Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My Name Is #Koel. I Am Female !!

Hi again

The best part of the day is in the morning. I always feel good. I don't mind anybody not wishing me a good morning though...

After a good night sleep you will be all charged up fresh and ready to go...oh really?

Mmmmm... I would go out and take a leisurely walk about the front yard of my house.

Enjoy the cool air and the light breeze .

Listen to the birds sound but be quick enough to hit the mosquito if they try to dive onto your skin.

Do some stretching.....

And a little bit of tai chi..for warming up

Usually I will continue my exercise with some dance routine if I don't feel like going for a swim. I would plug in some rumba cha cha or mambo music into my ears and ho there I go. I can go on and on and....its good exercise...but sometimes there is distraction....

Ho ho what are you...

Look like a reptile

Spots and Stripes

Red eye

I like mulberries

My place and no one else's

Mine my place
I am female

My name is koel



  1. Beautiful, especially the last one. May I know what camera you are using?