Thursday, 7 January 2016

A Bird In The Focus is Worth More Than The Many Outside.

Hello again

I always wonder when would a person stop imagining. I use the word imagining because I feel a little shy to use the words day dream. Yeah being old and still day dreaming? Why not.

The longer a person lives the more are the unattainable and insatiable needs wants and desires. So he or she will day dream. Right? Of what you can’t be or do or have you just dream.

Imagine you can fly like a bird. The best you can do is to swim a butterfly stroke like the world champs do when they are competing .. that is if you can. Just watch the them racing. That's for children.

For us the the older ones there's more meaning to flying (of course not sitting on a plane ha ha) Watch the eagles fly and you will know what I mean.

The flying bird is the epitome of freedom and liberty. That’s how I see it.

Back to reality.

I find it very difficult and near impossible to take a picture of a flying bird. I marvel at the ability of those photographers who can produce perfect picture of a bird  just as  it is taking off. 

People like me will just hope for a moment of chance.  Should I buy a real  good camera with the the long lenses…too expensive… not for the not so serious me.  I don't really know how to fiddle with the camera the shutter speed and whatnot.

Here comes….


Lo and behold !

This beauty strayed gracefully into my focus!!

Just for a moment and then it was gone..

I was so happy when I got this. Do share my happiness.

Bye ..will be back soon.

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