Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Birding My Way


Bird watching is a great hobby but then it can be expensive if you are really serious about it. You need to have all the relevant equipment . Also you need to go places. How can you get to sight and photograph all those rare and exotic birds if you are just doing it only in your backyard.

Recreational activity is supposed to take away the stress but if it takes so much of your time and effort then you could become more stressed. It will be self-defeating.

As for me well I am doing it around my compound and sometimes in places I would normally go to anyway. If I happen to meet up with the birds I consider myself lucky. And if I can capture a good picture of the bird I would be more than happy. That's what birding is for me.

Nearby places I frequent…  

From this end to the other to and fro you can jog or just walk

Stop when you see a bird.

This place is where I captured the heron with the fanned out wings featured in my previous post

Peek through to see if there's any water birds...none..

Birds do not always appear

Mean while enjoy the sand..

Sometimes when they suddenly appear you are not prepared


Occasionally we balik kampung..

Only doves come out ..others must be in the forest behind...

And now around my garden...

Once I saw a green snake here

This is what I mean, see my garden is so unkept
In the process of tidying it up


I hang the cage with some water inside... no bird go in for the water even on a hot dry day...
I don't mean to catch it but just to extend some kindness to them..

Once I had this tall cempaka tree with flowers and fruits that can attract birds

Chopped off ...against my wish

Being taken away...

Missed the sweet smelling flowers..

Missed the fruits..

Leaving me sad and angry..

Will be back ....with a happier story..

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