Saturday, 16 April 2016

Time For Doodles

Hello again everyone

Is twenty four hours in a day enough for you?

Many say oh I wish I have more .....then they are not good at managing their time. Not in every case though.

Truth is for some people there are so much to do. You spend most of your time working. When you get home you have to prepare the meals, sort out the family laundry, and in between see the children do their homework. The house need to be tidied up inside and outside. You don't like to live in a mess.

Then you squeeze tv watching into that busy schedule. How can you miss that drama series or whatever. Make things worse.

Short sleeping hours. No relaxation. Tired.

No time for hobby.

Life becomes bored and you envy those whose lives seem to be so exciting.

So you take a holiday to somewhere to be away from it all hoping to return refreshed.

When you come back the bustles start again.......not until and when you are retired and your children have left the nest.

But then comes the void.

We need to make ourselves busy again because we feel restless when there's no specific thing to do. So purposeless. Aimless.

So you take to watch tv everyday until you find there's nothing more that is worth your time watching. The same thing is screened over and over again until it makes you feel like throwing up.

You drift off to sleep on the newspaper.

You doze off while surfing the net and to be awakened by the i pad falling on your face . . .  ha ha. . .

Then not to be outdone you get yourself a smart phone. . . get busy with  the chat and the WhatsApp .

With all these still  . . .huh. . .

And then you start doodling . . .

The hand scribbling

The mind wandering. . .

And lost in thoughts

After some time in retirement with some efforts you will find something to fill the hollow. . .

But do not be over zealous lest you again feel that the twenty four hours is not enough.

My routine is something like this. I try to follow as best I can. Life can be wonderful.
  • Swim---morning at least four times a week
  • Tennis ---evening at least three times a week
  • Line dancing---A loner ha ha whenever it rains or the swimming pool is over crowded
  • Bird watching cum photography---whenever I am not doing any of the above and the weather's fine
  • Blogging ---a new found love---when the finger is not typing---the mind is always urging and so I will plonk myself in front of my laptop and start hunting and pecking on the keyboard.
Well about the blogging I want to be more productive.

But sometimes when selecting the pictures to upload I get carried away. Though I know my photography is just so so I can't help staring at it.

The birds, I mean their colors, some are so beautiful. Am not referring to peacock or some other majestic bird. Only the humble kingfisher and the like.

If without the bill showing they look like human                       . . .from behind

I am not delusional ok. I am just doodling  I envision that my descendants would retain our traditional way of dressing. . .

Nature has its way of combining colors

Not so easy to copy the colors

How about this . . .

Inspired by this. . . .

There are many more colorful birds . But for me I am always enchanted by the colors of the kingfisher the #Punai and even the common #sunbird.

You can never miss even from a distance

The beauty we tend to overlook.

Have a beautiful and colorful days ahead

Cheers. . .

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