Monday, 15 February 2016

Some Like It Hot

Hi everyone

A friend advised me to plant more trees in my garden. The fruits and flowers will attract the birds plus the leaves and branches can house the nests the more shaggy the garden the better.

I think she is quite correct.

Shaggy and overgrown. That's a real garden. Natural.

A place like this can impress birdsAdd caption
Reality is my garden requires regular tending to discourage snakes.

Thats a snake slithering through the fence
It cannot accommodate anymore plants due to its small size.

A tree too tall has got to be chopped off like what happened to the cempaka . 

The five gaharu trees have grown tall. Birds like to perch and play hopping among the branches.

There is a dukong tree which does not produce fruits even in season. The roots are about to encroach the foundation area of the house. When we thought of felling it the tree started to flower and gave us fruits like these. So keep it.

After being threatened to chop off it start bearing fruits
Apart from these trees there are also limau kasturi and limau purut shrubs.

I suppose birds don't like them

Leaves of limau purut used in recipes for its characteristic flavour
The passion fruit plant grows quite well but fruits are lost to monkeys and squirrels.

Destroyed by squirrels

 The mulberry trees are fast growing and have to be trimmed from time to time.

The fruits are well liked by the birds
Bulbul likes berries

Oriole also come for berries
If there is one type of fruit that the birds don't like then this is the one.
As sour as can be
I have never seen even a single bird come to peck.

The abundant fruits shall not go to waste though its sour.
  1. It can be sun dried and made as an ingredient in acar.
  2. It can be a substitution for tamarind.
  3. It can be cooked to make sandwich filling
and many more if you care to find out..

I make sandwich filling with this belimbing buluh.

Here's how...

(Ignore the two packaging behind , for props only..)
Clockwise belimbing, soaked dried shrimps,onions, palm sugar n salt, chili paste, ginger garlic paste.

Then process

Then fry

. . .until dry

. . .and season to taste..

Cool. Keep in fridge, let mellow on the day.The next day spread on bread slices. Nyum.

Make sandwiches with this and ta pau for your bird outing.

If you like it hot put more chili.

Some like it hotter

Be cool and enjoy reading...


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