Thursday, 28 April 2016

Can't Bend Like The Birds


When I entered the pool this morning I was determined to have a proper workout because the zip on my sarung is difficult to close now. The scale does not show any marked increase may be the fat has crept on but the weight not yet detected .

The appetite is so difficult to curb. Everything tasted is delicious. And fried foods always taste good and lately I have more of them than usual, those the finger licking good type.

At this age the metabolism rate is low and burning of energy is kind of slow. Ok I understand as we grow older getting out of shape is a norm and shouldn't be a thing to worry about . After all we are not going to parade for a fashion show.

No its not that.

Once you are passive and negative the condition can get worse . From just being fat we can become obese. By that time we are too weak to exercise. Every retiree like me should try to avoid that situation.

It is not so much the aesthetic but its health reason.

Everybody knows what  obesity can lead to.

What I worry is if I am so very fat and heavy I will give problems not only to myself but also to the people around me.

  • they have to give me more space anywhere everywhere
  • they have to slow their pace while waiting for me
  • they will get wet when sharing umbrella with me
  • they have to adjust the drivers seat after I borrowed their car because I may have sunk the seat
and so on and so forth.

Wait for me. . .
And  more important points . . .

Who is going to lift me up should I fall

Can anyone move me from the bed to the bath room should I fall ill or turning me or rotate me to sponge me  . . . what a scary thought.

When ill I might need to be diagnosed and the x-rays too will find it hard to penetrate me ha ha

So lets exercise while we still can.

This morning here's what I did
  • stretching in the water 
  • abduction and adduction of limbs while floating on the back and breathing deeply but slowly
  • then jump and walk a bit 
  • push from the wall swim the breast stroke with slow exaggerate movement of hands and legs
  • freestyle slow with exaggerated stroke
  • then swim proper for may be 20 to 30 mins of alternating the breast stroke, free style and back stroke paying attention to proper breathing and stroke rhythm 
  • taper off with back stroke slow and easy
  • do a few times - hold the breath diving under water as far as can go and surface to take a deep breath 
The aquatic exercise is enjoyable and refreshing. Imagine yourself as a young girl gracefully doing the rhythmic swimming  ha ha.

If our slow swimming cannot so much burn the calories it is good enough at toning the muscles. It can make our stiff body a little flexible.

So with the regular exercise let us hope we don't turn obese and our body a little supple so we can at least bend to cut our own toe nails easily.

Even if your body is supple don't dream to bend like them  . . .

Beware don't end up with a broken back . . .

Be active and stay healthy

Bye. . .

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