Monday, 18 April 2016

Cats Are For Keeping Birds Are For Watching


In our community cat is a popular pet. Loved by children and adults alike.

Cats are cuddly and affectionate may be that's why. They are so fluffy and furry and should be nice to touch. I used the word should because I see people can't help but to touch it when the cat comes to rub up against them . But I don't.

When the cat especially if kitten comes near me I would try to avoid. Why. . . its because I have never had a cat as pet throughout my life. Not used to cat rubbing up my leg. Geli. Squirmish.

These feline creatures are lovely and interesting to have according to most people.

I have a friend, also retired, keeps herself busy rearing quite a number. Feed them clean them bathe them. She takes the trouble to do all. Its all for the love of cats. I can't imagine myself doing what she does.

It is not to say that I hate cat. No.

May be it is because my liking for cat had stunted by past experience.

When I was little living in the kampung we used to have this type of ancient stove. A lot of firewood being used and a lot of ashes produced.

Some people still prefer to cook this way

And mother said cats liked this kind of place. . . .to poo.

And who would want to clear the mess.

If a cat strayed into the house she would chase it like crazy.

So no cat in my home though we children wanted to have one .

The rule that no cat in the house is being practiced into my own family even though I had upped my standard to using the gas stove. My children at one time expressed their desire to have a cat. No!

Instead I allowed them to have tortoise. I remember helping my son digging a small well in the compound to house the bigger tortoise. The smaller ones he used to play by allowing the little thing to crawl up his arm shoulder and face. However the big tortoise escaped.

And my daughter at one time brought back a few small turtles. We reared for some time and when they grew bigger we gave up by releasing them into a lake since we did not have a proper aquarium. They were too tedious to care for.

Now that my children are adults and living on their own they are free to have cats. No they don't have them in their homes.

I know all my grandchildren like cats. They got excited all over when telling stories about the gentle Anjang the big furry cat belonging to their other grandma.

The youngest when she was just a tiny tot could even stop crying to point and say "cat!" when a cat passed by. The magical cat can make a child stop crying.

Now there are so many of these mammals roaming in and around my compound. I do not know whether they are just strays or they belong to somebody. All are looking nice and well fed. They are creating a mess pooing everywhere which can make me go angry. I have an extra duty scooping to get rid of the smelly stuff. Yuck.

Their non stop meowing at night is also annoying.

Sometimes I am like a mad woman  trying hard to chase them away . Problem. Really.

But when I see them closely my heart melts.

Sorry its not you cat, its your owner. They must take care of you. Toilet trained you. So you don't create a mess just anywhere you like! Hmm.

Unlike birds cat can be good photographic model by giving you different poses. They give you time to select exposures fumble with the  camera.

Put me on the blog  ;-)

Purr r r



Is it important to put me on the blog...

Oh I see

Somehow I like to pursue and capture the avian species but always not very successful.

Some are tame and become exhibits

A child has great fascination for birds

Difficult to capture a bird in flight
I'm not an expert

Sometimes by a coincidence you get to see a moment like this

 Sharing and caring. Mmmm TQ. . .
Hope you enjoy reading.

Have a good day with your adorable cat.

 Bye. . .

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