Thursday, 25 February 2016

Take Photos

Hi everyone

When very young I was fascinated by photography.

How not to be…one day your friend was standing by the riverbank many days later you can still see her standing there but this time on that glossy paper. A real ulu (country bumpkin) was I.

We used cheap box camera belonging to my brother to go round taking pictures. For me it wasn't cheap ...The films and then the printing cost eat away all my pocket money. I still have some pictures in my album. Old picture like this...

Early 60s the Krian river

Later on we had better camera and we got better pictures

1981..Sungai Juru
All these children have become successful individuals

When I landed with a job and had to go for a course only then I understood about the device, this optical thingy. Of course time has changed and everything has become so easy. Easy as users and operators not as builders if you know what I mean.

I feel we are lucky that we don't need to use films anymore otherwise most would go to waste. How not to waste if I keep producing films like this..

On a windy day...

As they say old habits die hard so I still go pointing and clicking at whatever I consider of artistry.

I still can see good when others may think it as disaster. Or you can say I am such an ignorant person who does not know anything about photography.

But those amazing pics in the birders blog really humbled me. All the technicalities are put to use. Their pictures tell me what real photography is. Their photographic gear must cost them thousands.

Emm I must be serious and learn more…and now I can hear voices saying dah la tu… me the stubborn young at heart will say why not…seek knowledge to your last day. I hope there will come a time when I can add classy photos to my post.

These photos are works of someone tring hard to be a photographer  . . .

Hail to a new day

Birds... where have they gone

Here I am

Here I am

Don't know what to do

Good to let it out...

...or be with the flock ...

#Bulbul says they are interesting don't they??

Happiness day to all...


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