Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Hello again friends

Life in retirement can mean you may have many quiet days. Life has become slow and static. It can be the dullest part of one's life. You fear change. You fear to tread out after a long time of being used to staying home.

Life may be like a sleep, you are oblivious to the surrounding. That bad? Well try ask some retirees or just watch their life.

You try to break the monotony by going out for games where you meet the regulars, the like minded people.

You go out, you play, then you go home, sometimes without even a little chit chatting. Its like a routine though you might enjoy the hours.

It can be boring doing the same thing day in and day out, but, it makes you feel safe from the unexpected and you prefer to remain like that and not try to take any chances. People say it's a mediocre situation. Of course nobody wants to live without excitement by choice.

So far nobody tell me that I am mediocre person right to my face.

Do talk nicely to me!

May be I am. Having hobbies may not prevent you from feeling and acting dull.

Friends sometimes urge me to join them for the away games organised by our club. Ah that will involve travelling outstation, I am afraid that will disrupt my daily chores  as I am tied to giving priority to home. Not that I am not interested as they assumed.

In fact I have become interested in joining organised sports activities like the night run which took place at some sixty kilometers away. When I have registered and promised others that I would be there running with them I cannot back off like a coward. That indirectly forced me to move on and leave home feeling free.

Sometimes I force myself to get out of my hermit like life and join friends for morning tea or something. I can't help thinking that's a waste of time, not that I am not interested. I even have the idea of having a durian feast by the roadside.

Sigh . . . you feel lost as to what really the kind of life you want to live. At the end of it all you remain to staying home and do nothing.

I don't mind relatives and friends coming over to my house and being busy cooking and entertaining them. I don't mind spending money and time for them occasionally. I don't worry at times my house turns topsy turvy by their cucu and cicit. I can put the house back in order at my own sweet time. No rushing. No hurry. Life is slow, see?

Three weeks ago there was a meet up of  a few old friends, college mates, former course mates to be exact. I was quite reluctant to go because I had to drive out of the district but they insisted chiding that it was unbecoming of me not to attend since I was the nearest while the others were travelling far from the four corners of the peninsula. For old times sake . . . I joined them not to be so obviously anti social.

Having attended the evening high tea I accept the fact that if you make the effort to reach out to people you would feel the difference even though it may just be temporary.

We met . We chatted. Though we parted ways many years ago surprisingly the closeness was still there. You know you still have friends.

Life is not that dull after all. I felt refreshed.

That day we forgot all about the high bp or diabetes or  cholesterol levels.

The host busy with her signature dish - the mee mamak special

Bubur semolina with ghee, raisin and cashew nut inside

Talking and laughing and feeling young again . . .

Hurriedly made symbolic cake for old times sake
Cake cutting to celebrate our small reunion

It was havoc and there were only six of us. How would it be if there were more. We were quite ambitious to  trace other old friends and have a reunion somewhere in the future.

A reunion?

Hope you enjoy reading.

Till next entry  . . . bye.


  1. Was that a reunion, the high tea? Sometimes the one thing that we need for good relationship is the one thing we are reluctant to do, the meet up.

    Mesti gelak sakan kan kan?

    1. Sometimes the thing that we are reluctant about is the one that brings joy and happiness.

      We gelak and also cry and blaming time for making us antiques.

  2. First time tgk bubur semonela. Memang menyelerakan bikandah berkumpul mcm ni kan