Thursday, 28 May 2020



This year the Raya is very quiet. My first day was spent at home and most of the time alone. Though travel within states is allowed I did not follow hubby back to kampung which is about 60 kilometers away. Preferred to stay home and munch my homemade rempeyek hehe. Very crunchy, best in the world hah. (Actually half of the lot ended in the waste bin . . . shhh)

Really it is very different from the Raya of the past years. No family meetup except virtually. We had a zoom meeting among family, those living far and near. There was not only joy and laughter but also a tinge of sadness.  Raya makes you feel nostalgic sometimes.

On the second day, it was the same, no one came to visit, anyway, Raya visiting was not allowed anymore, I think. Hubby has started his Puasa Enam so in the morning I awoke early to reheat food for his sahur. Well just press the microwave to on . . .

Anyway, it is nice to start the day early . . . at around 630am I started exercising. Just do some light exercise. The body has been in idle mode for so long . . . 

I exercise in the front yard and after getting warmed up I ventured out to the outside to walk up and down the slope nearby a few times. I bluff if I say that is a no sweat. Hah . . . yes, a little breathless. 

Ah, why not go for a seaside walk. I stopped going to the beach since the start of the MCO. I miss the sea air, miss the sea view. If lucky I will see some eagles flying or some other birds among the tangled mangrove roots. Today the birds seemed to come out here in my home vicinity and I presumed there would be more at the seaside.

A few minute's drive I reached my destination. As I happily swung to turn my foot automatically pressed on the brake. The entrance was taped. I drove on to another spot, the road down to the beach was also blocked. Little I realized that all the favorite beach spots are sealed up although the MCO has been relaxed.

Though the restriction movement is not as strict as during the earlier phase of lockdown and you are not 100 percent forcefully housebound you are still not really free to go or to park yourself where you like. And it is said that the end of this pandemic is nowhere near, so how?

Never mind, I just walk and do bird watching at home.

Got it!

This bird must have lost its way and got separated from the flock. It came here a few times at the same time of the day. Its sound is quite loud and sharp.

It looks like a water/marine bird, I am not sure. It landed just a short while here and then flew off towards the sea.

See you, next entry . . . bye.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Raya Is Coming


Yes, Raya is coming in just a few days. I don't do much preparation because no one is coming home since there is still the movement restriction between states. So children and cucus won't be here but it is ok there is always the next Raya. 

No going out for Raya shopping. In a way it is good I can save but then what is the money for. Just read this morning, people are encouraged to spend, don't be afraid to spend said the minister, it's good for the country's economy. I don't have much anyway.

The COVID 19 pandemic has made everything go slow including dampening our mood for Raya shopping.

No baju Raya this year. But also none for last year's, for me, don't really matter. It is once a year buying for hubby actually. No new baju melayu this time. The Omar Ali baju melayu which daughter bought in the past years they are still good. Anyway, his Raya prayer this year will just be at home. Suppose he is not going to dress up hehe.

There will be no takbir group coming on the eve because the gathering of people is not allowed. Yes, can, but only 20? It was usually a full house. How do I select who can come and who cannot. No need to fuss, I skip it this year. Less hassle for me as the woman of the kitchen. At heart, I miss the kelam kabut situation, though.

Since no takbir, there will be no children coming over. So no need to put money ready in beautiful envelopes meant for the children who would follow their fathers here. Anyway for own cucus bank transfer has been executed.

No Raya baking. Who is going to consume all the cakes and cookies? Perhaps I just make one or two or maybe make simple rendang to eat with bread for Raya breakfast. Really a simple and modest way to celebrate.

Usually, there will be hype as the big day is approaching but I don't sense it yet. Maybe because I am living here where everything goes a little slower unlike in the big city. Or maybe because I have not left the house since the beginning of the lockdown that I don't know what's going on outside my sphere.

But you know a Whatapps video I received yesterday jump-started my Raya mood. Heard the joget Raya and seeing people earnestly tidying up their place to usher in the auspicious day makes me want to do the same. The spirit of Raya is coming to shine.

The girls doing their operation raya

Today, happily I baked some cookies. Then made rempeyek, a savory snack that I have never made before. Since it is my first time it is far from the desired result. I fixed it by putting the lot in the oven. Hah, it is better. I just tasted it during the fasting break.

Taste better than its look

Homemade rempeyek , what a name :))

Though MCO is just partial I prefer not to go out. I will have a quiet Raya at home, no open house, no visiting no nothing, better not to risk the safety of own self and others.

Bye till next entry . . .

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Just Relax Don't Rush


Though the MCO has been relaxed I have not gone out yet for obvious reason, I am in that vulnerable category. If the C 19 happens to catch and cling on me my system may never be able to shake it off. This virus is so good at infecting, see all those spikes . . . 

I also don't have any other good reason. Swimming is still not allowed. Tennis, playing doubles is not encouraged. Anyway, it will be awkward to be distancing your partner and at times when excited you sure will yell and blow your breath droplets far . . .

It's better to stay back do some housekeeping or gardening or whatever . . .

This morning it rained so I could not go out to tend to my plants or tidy up the place. I usually like doing work outside than inside the house though there is much to do like vacuuming and putting things back in their respective place. I am actually not a very organized person . . .

I have got someone to come once a week to help me to do house cleaning but because of the restricted movement control, I could not get her service for many weeks already. Heh don't say I don't clean, I do but always get interrupted by sheer boredom or sometimes by that urge to play music on the keyboard that still holds my interest.

The Hari Raya is still many days more to come. I know it will be different this year, no real celebration, but still, as usual, we need to do a spring cleaning of the house. I have started with the back part of the house, the part which I tend to neglect. A lot of that black and white lizard droppings at the windowsill though I don't see many house lizards crawling around, wonder where they hide.

All this house cleaning reminds me of a time long ago, the time when I was a little girl living in the village. I still remember well when the celebration time was approaching we usually had many uninvited visitors. You know why? It was that rich clump of bamboo growing like a jungle in the front compound.  Many people came for those bamboos, some took even without our permission. 

Those days we didn't really give extra attention to housekeeping because maybe we had other priorities but for the once a year big day, it was a must that the house be given a spring cleaning. Those bamboos came in handy to sweep off all the cobwebs and get rid of devils and demons . . . 

Today, of course, we don't need bamboos as we have all types of cleaning aids and vacuums and all sorts of appliances making house cleaning simple and easy . . . yet . . .

Well. I have a lot more area to cover, just done the two rooms downstairs. Plan to continue doing upstairs but I think . . .  err . . .  will leave it for later. The rain just stopped . . . the air is so nice fresh and cool . . . I prefer to be out in the open . . .

Birds and monkeys too would appear after the rain

That's my entry today. Nothing much, just a little chat.  

Till next entry, take care.