Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Blood-red And Beautiful

Hi friends,

The hot weather is tapering off. Yesterday was cooler as there was a quick shower in the afternoon. It was nice to go for a walking workout. The evening was dull and there was no color in the evening sky if not for the setting sun. I didn't give a miss to that big red ball. I took some pictures. I focussed and zoom at the sun only. Otherwise, I cannot get the red color as in the real.

The blood-red sun of yesterday reminded me of a time past when my two children were still in the primary school age. I quite often took my children out at a time when everybody else was rushing home.

On days when we had tennis practice, we would wait until late to see the sun "drop" itself into the sea on the horizon. The old tennis court was just next to the beach.

The sunset scene is not the same every day. Sometimes you see the sun a crisp circular glow with brilliant colors in the sky. Sometimes you see the sun as a red ball set against a dull sky. However is the situation, it's always beautiful and inspiring.

Let's zoom in

Below is the scene much earlier.

Ok, hope you like those pictures.

Till next entry, bye . . .


  1. Oh, I do love them all! So perfectly captured! Beautiful introduction too! Thanks!

  2. I seldom get to see setting sun like this.
    Glad that you like the pictures.

  3. Nice piccas.. ambil gambar guna kamera APA tu mmg cantik

  4. Subhanallah cantik.
    Rare gambar ni thanks for sharing ya

    1. Memang cantik, Mrs A. Biasa tengok matahari betul betul di permukaan/line horizon. Tapi yang ini dia tinggi sikit.

  5. Replies
    1. It appears like that wken the atmosphere around it is dull i notice.