Thursday, 7 April 2016

#Iora Has A Black Bill


As we grow older we have less friends. We said it before here. Don't know whether people agree or not.

Also as time passes we tend to find it hard to recognize people who at one time we might know very well.

Sometimes you recognize the face but you forget the name.

We seldom meet so its out of sight out of mind.

Our bodily functions slow down. The  brain  atrophies and so our memory.....hey we are not ninety yet what atrophy what senile are you talking about...that's my friend's reaction to my thinking aloud.

Ha... haa....

You tend to ignore people because you are afraid you would be smiling to a wrong person. So another friend lost ah.. ha.

But really sometimes this forgetfulness can be  embarrassing.

Like it happened to me some months back. You see I attended a function where everyone had to dress in the theme style. Everybody looked like everybody else in the same style of dressing. That got me confused. I shook hands and said good bye to the same person more than once at parting time and that brought about the teasing and snickering remarks. Hummph...

Who's who ...

The truth is we change.

After retired some of us become couch potatoes. One bad habit is stuffing  ourselves with the chips and the keropok  and all sorts of snacks because we have so much time and it is so nice to pass away the hours this way.

Getting up and going for exercise becomes a chore.

No wonder we grow fat and  flabby and look sickly.

And for the ladies we can notice this change in  attitude. Just because we don't go out much we tend to neglect sprucing up ourselves. We don't bother anything at all anymore. Some of us behave as if we already give up all things that we like before. Why ladies.... the world out there is for you ...just look at these ladies here 

Some friends you cannot recognize because they have changed in the way they dress. I hardly recognize a longtime friend when meeting her for the first time after she retired. I used to see her in uniform.

But sometimes it is something very sad, illness has made a person unrecognizable. A situation which all are very afraid of.

What can we do fate is not in our hands. But determination is. It is crucial to up our efforts to stay healthy by practicing good habits. Hobbies and other beneficial interests could give us a sense purpose and make us feel useful, fulfilled and happy.

And remain recognizable albeit the wrinkles.

twirl... twirl ...

We know who you are...

In bird watching too we can have a problem to identify for example the oriole from the iora.

Both sport the same colors yellow and black and they are sometimes together. I thought one is adult and the smaller one juvenile.

On keener observation I noticed their bills are of different colors one is pink and the other dark and that prompted me to do some reading...

One has pink beak the other has a dark beak

Attracting somebody

Here comes...why be so proud...
They look alike but of different kind?

Now on a different tree

Right over me.

From a distance

Second show on the branch under which the photographer was hiding.

Happy reading...


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