Tuesday, 5 April 2016

#Sunbird In The Man Made Rain

Hi hello again

Today I really sweat. No not sweating from a great workout. It is the heat. My kitchen gets direct afternoon sun. When the sun is very strong the heat will be retained into the night. And now I am sitting in the kitchen perspiring though the ceiling fan and the exhaust fan are on.

Now every where in my area the grass has turned yellow. The trees in the compound have their leaves looking withered and some yellowing. If rain is not coming soon they will dry up and drop.

Small potted plants are quite ok because they are being watered twice daily and when I hose them  I try to shoot up the water high so as to create rain effect for the birds. Yes they do come to bathe and enjoy the water.

I have an orchid plant which usually flower once a year in around February or March.  Now we are in April but still no budding. The oppressive heat is taking its toll even on this hardy plant. This plant has been with me for many years and I hope it can defy the weather to survive longer.

Sweet smelling orchid..

In good times it can have up to one and a half dozen flowers on one stalk...

There is a glimmer of hope that the dry time will be over soon because I notice the sun is less intense at times. There are occasional overcast sky and news of rain in other places.

And there was a brief shower the other night and the sound of thunder in the distance. But it is still hot and languid which may be due to the high humidity in the air.

This evening I was outside the house looking around and contemplating what to do to spruce up the place, perhaps replanting and re-potting the plants when the rain comes. Because of my arthritic fingers I can't do much heavy work. (But gripping tennis racket is no problem ha ha).

So I am not aiming high and not so ambitious. A little improvement here and there would be enough. Of course if you ask me I would want a garden with an informal style landscaping ( one which is not so finely manicured)

So cool ....

With some flowers here and there....

In hot climate like ours flowers don't last long. Put them in air conditioned room and it will remain fresh ha ha.

Flower arrangement...air-conditioned
(Looks more like a horse than a bird)

So for my humble garden this inconspicuous little sweet smelling bunga kesidang is good enough. It can still attract this beautiful colored male sunbird

Coming down for the water on the bunga kesidang plant

The wings flit very rapidly

Play around and between the gaharu branches

Ah.. hi...

On the oncidium leaves which are also yellowing

Color more prominent under different light intensity.



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