Tuesday, 12 April 2016

After The Night Rain

Hi again

Good morning

Blue orchid. . .  blue is for loyalty

The rain last night is a good sign that the dry spell is ending.

What a relief .

Not that I have acres and acres of crop that make me so concerned. A patch of grass in the small garden is no less important. Of course my reaction was not so dramatic as to rush outside holding out my arms to the sky to welcome the rain when the thunderstorm started.

Instead I pulled up and curled under the blanket and overslept. The sound of the rain was so soothing.

Have water sprayed over you on a hot dreary day

This morning the ground was wet. The excess rain water was still dripping from the leaves. Some birds were singing,  darting between the branches enjoying the wet foliage. But  the hawk's " tweeeek tweek" from the tall tree was missing. Only the usual nature orchestra from the common birds.

Mmmm sweet smelling bunga kemuning so fresh dancing in the breeze causing motion unsharpness to the image

About to wilt in the heat but freshen up in the morning after the night rain

This orchid plant beats the hot and dry weather to flower for the first time
I notice usually the bird will come out after the rain. So I expect the birds would come out to warm themselves on their favorite tree. There were none except for this kingfisher perched on its favorite spot. May be the sun was not up yet.

White breasted kingfisher on a breezy morning

The workmen have arrived. Today they would be dismantling the gate. And to paint the ceiling. The new porch they are building is not yet completed. Perhaps it will take another week.

I feel pity for them. Through out the construction they work under the hot sun. They are not young I guess they are over fifty. They are good and very experienced and disciplined.

Today the weather would be kind to them.

Back to bird watching.

I very much hope for the coloured pigeon to appear. Instead only a dove.


Forever grooming itself
The spotted dove

And one here, the peaceful dove

Three is crowd...

The shrike ?

Mmm nothing much. Then just as I was about to give up I sighted some colors. Out of no where they appeared.

A couple of colorful birds

Please turn to confirm your identity

Blue-throated bee-eater

Enjoying the fresh cool air of the morning after last night 's rain

Let the rain come
To wash away the the dryness
To awaken n rid off dullness
To arouse the feeling of goodness
And to put smiles on faces. . .

Always smile. . .

Bye. . .

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