Friday, 8 January 2016

#Kingfisher On My New Year Eve....

Since we are just a week into the new year I think it is not too late for today’s entry to feature my notes about my new year eve.

I wrote..

This is that time of the year. Today is the last day of this year. The eve of a new year. Whatever the day my life would mostly always is the same.

I am not affected by increasing age. I am not negative. My very pessimistic neighbour used to ask …. you still doing this..doing that…my answer… I am still in the swim of things….

I had an early breakfast the usual cup of Nescafe and a slice of buttered white bread. What else…

Today’s routine –morning, swim.

Checked all the swimming essentials..yes.

Not to forget, the camera.

It’s a 5- minute drive. The club pool is not that big. It has only 5 lanes so if 3 swimmers are already inside I would prefer to wait. Some swimmers like to slap hard on the water, their legs kick so strongly to propel themselves like motor boats. They create ripples, waves . I don’t like that. Let them finish then I will go in to do my 15 laps. Today only two swimmers were in there and one, the man whom I nicknamed the Olympic man was already floating on his back relaxing and cooling off, he had finished his laps.

What a nice feeling to be in the water. I achieved  my 15 laps..mix.. front crawl and breast stroke also the back stroke. I can do the butterfly but being at this age I think it would not do justice to my back. 

Felt so good and fresh after the swim.

The morning sun, the light breeze and falling leaves and out there the rippling sea - a beautiful picture, a happy ambience.

At the car park I could hear and see the birds,

Took some photos ...

Here we meet again 
The pictures are blurred because they were taken through the windscreen. ….

I came out from the car to get a clearer view. But they were gone.

Oh there ....

The partner was on a different  branch, they were playing chasing each other

How very nice if I could be there longer and be free to see and stare and feel what’s around and not be bothered by other things that can clutter my thoughts.

As usual….

At 5 went to the tennis court, expecting some hard core tennis friends would also be there early (at 5 pm we consider early because most are scared of the sun) . I waited but  no one came. No one around except one club worker doing some chores . O o o… the club will close at six.  There would be a party tonight. New year party. It happens every year and i still don't know?

The quietness of the court ground  evoked some kind of nostalgic feeling ...and I have always been thinking that I am not affected by the coming of the new year ....its just another day ...but I am not. Hmmm  are my tennis friends going for the party tonight ? Good for them to be able to be merry and to enjoy despite their age. Mingling among  friends amidst  a  little  music  singing and dancing while waiting for the countdown.

Me? No no no .

Born into a culture of too many don’ts I got to accept this mundane life. 

Would you?

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