Thursday, 21 April 2016

Ah . . . Not So Vain


If you watch the TV you will find that your favorite program is so often interrupted by commercial breaks.

The show you are watching is cut to pieces. And a particular ad is not screened for one time only . It comes on so many times. Sometimes one brand has many segments and many ways of persuading you to buy. And some are repeated a few times within that same slot.

If you are not in the buying mode you just want to avoid them.

So we take the ads time to run to the kitchen to take the fish or something out from the freezer to defrost in the microwave. Take out the santan and other ingredients put them on the counter to be ready for use soon.

Wash off the dishes and clear the kitchen sink so that the place is ready for the next task.

Now when the show is about to resume grab a knife and the the onion container.

Peel the onion while enjoying the show. Be careful not to cut the fingers.

And when the ads come on again steal to do another chore.

By the time the program finishes you can proceed to cook the curry for your lunch.

What I am trying to tell is that every time the ads come on I won't be watching it. May be if its a new product I would remain seated for a while. But then so many repeats . . . sorry

If everyone is doing like this there is no point in having the commercial breaks. People only want to watch the show of their choice.

Don't they know?

Hmm I shouldn't be so simple minded.

And one more thing I notice nowadays there are so many advertisements on skin care products with incredible claims. Can a cream turn your skin fair and white even?

How about the cream that can melt away the fat.

 Are people so gullible.

 Just thinking. . .

As a working woman a long time ago I used to spend a lot on skin care products and cosmetics. Some were quite expensive. Sometimes it overshot my budget.

And naively followed whatever was suggested by the sales girls. Their smooth glowing skin was exemplary I thought. You buy into that ha ha.

Actually the girls were naturally "porcelain"ed skin. (As if I didn't know).

Now looking back I think with or without all those products my skin would end the same. When matured, fine lines then wrinkles, coarse skin and pigmentation all are inevitable. More or less, it comes faster or slower,  that's a fact .

Then was it worth all the money spent.

Ah. . . they claim it can be delayed. Hmm. I mean those aging signs.

Better still go for cosmetic surgery then. Don't say ah I am not so vain. . .say. . .I don't have that kind of money. . . ha ha.

All women want to look good even how old  right?

But nothing wrong with that.

It is nice to see the young and old so primp and polished though I myself is really not.

So lets go on sprucing up ourselves . . .

During my photography walk-about sometimes I meet up with birds preening themselves.

They too know how to be well groomed, attractive and healthy.

Some birds use own body powder to preen their feathers to keep it healthy

Shake off all the dust

And pick all the parasites

Do it a number of times a day to rid off the dirt and the grime

Some birds have their own body oil which make their feathers look good

Have a session with a group

Or have a private session

So there we have it some tips from the birds.

Enjoy reading. . .be happy.

Bye. . .

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