Wednesday, 10 February 2016

#Barbet In My Picture File

 Hello again

On some days you feel blue.

I don’t mean feeling blue like the young people do.

Like most people in the situation as I am will most probably have the same experience .

Your life can be so hectic on some days that make you talk to yourself about how unfair everybody is to you. You think all your life your service is always for others. You make yourself treat others well ever  so willingly. You care . Cook for them. Serve them. Clean for them. Wash for them. Just for them …them…them..

You? No one is doing things for you. No one will serve you breakfast.

Only when you eat at the gerai
Even the gerai also have self- service. Ha… haaaa….

O why am I rambling and babbling away…..

May be just a little tired..hmm
May be because I tend to overdo things…

Actually I love my family very much.

I like days when all in the family gather. There is cheer in the air the house is so alive with jokes and laughter and friendly grumblings and happy shrieking.

And when the party is over.. ..that’s  the feeling…that's what I mean..

Empty nest

To fill up this void let’s click at the file picture……..

This bird whose picture I managed to capture some time back I consider it rare.

Never seen before or may be it has been around but I don’t take notice of it.
But really that was the first time. 

I was attracted by its hoot hoot sound… a little bit gloomy..

A lonely figure

On dead nangka tree

Found out the name is Barbet.


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