss the fried chicken when coming to KLIA ha ha.

After the send-off, we were back home but there is another going out. But I decided to remain at home. Go without me, ok.

Today the weather is clear. I would like to watch the sun set.

Me alone, the computer is my companion.

As I started to write this entry I got this message.

How far they may go but they never leave my heart.

Relieved and peaceful.

Nothing else matters.

Beautiful sunset when the weather is clear

Bye till next entry.