Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Nothing Fishy

Hi friends

I prefer fish to meat ( beef, mutton or chicken).

Protein from fish is considered a better choice, it is supposed to be more healthy. My preference is not because of that. My liking and habit have ingrained in me since very young depending on what mother fed me. Anyway at that time how could I know fish protein was good. Even my late mother wouldn't know. She had us eat fish daily because she herself was a fish lover. Her grandfather and clans were fishermen. But weren't our descendants sea people living by the coasts? That must be it.

Most time through out my life my diet is more fish than meat. Big fish or small fish doesn't matter. The more bony the fish the more I like it. The terubok and the parang both have lots of bones some people don't like them. I find that the more bones the fish has the sweeter is the flesh. May be it is nature's way to protect the species, so that we can't and don't gobble it fast to extinction.

Nowadays fish sold in the market is expensive. Even the humble kembung. The kurau, tenggiri, senangin and even bawal are not everyday food anymore unless you are a deep pocketed person.

And the fish, they are also not very fresh. Sometimes they look okey in the market but by the time you reach home all become lembek.

Is there some fishy thing going on?

You feel cheated. You feel like throwing the whole fish into the longkang.

Sometimes the fish brought back from the market can spark a row in the house. But then how to get a gasping fish in the market nowadays. Just ignore okey , to preserve the harmony. Have ikan bilis instead for a change.

Living in the coastal area we should be able to get easy supply of fresh fish argued a visitor. Yes may be. You can get them in the many restaurants . . . . you got to pay a hefty price to savour them.

Or like my friend, her spouse likes sea fishing and has a boat for the purpose. She gets fresh fish most time. But of course there are problems too. Is it easy to prepare the so many fish in one go or to do the packing and labeling for freezing which can take time. And if she is wanted to tag along and be out at the sea ?  I think she would prefer to play tennis haha.

When I first retired I suggested that instead of having a car why not we have a boat. We could go fishing and have good fish everyday. But then I got to choose if I were to visit my family and kins in the kampung would I be willing to sail north through the Straits of Malacca . . . or walk the length of the North South highway. The sarcasm stopped the suggestion there.

And when I mention about my preference for fish it is the salt water fish. The fresh water ones of course you can get quite easily. The ones cultured and reared, some not all, have strong fish smell. You take it if there is no other choice. They are not cheap either.

In my childhood days we could get the fresh water fish, the type swimming wild in the river or in the sawah bendang. Don't think you still can get them as in the old days. What I hear is most rivers are polluted and padi farmers now use fertilizers which I think are not fish friendly. We don't want contaminated fish.

Or is it better for us to become vegetarian. At this point in time I am not prepared to be one. So it is chicken beef or mutton if I have no fish. Easier still egg is the solution. Whatever we are eating more and more of these meats. Is this one of the reasons for the high cholesterol in my blood?

And then we have to go through the process of stuffing ourselves with supplements to lower the cholesterol numbers again. Also it is not so easy to swallow those big pills which can have fishy aftertaste that possibly cause you to vomit especially if taken at the wrong time, I mean when you forget to take at meal time and later remember to take it when the tummy is empty.

So it looks like if we are to get the good nourishment of fish oil we need to take it in the form of pills since we don't have enough fish in out diet, right? I definitely want to have fish rather than swallowing  the pills.

I long for the old days in my old village when a fairly sized terubok cost only a ringgit. Or at the time when I first  moved to my present locality a fat and a super fresh ikan parang which was nearly four feet long cost only about forty ringgit.

Perhaps now fish is really scarce . But you can still try your luck  . . .

Three in the pail none in the net

So there my friends a fishy story for you to ponder.

Bye till next post.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Get a Second Wind

Its Saturday again but its going to be a quiet one for me. There was no news about the girls coming over though the one week school holiday for the Deepavali has started. Perhaps their parents have no off days or may be they have some other plans. My own girl has her tennis coaching this weekend. And I am not able to enjoy sporting activities with the cronies due to the unwellness.

Few days back malaise swept over me for no apparent reason. It later turned out to be a cold/flu. The virus is always there in the air, I think, ready to pounce on you. You get caught whenever your body resistance is low. When I think back, that was it. I carelessly allowed my body to get chilled after the last Saturday's trial zumba session at the club.

Never let the body get chilled after exercise.

When feeling down like this it gets me thinking of things I miss and should be doing when in the best of wellness and health. But most time we, sorry,  I, blame the weather.

A few posts back I wrote an entry on my side garden. Yes it is messy and has long been neglected. I just keep thinking of an overhaul but never get to do it, well it is, the rain!

Many thoughts are running through the my head in time of inactivity.

The potted plants are to be rearranged, loosen and top up the soil. The plants are all hungry for fertilizer. Don't know when was the last time they were fed. Can't do much to the trees and the bigger plants. Perhaps call somebody to trim and cut off some branches. When will I get it done?

Aha why not I start planting vegetables and more herbs. If I start now I can harvest in three months time and save some marketing money. A retiree need to be prudent. Money is hard to come by and things are getting expensive. Everybody is now whining at the high cost of whatever, not just me.

If I am hard working and clever enough to maximize the use of the compound area I could have free vegetables through out my meals. But then .  . .

The trees we planted are not giving any returns. I wonder when those gaharu trees will give me money hehe. At least enough to pay for my tennis shoes, swim wear or sports bag. Now I have five trees but one is half dead being under attack by the termites.

The five trees are experimental ones, already maybe five years(?) old and they are taller than a two-story house. How much taller will it grow I wonder. We bought about a hundred more gaharu saplings and had them planted on our land in the kampung and  then we dreamed of bundles of notes coming our way hahaha.

The mulberry trees are for birds though I also like a share. Tried making my own jam with the fruits but it was not very successful. It looks like I cannot save on the jam money in fact now I have to pay more for my favorite jam. Now I lessen my jam intake. Don't call me cheapskate. I now strictly watch my diet ok!

I must talk again about the cempaka. The second generation trees. They are yet to flower. If they do it must be abundant because now I have two trees. I should be able to sell it to the man selling scented flowers by the road side. Do I sound like a pokai? If you don't know, pokai means broke.

The dukong tree is occupying extensive air space. Once I talked to cutting  it down when in that very same year soon it fruit a lot. The tree is spared till today. I think I must threaten it again to induce it to fruit. But today my throat is sore, I lost my voice, can't talk much to wake the tree up hmm.

The belimbing tree has been here for so many years already. When its time, and quite often, its fruit come in abundance. But it has limited use. Even the birds shun them, may be too sour. I use some for masak lemak but the rest will drop to the ground and be squished away. However I have tried making it into sandwich filling and I assure you it is nice. The recipe is in my past entry Some Like It Hot. Try it.

The lime plants are quite straggly. I must take note, spruce it when I get well.

I put kafir lime leaves along the window frames to shoo away the house lizards. I see less lizards now but I really don't think it's because of the lime leaves. I have decluttered my house, thrown off lots of useless stuffs. That may be the reason but the lime leaves give fresh aroma to my store and kitchen. So why not continue with the practice of putting the limau purut leaves on the window frames.

The best ever and so useful is the karveppilai but it is always being attacked by the small-waisted slimy black gnat which I really don't know what's the name. The whole bunch of leaves will become crinkled and will look burnt. Time and time again the top of the tree got to be chopped off to let new branches and leaves to grow . I have to get some ashes to sprinkle over the lower branches with the new leaves before it get attacked again.

Looks like I got a lot of work to do . . . yes I will do but wait till I get my second wind . . .

Meantime browse the flowers . . .

Sit back and listen to this song from the youtube .

Monday, 9 October 2017

Way to Happiness

Hi Everyone

I have just finished reading a blog article here about ways and how to make yourself happy, satisfied and feel contented with your life.

Not that I am desperately finding a way to happiness that I had to read that article to guide me but then it was worth reading simply because it was there for me to read. And the article mostly concur with the way I think about the state of being happy but I do not totally agree on the ways to seeking happiness it proposes.

I find it can be amusing to add arguments to the idea, agreeing and countering what is put forward by the writer. If I were to have friends here with me surely we would have a lively and humorous discussion that will have us in stitches, knowing there are some jokers among us, and babble away to no end.  Since I don't have anybody to chat and to laugh with so I just quietly write.

The article says some people need considerable material possessions and the presence of other individuals to make them happy which is wrong, though for each person happiness and contentment is subjective.

By right, it says, the power or the will to seek happiness is within oneself and many people overlook that fact. If you know the way you don't need to have much money or need others to help make yourself happy.

The article then goes on to share five ways to finding happiness.

The first is it suggests you to allocate more time to yourself. In short it says in the past you might be bogged down by work and you are also so worried about the future which makes you feel that you have missed on something in life. Try doing what you have never done before like watching the movie alone in an empty cinema (what a weird  person), which can bring forth the feel-good factor in you.

I agree, but not sitting alone in the cinema he he. Experience something out of the ordinary, like joining a fun run, can make your day.

Secondly according to the article is to talk good and praise yourself.

Not to the extent of glorifying yourself, I hope.

It says praise yourself every morning, think about your pluses and also some minus to gauge your self-worth. That way you can improve your self esteem and hence become  more cheerful.

Hey hey hey no. You may terlajak thinking that you are so good and clever and terus become delusional, be very careful . . .

I think the author means that you shouldn't be like a peacock if you are not. Peacock has beautiful feathers so it doesn't matter for it to strut around to show off and be proud and feel good about itself.

I think he means you be honest with yourself just like the kingfisher below, if she feels the blue is beautiful, though  not as beautiful as the peacock's why not spread the wings out and feel good about it too.

The third way is to pamper yourself.  It suggests that you dress up and be smart and polished even though you are not going anywhere or attending any function. Do not be stingy to have yourself pampered at the salon.

Do the dressing up and apply make up everyday so that it can become a habit and you will feel nice about yourself as now you have good image at all times.

Ahh all dressed up and nowhere to go ?. . . What a disappointment.

And for the housewife when all dressed up they are happy to sit pretty only. Why spoil the make up and the nice dress toiling in the kitchen. Pay the amah to do the cleaning and washing up in the kitchen. The husband may not be happy ha ha.

And when the men are smartly dressed up and look handsome . . . your guess is as good as mine. Of course he feels happy getting all the attention . . . ahem.

The article says dressing for yourself ok.

Well back to the article.

The fourth way is give yourself a treat. Eat out at your favorite eatery. When your tummy is happy you are happy too, it says.

I think everyone will agree with this one. The only drawback is that when you are happy you tend to forget the amount of food that goes into your stomach . . . and when it is over you may not feel happy after all . . .

The fifth and the last recommendation given to make you feel happy is that you go on a holiday no matter where the destination. Take a few days be away so that you can be relaxed, mind and body. Do not think that you need many days and a big budget to have a holiday . A short  holiday at  nearby places will save you from spending much and of course from the hassles and haste of travelling far.
Travel far if you have the budget and if you think it can make you happy . . .

(Experienced traveler can identify the famous places pictured below)

But small budget cause less headache and you remain happy longer, right? So consider the the advice in the article that you can opt to go to nearby places for your holiday.

If you insist on going to the first world country you can see happy people but you might not be the happy ones . . . this I say . . .

Go around take pictures and be happy
Feel happy gazing at the moon, just go KLCC at night.
Reading lighthearted material itself can make you happy. But real happiness takes more than that . And whose wise words are these? Shakespeare's ?

"I always feel happy
You know why?
Because I don't expect
anything from anyone!
Expectations always hurt.
Life is short . . .
Be happy . . .
And keep smiling . . .
That's life . . .
Feel it, Live it, Love it and
Enjoy it !"

Cheers . . .

Bye . . .

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

A Tree In The Sea

I am a tree at the water edge
My roots hold tight to the cobbled beach
The trunk pushes high with spreading foliage
Which sway and rhyme with the gentle breeze

In solitude here I stay
A stopover for birds in the day
To take a breather and have their say
Then off they go flocking away 

I am a tree and here I grow 
I stand in the way of the water flow
With gentle ripples and the surface shine
Holding onto memories in your mind

The wind blowing
The waves roaring
As the tide is rising
And part of me submerging
In hiding

I am a tree in the sea
When tide is low you will see all of me.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Speaking To Dear Cempaka

Hi everyone

The condition of plants in your garden reflects the kind of care you give them. Sometimes despite the good care the plants still don't grow well . People say to help them thrive you need to talk to them. It is said that since voice is sound it has vibrations. It has effects on the plants.

Have you tried (?) hehe.

I used to laugh at the idea of talking to plants. I don't know whether or not the belief has been proven true. What I know is you got to give what it takes to make them healthy, enough water, sunshine and suitable soil and fertilizer.

We have our own reasons for gardening. Me? I have thoughts of having a garden with healthy flowering  plants, for colors, freshness and scents. Also of course the trees and shrubs can give shade, filter out the dust and noise and to a certain extent protect your privacy.

The interest in gardening can come and go depending on your circle of friends, time and trend or what really you want to fill your life with. To have plants around you can be pleasing, calming and therapeutic.

At one time I had fifty to sixty pots of orchid plants. That was many years ago when I closely befriended an orchid enthusiast who owned quite a big plot of orchid garden. He was actually my  super super duper senior colleague.

Following him to his garden and watching him and his wife harvesting the orchids for cut flowers to be sold at the local market inspired me to have my own collection. But then if you cannot give full attention to care for the plants you can only have pots of orchid leaves. No flowers. My interest soon waned .

If you see the plants in my garden now . . . hmm. . . they are quite pathetic especially in time of less rain and long hot season.

It sure reflects on my haphazard gardening practices. Sometimes I have no time or forget to water or to move the plants to shady place or to sunnier spot accordingly or to loosen up the soil. To be exact, yes, I, most time neglect them.

I give them fertilizer only once in a blue moon but some of the plants and trees thrive on their own and some which looked half dead would revive when the rain comes again. So not to worry. Some patiently give me flowers through out the year though  the plants look pitiful.

See? It must be the good earth . . .

My small compound is crammed with decorative or not so decorative plants and trees. Most are the unfussy type. Once the root system is established they are on their own hehe. They need minimal care. That is why I call these plants unfussy.

Trees? The four gaharus, the mulberry, belimbing besi, dukong and the "twins", they are the cempaka, plus smaller kaffir lime, calamansi, and the over grown and spreading five finger palms, occupy most of the ground. And the keladi and passion fruit plants creeping over the trees make my garden look like a little jungle.

About the cempaka twins. They are off springs, joint at the base which actually is the stump of the mother tree.

The twin cempaka trees in the  centre have grown tall
Originally I bought the cempaka sapling believing that it was of the smaller/dwarf variety. I planted it in a big pot and it was supposed to flower within two to three years. I wanted a scented garden you see. But it was not to be. The plant overgrew the pot and was yellowing due to water logged.

How to fix it? I hammered  the pot. Ganas!

The plant survived. Over the years it grew bigger and taller but still there was no sign of flower.

I did not give a thought of talking it to flower at the time. Instead I took a chopper, made cuts and scores on the trunk. Then I sprayed fertilizer over the cuts. I also spread a full packet of fertilizer around the tree. Then, hope.

Actually the spouse had for a long time wanted to fell it because the cempaka  had become too big and was inclined towards the house. He was overly concerned of the danger it posed whenever there was strong wind. I was definitely against it. You see I wanted a scented garden. So never touch that tree.

Believe me or not the the cempaka flowered at long last. And there it materialized , my scented garden. Beautiful.

Come to think of it, was it because of what I did or was it because the cempaka tree understood my inner feeling. But my common sense tells me that the tree had attained the maturity and was high time for it to flower. It was in fact, not the smaller/dwarf species. It was the giant type.

Sad. The tree had to go and here are some memories . . .

The mother tree 
The scented flower from mother tree

Fruits of the cempaka when fully ripe dispersed little red seeds

Conspicuous yellow
There were a number of new plants sprouting from the stump but I cut them off except the two. And these two have grown very tall now but they are smaller in their circumference compared to the mother tree at this stage.

Surprisingly the spouse is not so concerned anymore the possibility of trees falling over the house. The gaharu trees are now taller and bigger than the the old cempaka tree. He has not mentioned about cutting down the trees.

So my twin cempaka, grow in peace. Bring back the sweet scents to my garden.

I hope the twins are aware of my thoughts. Do you want me to talk to you dear cempaka?

Happy gardening.

Bye . . .

Saturday, 23 September 2017

The Quiet Saturday

Hello friends

For most people Saturday is a busy happy day. It is a day in the weekend when meetings, family get- together and organizing games and recreations take place and not to mention the Saturday night parties and  good time for the socialites.

In my working era I most welcome the Saturdays. A day that I could be away from the madhouse. The weekend was therefore a relief giving me a chance to focus on my home and family. Being low salaried I could not have go-travel-holiday Saturdays like those rich people. Apart from clearing the backlog of the household chores most of my time would be spent playing with my two children.

Once upon a time . . .
Now I need not worry, the pressure of work is already a thing of the past. Though I have all days to myself I still wait for Saturdays to come.

If I plan to visit my already grown up children, that will be on a Saturday. If I my children were to visit me I know they will arrive here on the 6th day of the week.

Then there is the wedding invitations . . .  ah again, on  Saturdays.

Our tennis monthly tournament is on the first Saturday of each month.

And the coming up fun run they are organizing also falls on a Saturday night.

Also on  Saturday too friends come to visit.

Once a Saturday . . .
This week our weekend start early. The children came home on Friday an extra work free day due to the Awal Muharram which is a public holiday. The hive of activities started on Friday night and I planned to take one of the girls for a swim on Saturday morning, i.e this morning as she demanded requested it.

But today, Saturday, the morning was gloomy with intermittent rain. It is difficult to make decision to go or not to go while here was a girl so eager to show me the proof that the swimming attire that I bought for her was well worth it, that she is real and serious about swimming.

While she was in the mood I better not disappoint her. We swam cautiously under the gloomy sky and light rain. But soon there was a sound of thunder in the distance. We had to stop. Anyway she was able to prove to me with  that few short laps.

(On the way home I kept thinking about my early girlhood days. I used to follow my mother and sometimes my grandma to pick kangkung di sawah bendang )

The lovable gerombolan  left after lunch. They have to go back early because of an invitation to a Saturday night function.

 Its quiet now. A quiet Saturday afternoon.

Unusually quiet oriole - no calls

Contacted a friend for tennis. Its Saturday, the weekend children are back, sorry . . .

The tennis court is quiet today, no one is playing there. There is an away friendly game, a return game in the city. Every one wants the opportunity to play in some posh club. Others may have their own arrangements.

It is such a happening day, you know. What else can there be.

What a slowish internet I am having now . . . arrrggghhh . . .

Stay cool . . .

Bye . . .

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Morning Walk

Hi again

In a day or two I got to pack. Am going home.

I don't really have to do much packing. I am going to leave most of my clothing here. The next time when I have to come I would just bring myself . . . and only those gadgets which I can't do without for my hobby activities. And of course some cooked food that can last me for few days.

I also must do some washing and cleaning and clearing up before leaving. The beds, the seats and sofa have got to be draped over with cloth to prevent dust from settling on them. Dust will settle all over the place You will notice that when you enter the house again weeks or months later. Powdery black soot would stick to the soles of your feet as you walk in. That is how polluted the air has become.

But before doing all that cleaning I want to go for a morning walk where I can revisit the lake birds first.

Hmmm  . . .  overcast sky again this morning . . .  it was still alright to go out for a walk around the neighborhood and the nearby housing area which is next to the lake where the birds live. The day would clear up later. I was optimistic.

I like the houses there. Big and spacious. Built for the rich.  I don't have a million to own one. So I just admire them.

Some houses face the lake. Trees with sweet smelling flowers line both sides of the path which separate the houses from the lake front. Shady and cool.

The view from the house must be awesome. Serene and calm with birds and trees mirrored in the water.

It is a beautiful setting except may be for some who are superstitious as the creature below can be a spoiler.

Very quiet morning indeed. Very few people walk this path.

 Are they not appreciative of the nature here? May be they have better things to do. Perhaps when they grow older and have to race against time do they realize and yearn  for serenity such as this.

White lotus
Weeping willows with drooping leaves. Are they sad . . .?
As mentioned earlier my coming to this place was to revisit the birds. Yes there were birds but their number has dwindled I think. Just one or two here and there. You know they were much less because there were not much sound coming from the trees and undergrowth on the small island.

Why . . .

I think there is not much food they can find there. The water has become dirty and polluted and there would be less fish breeding there. So the birds must have gone to settle some where else - exactly like we humans attracted to greener pastures . . .

A bird here
And a bird there
A few here lamenting over their fate
I hope the the authorities will pay more attention to this place. It should be maintained and preserved and reverse it to its pristine condition.

I finished my morning walk as the day remained gloomy.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Be In Control

Hi everyone.

So here I am spending a week away from home though I can also call this place right where I am now, a home too.

I came here last weekend and after seeing to some family commitments I decided to stay on hoping to break away from the everyday routine. But then what difference can there be because living means you got to do the same things to maintain life, eat sleep eat.

Of course if you are staying alone you are free to do things and not be dictated by obligations to others such as that for lunch together you have to have rice and curry or masak lemak. In this situation now I can have cakes for lunch why not or just a boiled egg for dinner. For breakfast I can just steam a few florets of broccoli.

That makes everything fast and easy. No fuss what so ever.

Then I am free to spend time as much as I like on blogging  but the irony is that the more time I have the more empty the head is. Its been three days now but I have not composed a single entry. Hope to finish this one fast.

Well staying in the house spending time watching tv drama ( I never do that back at home) is so much sedentary and a waste of precious time.

To go and hike at the parks and hill nearby this area I think I am too old for that.

That left me with walking and dancing exercise. It can be boring if you are not in the mood. And I am away from tennis court too for this whole week.

I thought of going to the swimming pool which is some kilo meters away from where I am staying. I need to drive there myself but this place is quite unfamiliar to me. No I don't have waze or if there's any road pointing apps and devices I don't know how to use them. I am old  and old fashioned and not up to date with the technology.

But going there I must. I want to swim in that big pool so that I can burn off some of the fats from food that I have indulged in these few days. At times you cannot keep up to your diet program when you happen to pass by certain food outlet selling the familiar finger licking good fried chicken. The temptation is too great. After refraining for so long the chicken tasted really good. Alas it is loaded with so much calories.

Excuse me. . . I am preparing to go now , when I come back I will tell you whether or not I can find my way there. If I find my way there can I find my way back hahaha. Bye for a while.


Hahaha I am back. I managed to reach there quite easily but I have to grope for my way back. It has been  a long time that I didn't drive in big towns or cities so I feel intimidated by the heavy traffic and feel lost in the labyrinth of the city routes.  Am I such a country bumpkin . . .

I get jittery when driving on unfamiliar route. Usually I will look up the route map first but still I tend to swerve the wrong way at the Y and the fork junctions. And when the wrong lane is taken there is no simple way like a u-turn.You got to go down and under and sometimes through tunnel to be on the correct route again. If you have an important appointment it can give you cold sweats.

When you become a grandma  people think you are incapable of driving around yourself though they are still confident with your cooking. I like to be self reliant like driving myself where ever I want to go.

And of course I love driving on the highway . . . it makes you feel young . . . hmm.

Now most of the time I only become the passenger or the navigator in the sense that I got to squeeze my eyes to read the road signs when required or sometimes got to help point the smart tag at toll plazas.

Or else I sit dumb and enjoy the beautiful scenery if the weather is fine. If its raining don't be worried just try to shut off.

I need to drive more often not only on the road of my rural home town but in big towns and cities and on highways so that I can get back my confidence in driving.

My week-long stay here would give me the opportunity to drive around in the city. Why would I be wary of losing my way. Just drive ahead. Just take any turn, climb confidently at the ramp. Just don't drive backwards . . .

Get back that confidence. Be self reliant. Don't let myself be categorized  . . . "Ah women drivers . . ."

Be in control, drive your own life.

Bye . . .

Friday, 8 September 2017

Of Old Trees And Dead Wood

Hello everyone

Please no I am not talking bad about people, I mean if you look at the title you might think I am on to belittle some people. But it is real that some people are being called dead wood for a reason.

I remember in my old working days very senior non performing unproductive staffs were quietly called dead wood by unhappy and annoyed co workers.

Those sly few were highly paid but they seemed not to contribute proportionately. They were only counting their days to retirement. At critical time they were not of much help. They remained cool and aloof even if the sky were to fall. They just stood there like a dead wood and looked on with no heart to help . They cunningly escaped doing difficult task by pushing it to more junior staffs. They were burdensome to colleagues and management.

Hope I was not included in that category hehe.

As I said those kind were few. In fact some  senior staffs were like old/matured trees giving shade to whoever happened to be under them. Some were so good and guiding that they seemed like having mentor mentee relationship, this helped a lot when the newly appointed was not quite independent yet. Managing and working together with such colleagues you don't feel so much the heat of the high - pressure working condition.

Anyway those were the days. Its just that sometimes when you are alone you tend to have flashbacks. Or sometimes when you see certain objects like dead wood it spurs you to think about its other meaning. Wandering mind can make you look at things far and beyond.

Are dead wood useful?

In the old days dead wood were used as firewood, as if you don't know.

Dead wood if they are not rotten can be crafted into artwork or mementos. On my many walks along the beach I find many dead wood drifted to the shore. They are of different forms and shapes and I think  it can be turned into interesting craft pieces. Alas I am not good at craft work. Otherwise I could set up a stall selling souvenir to you.

Some trees although already dead still stand tall. Birds like such bare trees especially in the morning after the night rain when they want exposure to the sun. This is good for you the bird watcher . No foliage to block your view.

Birds like bare dead tree
Old trees soon becomes dead wood.

Skin Bark - rough n wrinkled

Trees, they can live for so many years. Those who planted them have long gone. It is common to hear people say you plant the tree but other people will eat the fruits.

Amazed by their gigantic size, the strong roots,the massive trunks and the huge canopy we want to let the trees be there to cool us to protect us from the heat and not forgetting the oxygen they supply. And you wonder why would anyone want to fell it, the big tree.

Old big tree gives shade

Some trees look ok from the outside but see the stump below. Dangerous if not cut down in time.

The tree that gave shade to our tennis court was felled recently

The rot inside
This tree which was chopped down was our favorite. Because it was there we could start our game early. It protected us from the strong evening sun. It reduced the glare so that we could play in comfort. We love the trees around the tennis courts. We did not realize the danger posed by that big old tree. Are they going to replant?

No worries there are so many other trees around. We still have shade such as from another big tree like this where birds like to perch.

Shadow play . . .

Old trees and dead wood, meant literally, are there in nature for a purpose.

Till next entry, bye . . .