Thursday, 28 April 2016

Can't Bend Like The Birds


When I entered the pool this morning I was determined to have a proper workout because the zip on my sarung is difficult to close now. The scale does not show any marked increase may be the fat has crept on but the weight not yet detected .

The appetite is so difficult to curb. Everything tasted is delicious. And fried foods always taste good and lately I have more of them than usual, those the finger licking good type.

At this age the metabolism rate is low and burning of energy is kind of slow. Ok I understand as we grow older getting out of shape is a norm and shouldn't be a thing to worry about . After all we are not going to parade for a fashion show.

No its not that.

Once you are passive and negative the condition can get worse . From just being fat we can become obese. By that time we are too weak to exercise. Every retiree like me should try to avoid that situation.

It is not so much the aesthetic but its health reason.

Everybody knows what  obesity can lead to.

What I worry is if I am so very fat and heavy I will give problems not only to myself but also to the people around me.

  • they have to give me more space anywhere everywhere
  • they have to slow their pace while waiting for me
  • they will get wet when sharing umbrella with me
  • they have to adjust the drivers seat after I borrowed their car because I may have sunk the seat
and so on and so forth.

Wait for me. . .
And  more important points . . .

Who is going to lift me up should I fall

Can anyone move me from the bed to the bath room should I fall ill or turning me or rotate me to sponge me  . . . what a scary thought.

When ill I might need to be diagnosed and the x-rays too will find it hard to penetrate me ha ha

So lets exercise while we still can.

This morning here's what I did
  • stretching in the water 
  • abduction and adduction of limbs while floating on the back and breathing deeply but slowly
  • then jump and walk a bit 
  • push from the wall swim the breast stroke with slow exaggerate movement of hands and legs
  • freestyle slow with exaggerated stroke
  • then swim proper for may be 20 to 30 mins of alternating the breast stroke, free style and back stroke paying attention to proper breathing and stroke rhythm 
  • taper off with back stroke slow and easy
  • do a few times - hold the breath diving under water as far as can go and surface to take a deep breath 
The aquatic exercise is enjoyable and refreshing. Imagine yourself as a young girl gracefully doing the rhythmic swimming  ha ha.

If our slow swimming cannot so much burn the calories it is good enough at toning the muscles. It can make our stiff body a little flexible.

So with the regular exercise let us hope we don't turn obese and our body a little supple so we can at least bend to cut our own toe nails easily.

Even if your body is supple don't dream to bend like them  . . .

Beware don't end up with a broken back . . .

Be active and stay healthy

Bye. . .

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Pictures Painted In My Mind

Hi again

In my last post I uploaded a picture of my sketch which evoke a nostalgia in me. I choked with emotion as I typed the description.

In this entry I cannot help but to continue talking about my childhood days living in an era of backwardness.

People say don't dwell in the past. But I like to tell things which people nowadays don't really know - those who were born so much later when time is easy and all things aplenty.

At the time no matter how bad the living condition it was considered a norm and people just accepted. No taking to the road to protest or anything like that. I think  it was because we were not exposed to anything better so we never could have compared.

We were living under a coconut shell so to say.

Now some people who have attained the finer things of life are ashamed of their humble past. Why. . . ?  Most of us come from the poor and destitute a fact that cannot be denied.

Poverty does not equal to sadness. There were happy times and funny moments. Some got stuck to my mind and never can forget.

Ok some flashback . . .

Those days we helped parents in their work. Whatever work which was not too heavy to carry out.

No child labor.

I liked it very much if my mother offered me to follow her to the padi field during the menanam (replanting) season. At this time the ground would be well submerged in water. Cool and nice to play and if it rained so much the better.

Usually the replanting was done by women. They were expert at using the kuku kambing a special tool used to poke the soil taking together the root into the soft ground. There was some sort of a system which everybody understood.The young plants were planted in rows and the women did it simultaneously stepping backwards in straight line as they went about doing it. They did it so accurately and timely. A rhythmic movement at an easy tempo.

Pictures that stick to my mind
My work was to distribute the seedlings to the ladies

What I overheard was the women all suffered back ache after the season.

After replanting there was nothing much to do but at intervals mother would go and do the weeding. Occasionally I would follow. But I didn't quite like it because I couldn't play in the water anymore. Not allowed lest I might damage the plants

.My work was to pick water convolvulus which grew in abundance along the batas (raised path between the plots). Instructed to pick only the top shoot which we boiled to be eaten with rice. The poor man's veggie.

There were leaches measuring the ground and ready to pick on you. It will stick stubbornly to your skin and difficult to pull it away. It won't bother your jumping and screaming. It will suck your blood out until its body bloated then only it will fall off.

Sometimes naughty people would scare the children bluffing them that the leech will not let go of the victim until the thunder boomed ha ha.

Leeches like to clime higher higher
In our area there were no water leaches according to the elders because cows were not used for ploughing up the land instead the brute force of the men was used.

I would always be alert of leeches.

The harvesting time was of little fun. We children were seldom allowed to follow. The time was hot and dry but windy. Nature's way of allowing the grain to ripe properly.

But there was still fun watching the men bailed out water from the well using buckets. There was not much water anyway leaving inside sludge and mud . . .and fish!

It was more fun if you were permitted to join in catching the fish in the mud.

Male and female force were required to do the work of harvesting . Those time everything was done manually. It was hard work plus the heat and the padi leaves were sharp and cutting.

So miang and itchy.

The women's face, the fair ones became tanned and those dark like mine turned charcoal dark. The sun really burnt. The terendak was not enough protection.

No moisturizing lotion.

No SPF cream.

Now I wonder why they did not wear the ninja style hood or the purdah style face cover.

Poor but carefree people.

After the padi  was separated from the stalk the grain had to be dried before being sold or stored.

Drying was done by spreading the grain on a mat in the hot sun. I was usually assigned to make sure that animals did not come to trample over it. The most boring job ever. Just sit there under the shade and shooed away the cocks and the hens and the cats which purposely will walk over it.

Sometimes we could fall asleep and not aware the chicken were having a feast.

The exposed padi became a real attraction for these ground birds. . .

If the caretaker was sleeping on the job . . .

Better to stop here I don't want my dear readers to yawn.n .n  . . .

Till another entry. . .

Bye. . .

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Morning Walkabout


For some morning is the busiest time of day. A time to get ready for a new day.

The time when baby cries either of hunger or wet. And awaken the whole household.

But some will go back to sleep and have to be shaken vigorously to wake them up again. Either too lazy or tired because of late for bed.

Then they fight for the bathroom since everyone do not want to be late. And how about the time to dress and to preen in front of the mirror?

Over the breakfast table they continue their squabbling about who's who causing everybody to be late. And the one targeted for the blame will sulk. This also would cause delay.

If one has not done the homework so it is now to do it in hurry and haste while pleading others to help.

Somehow they would be ready on time and when commanded at lightning speed they scramble into the car. Off they go.


Hmm that's how the morning routine nowadays.

The time when I was a parent to school going children more than twenty years ago it was different. No fuss. Because I live in small town the situation was more relaxed no hurry and no haste. The children woke up dressed up and had proper breakfast. Took their school bags and just walk out to school which was just across the quiet road.

Seeing and helping them prepare for school was no stress. Only when it rained the children got anxious and complaining because mother took so much time styling her hair ha ha.

Me? A five minute drive to workplace. But sometimes I rushed all the same.

In my childhood days parents did not really care so much. Children usually had to fend for themselves. We had to walk miles to reach the school. Parents totally left it to the teachers as to how or what the children learnt.

They were more focused on finding ways to survive.

It is still in my mind that my mother in her life was almost always wearing the terendak . For me it is the symbol for labour.

I picture my mother and friend at the padi field.

Now as a retiree my morning is what and how I want it to be. Want a simple quick breakfast? Linger on  while surfing the net? Do as I like.

Or go for a swim, dance exercise or just walk. . .life is a leisure.

Or make myself feel important and take a walkabout. . . just to see things. . .

Hello morning

Have flowers for the eyes

Put on some colors

Keep clean and beautiful

Go catch some pests

Make up your mind

Sing it clear

Sing it loud

Sing from the tree top

All ready to face a new day?

Have a leisurely day. . .

Bye. . .

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Ah . . . Not So Vain


If you watch the TV you will find that your favorite program is so often interrupted by commercial breaks.

The show you are watching is cut to pieces. And a particular ad is not screened for one time only . It comes on so many times. Sometimes one brand has many segments and many ways of persuading you to buy. And some are repeated a few times within that same slot.

If you are not in the buying mode you just want to avoid them.

So we take the ads time to run to the kitchen to take the fish or something out from the freezer to defrost in the microwave. Take out the santan and other ingredients put them on the counter to be ready for use soon.

Wash off the dishes and clear the kitchen sink so that the place is ready for the next task.

Now when the show is about to resume grab a knife and the the onion container.

Peel the onion while enjoying the show. Be careful not to cut the fingers.

And when the ads come on again steal to do another chore.

By the time the program finishes you can proceed to cook the curry for your lunch.

What I am trying to tell is that every time the ads come on I won't be watching it. May be if its a new product I would remain seated for a while. But then so many repeats . . . sorry

If everyone is doing like this there is no point in having the commercial breaks. People only want to watch the show of their choice.

Don't they know?

Hmm I shouldn't be so simple minded.

And one more thing I notice nowadays there are so many advertisements on skin care products with incredible claims. Can a cream turn your skin fair and white even?

How about the cream that can melt away the fat.

 Are people so gullible.

 Just thinking. . .

As a working woman a long time ago I used to spend a lot on skin care products and cosmetics. Some were quite expensive. Sometimes it overshot my budget.

And naively followed whatever was suggested by the sales girls. Their smooth glowing skin was exemplary I thought. You buy into that ha ha.

Actually the girls were naturally "porcelain"ed skin. (As if I didn't know).

Now looking back I think with or without all those products my skin would end the same. When matured, fine lines then wrinkles, coarse skin and pigmentation all are inevitable. More or less, it comes faster or slower,  that's a fact .

Then was it worth all the money spent.

Ah. . . they claim it can be delayed. Hmm. I mean those aging signs.

Better still go for cosmetic surgery then. Don't say ah I am not so vain. . .say. . .I don't have that kind of money. . . ha ha.

All women want to look good even how old  right?

But nothing wrong with that.

It is nice to see the young and old so primp and polished though I myself is really not.

So lets go on sprucing up ourselves . . .

During my photography walk-about sometimes I meet up with birds preening themselves.

They too know how to be well groomed, attractive and healthy.

Some birds use own body powder to preen their feathers to keep it healthy

Shake off all the dust

And pick all the parasites

Do it a number of times a day to rid off the dirt and the grime

Some birds have their own body oil which make their feathers look good

Have a session with a group

Or have a private session

So there we have it some tips from the birds.

Enjoy reading. . .be happy.

Bye. . .

Monday, 18 April 2016

Cats Are For Keeping Birds Are For Watching


In our community cat is a popular pet. Loved by children and adults alike.

Cats are cuddly and affectionate may be that's why. They are so fluffy and furry and should be nice to touch. I used the word should because I see people can't help but to touch it when the cat comes to rub up against them . But I don't.

When the cat especially if kitten comes near me I would try to avoid. Why. . . its because I have never had a cat as pet throughout my life. Not used to cat rubbing up my leg. Geli. Squirmish.

These feline creatures are lovely and interesting to have according to most people.

I have a friend, also retired, keeps herself busy rearing quite a number. Feed them clean them bathe them. She takes the trouble to do all. Its all for the love of cats. I can't imagine myself doing what she does.

It is not to say that I hate cat. No.

May be it is because my liking for cat had stunted by past experience.

When I was little living in the kampung we used to have this type of ancient stove. A lot of firewood being used and a lot of ashes produced.

Some people still prefer to cook this way

And mother said cats liked this kind of place. . . .to poo.

And who would want to clear the mess.

If a cat strayed into the house she would chase it like crazy.

So no cat in my home though we children wanted to have one .

The rule that no cat in the house is being practiced into my own family even though I had upped my standard to using the gas stove. My children at one time expressed their desire to have a cat. No!

Instead I allowed them to have tortoise. I remember helping my son digging a small well in the compound to house the bigger tortoise. The smaller ones he used to play by allowing the little thing to crawl up his arm shoulder and face. However the big tortoise escaped.

And my daughter at one time brought back a few small turtles. We reared for some time and when they grew bigger we gave up by releasing them into a lake since we did not have a proper aquarium. They were too tedious to care for.

Now that my children are adults and living on their own they are free to have cats. No they don't have them in their homes.

I know all my grandchildren like cats. They got excited all over when telling stories about the gentle Anjang the big furry cat belonging to their other grandma.

The youngest when she was just a tiny tot could even stop crying to point and say "cat!" when a cat passed by. The magical cat can make a child stop crying.

Now there are so many of these mammals roaming in and around my compound. I do not know whether they are just strays or they belong to somebody. All are looking nice and well fed. They are creating a mess pooing everywhere which can make me go angry. I have an extra duty scooping to get rid of the smelly stuff. Yuck.

Their non stop meowing at night is also annoying.

Sometimes I am like a mad woman  trying hard to chase them away . Problem. Really.

But when I see them closely my heart melts.

Sorry its not you cat, its your owner. They must take care of you. Toilet trained you. So you don't create a mess just anywhere you like! Hmm.

Unlike birds cat can be good photographic model by giving you different poses. They give you time to select exposures fumble with the  camera.

Put me on the blog  ;-)

Purr r r



Is it important to put me on the blog...

Oh I see

Somehow I like to pursue and capture the avian species but always not very successful.

Some are tame and become exhibits

A child has great fascination for birds

Difficult to capture a bird in flight
I'm not an expert

Sometimes by a coincidence you get to see a moment like this

 Sharing and caring. Mmmm TQ. . .
Hope you enjoy reading.

Have a good day with your adorable cat.

 Bye. . .

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Time For Doodles

Hello again everyone

Is twenty four hours in a day enough for you?

Many say oh I wish I have more .....then they are not good at managing their time. Not in every case though.

Truth is for some people there are so much to do. You spend most of your time working. When you get home you have to prepare the meals, sort out the family laundry, and in between see the children do their homework. The house need to be tidied up inside and outside. You don't like to live in a mess.

Then you squeeze tv watching into that busy schedule. How can you miss that drama series or whatever. Make things worse.

Short sleeping hours. No relaxation. Tired.

No time for hobby.

Life becomes bored and you envy those whose lives seem to be so exciting.

So you take a holiday to somewhere to be away from it all hoping to return refreshed.

When you come back the bustles start again.......not until and when you are retired and your children have left the nest.

But then comes the void.

We need to make ourselves busy again because we feel restless when there's no specific thing to do. So purposeless. Aimless.

So you take to watch tv everyday until you find there's nothing more that is worth your time watching. The same thing is screened over and over again until it makes you feel like throwing up.

You drift off to sleep on the newspaper.

You doze off while surfing the net and to be awakened by the i pad falling on your face . . .  ha ha. . .

Then not to be outdone you get yourself a smart phone. . . get busy with  the chat and the WhatsApp .

With all these still  . . .huh. . .

And then you start doodling . . .

The hand scribbling

The mind wandering. . .

And lost in thoughts

After some time in retirement with some efforts you will find something to fill the hollow. . .

But do not be over zealous lest you again feel that the twenty four hours is not enough.

My routine is something like this. I try to follow as best I can. Life can be wonderful.
  • Swim---morning at least four times a week
  • Tennis ---evening at least three times a week
  • Line dancing---A loner ha ha whenever it rains or the swimming pool is over crowded
  • Bird watching cum photography---whenever I am not doing any of the above and the weather's fine
  • Blogging ---a new found love---when the finger is not typing---the mind is always urging and so I will plonk myself in front of my laptop and start hunting and pecking on the keyboard.
Well about the blogging I want to be more productive.

But sometimes when selecting the pictures to upload I get carried away. Though I know my photography is just so so I can't help staring at it.

The birds, I mean their colors, some are so beautiful. Am not referring to peacock or some other majestic bird. Only the humble kingfisher and the like.

If without the bill showing they look like human                       . . .from behind

I am not delusional ok. I am just doodling  I envision that my descendants would retain our traditional way of dressing. . .

Nature has its way of combining colors

Not so easy to copy the colors

How about this . . .

Inspired by this. . . .

There are many more colorful birds . But for me I am always enchanted by the colors of the kingfisher the #Punai and even the common #sunbird.

You can never miss even from a distance

The beauty we tend to overlook.

Have a beautiful and colorful days ahead

Cheers. . .