Thursday, 4 February 2016

Little #Heron Basking


It was two years ago a few days before Hari Raya.

All were busy cooking and baking and spring - cleaning . The rituals before ushering the big day.

Actually celebration is not really a big deal to me. After having been living for decades it has become ordinary.

Of course as the heart of the family it is mandatory for me to see that things are done and prepared lest the cheer of the day will be mired.

But please do excuse me if in the midst of doing things I have to take leave …

I would not miss that. The spring-cleaning and all that can wait.

The unexpected guest. . . how can I miss this..

Perched posteriorly on the dead tree...something rare to be seen around here ..... a pleasant surprise.
This dead wood was a Nangka tree. It was healthy with lush green leaves and bearing many fruits before.Unfortunately the fruits were mostly bad and those that ripen did not taste good. Only the young fruits were useful for cooking masak lemak a favorite dish to accompany white rice.

The tree was in the no man’s land (just outside my fence). How the leaves became suddenly yellow and started dropping I cannot explain. Or was it termite.

And so what was left were the dead trunk and branches . Now in the year 2016 the tree has become history. Thick shrubs and undergrowth take its place.

Nothing interesting is it about this tree. But to me it has some significance. And may be to the birds too.

It became a favourite port of call I should say for the birds. Many birds on their daily commute stopped to perch on this tree. And it sort of spurred my liking for them.
The grooming starts
So flexible

All fluffed up

And now so relaxed

View from right side

Ready to go...


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