Thursday, 25 February 2016

Have Time For Mr #Koel

Hello and welcome again,

In the beginning I took up a hobby because it is the usual thing people do. Just for a diversion from the routine. Later on it became addictive. I am always looking forward to go for tennis or swim and if it rains it makes me go restless.

Of course I have other form of hobbies which I can do come rain or shine. I can do line dancing. Now I do not have a group anymore but I continue to do it alone at home. I do not want to forget the many many line dance steps that I have painstakingly learnt. It is a very enjoyable way to sweat.

I like to bake and decorate cakes. Since so far nobody has ever wanted me to decorate their cake for celebrating their important occasions that shows how good I am ha ha ...

You see I still offer my service.....and volunteer....

I have done cake like this

Its bulging here and there
and far from perfect they accepted it anyway so as not to kill my enthusiasm..

I consider cooking a hobby if its not done under duress. If so do quickly and be done with.

Here is something which we can do fast and quick yet nutritious

Put everything inside - rib pieces, big potato pieces, bundled roughly ground spices, chopped onions garlic and ginger (under the heap), salt.

Add water to cover the content close and set time

Done in 30 minutes.
Skim off the oily surface will make it more healthy

Now we have time for bird watching....


I like it here...

Cool and nice place

I can perch and stay longer

By the way you know me???

Me...Mr #Koel

I don't mind to make time to watch them and take their photographs.

Though the images are not very sharp to demonstrate the gloss and sheen and beauty of the bird I think we still can enjoy looking at them.

So long...bye..

Take Photos

Hi everyone

When very young I was fascinated by photography.

How not to be…one day your friend was standing by the riverbank many days later you can still see her standing there but this time on that glossy paper. A real ulu (country bumpkin) was I.

We used cheap box camera belonging to my brother to go round taking pictures. For me it wasn't cheap ...The films and then the printing cost eat away all my pocket money. I still have some pictures in my album. Old picture like this...

Early 60s the Krian river

Later on we had better camera and we got better pictures

1981..Sungai Juru
All these children have become successful individuals

When I landed with a job and had to go for a course only then I understood about the device, this optical thingy. Of course time has changed and everything has become so easy. Easy as users and operators not as builders if you know what I mean.

I feel we are lucky that we don't need to use films anymore otherwise most would go to waste. How not to waste if I keep producing films like this..

On a windy day...

As they say old habits die hard so I still go pointing and clicking at whatever I consider of artistry.

I still can see good when others may think it as disaster. Or you can say I am such an ignorant person who does not know anything about photography.

But those amazing pics in the birders blog really humbled me. All the technicalities are put to use. Their pictures tell me what real photography is. Their photographic gear must cost them thousands.

Emm I must be serious and learn more…and now I can hear voices saying dah la tu… me the stubborn young at heart will say why not…seek knowledge to your last day. I hope there will come a time when I can add classy photos to my post.

These photos are works of someone tring hard to be a photographer  . . .

Hail to a new day

Birds... where have they gone

Here I am

Here I am

Don't know what to do

Good to let it out...

...or be with the flock ...

#Bulbul says they are interesting don't they??

Happiness day to all...


Saturday, 20 February 2016

Celebrating the Morning with White #Pigeon


Waking up in the morning sometimes you feel your body aching all over.

You did not have a good sleep may be.

Or yesterday you over exercised.

Take away all the laziness aching and boredom that you may have.

Of course we reach for a morning coffee first.

Some people go for morning stroll.

I will choose to go for a swim.

Lets swim

Also a birding site for me

After the swim take a stroll at the surrounding area enjoy the morning forget for a while whatever chores waiting ...

Don't know what is that the gardener said it belongs to the squirrels

The #oriole coming out to say hello..

The #kingfisher
relaxing oblivious to the camera woman

Then take a walk to the beach

Morning glory greeting early birds

Pokok penaga flowering to lend cheer

#Pigeons were also celebrating the morning ..together

Two wanted to be together

One wanted to break away

To be away from it all..

 Another entry with another story...soon.


Friday, 19 February 2016

Birding And Tennis I Like Both

Hi everyone

Yesterday.. again happily went  for tennis

It was a hot day. All the courts were exposed except one which was a little shaded by the trees.

Players would be clamoring for that court.

We were there first so our foursome had the advantage.

It is the case of the early bird catches the worm.

A little bit about me and my tennis kakis..nearly are all retirees …well…we are old!!

We have been playing tennis for decades and are still enjoying the game just the way we did when we were young. We can still be emotional. We still can get pissed off at wrong line calls which make us slap back the ball to the opponent with vengeance on the next return. 

Some tease a volley right to the body..

Some are very clever to execute nasty slices making the opponent scramble for the ball even though they know the opponent is having a bad knee.

Some are good at sending high spinning lob to the back making short player like me hitting the air and getting a sore muscle in the arm.

Camouflage your craftiness by raising your hands and say sorry. Huhh…

After all winning is the name of the game.

Any bad feelings will be erased with handshakes and high fives when the game ended. Sometime we don't even to that...ha ha

Whatever it is I really enjoy tennis the one game sport that I think is the best compared to others that I have ever been involved in.

Tennis is the game where you need concentration. In big games like the grand slams we can see that the players are very easily annoyed at any distraction. They react even to a spectator’s whistle. Of course I watch all this on the television. I cannot afford to travel to watch them first-hand live.

For us the club players we don’t care so much about outside distraction. Our own laughs, giggles and screams during exciting moments can even drown the sound of the aeroplane flying above

The sound is deafening
But I am more interested if I see this hovering above.

There making a show

The eagle they must be back.

Today after my morning swim in the pool I went out to the beach.

I waited for some time. I saw crows running  flying from tree to tree hurdled together in groups.
Sure enough they are giving signal that a predator is lurking nearby.

I could see there was an #eagle hovering and gliding . It came but too far for my camera. I could not get any picture.

Waited for it to come nearer but it later disappeared.

Anyway here are some old pictures of  #eagles the Brahminy Kite as pointed out by Tabib in my previous post Watching The Birds.

On the look out


Seeing something?

Go !

The eagle has come back
Will be back with more bird stories...


Thursday, 18 February 2016

Birds And Flowers

Hello again

A garden is dynamic.

Sometimes the garden will look fresh and green and cheerfully spotted by colorful flowers.

Trees bearing fruits will be visited by squirrels and birds. At night there might be bats and others. In my in - law’s kampung wild boars would also come.

Flowers which attract bees butterfly and birds will not be there for long. They wither.

During long hot spells some plants become lifeless. And water rationing may be on...hmm

Come rain they wake up happily becoming very fresh.

Too much rain they droop and stoop.

Some plants will die. New ones will replace.

That is nature. It is designed as such.

In your heart you wish the garden to always be green and flowers always in bloom and birds would be singing.

In reality you cannot have everything every time.

Oh why be so melancholy …

Take photos when the plants and flowers are in their prime. Capture them when it matters most. Store them in the memory of your computer….click open when you feel dull it may help to brighten up your day.

Faithfully cheering up the place

Planted a long time ago now flowers frequently

Orchid flowers only once a year

Cempaka . . . a history in my garden

Overwhelmed by leaves

Pure white untouched by birds

Monkey will see this destroyed
Birds like these flowers

Flowers that matter to birds

Anyway birds like trees to rest and  hide under its canopy .

Fruits are anytime better than flowers . Do they care about flowers.

The mulberries their favourite

Belimbing buluh? No TQ

A bird knows no boundaries their wings can take them anywhere . . .
#Oriole on my neighbour's rambutan tree
There's a place for everyone under the sun

And there's enough of everything...for you and for me..and for them...

Crossing tails

Why then be crossed...

Have a marvelous day.