Sunday, 10 April 2016

Fishing Or Birding. . . Or?

Hi everyone

Doing any positive recreational  activities to fill our time is always good.

For us the seniors extra hard and vigorous workout of course is not advisable, our hearts cannot cope and our bone might break..ha ah.

Golf is good if you are rich enough to pay the fees. It is more interesting to walk, walk and and take a swing at the ball rather than just monotonously walk and walk and walk and do nothing.

We also cannot involve ourselves in games that we used to play in schools, those ball games like net ball basketball softball and all.  Past our time.

Badminton is ok only if you can get access to the facilities. But believe me usually in  public halls they are full of youngsters you need to have your own boomers group. You need to join a family club which has badminton courts.

Tennis is a game which you can play into the senior years. If you have actively played it before and has stopped for sometime you can make a come back. Get a friend or better still a coach to bring back shine to your game. I think you are always welcomed because  lady players are becoming extinct at least here. .  . To play tennis you have got to start when you were younger. I started at early thirties with some friends. We stick together and carry on until now.

Whatever we plan to do we need other people's support to achieve it.

To do it alone is impossible. Badminton and tennis you need a sparring partner. Oh you can opt to exercise in the gym. But not so much fun. May be you don't like the noise . . .and hmm the smell.

If all seem to be so difficult then gardening is the answer. Even a very small plot like our terrace house compound will make us sweat. Do it in the morning or in the evening if you are scared of the sun. You may find yourself so absorbed and dragged on for hours. In that case protect exposure to the ultra violet by using stylish gardening hats.

Good coverage ensure protection to your skin....wear anyway you like...

Lighter and more comfortable
and very cheap at RM 4.90

Don't forget the gloves and the shoes. Oh everybody knows that you say. I know everybody knows. Its fun to repeat. . .  like our grandma did.

How about fishing. Women like fishing too. We can do it. But here people will comment if they see you alone like this

The strong sun the salt and the sea may damage and worsen your matured complexion...
we still care. . .yes we do

And so it is better to leave fishing to the men. Persuade your spouse. Let him get hooked on fishing. . . for fish!

Good for him to lull away his time. Besides he may bring back some of his catch. Usually they will let go the fish back into the water but not when the fish is big.

On second thought would you bother to mess with a fish as big as this?

Neighbour caught a big fish...

In my community some superstitious anglers stopped their activity when their wife conceived the belief is that the child will be born with a cleft palate. Imagine that.

I prefer birding to fishing. As a very casual birder ( hah can I call myself a birder?) I have only the camera and perhaps binoculars around my neck. Compared to fishing, beside the fishing rod line hook and sinker you have to think about the baits which include worms and leeches... yuck.

Birding for me is a relaxed activity. So far I have "captured" only a few birds which I rarely see around my area. I hope they show up again because the photos I have of them are not of good quality.

"...why do birds
suddenly appear..."
Hope to see you again

They came together to bask

Do come again...

And this. . . which has a noticeable crest on the head, how I wish it stayed longer. . .

Well sorry for my ramblings . . .

Bye for now. . .

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