Sunday, 3 January 2016

Watching the birds

Hello world!

I smiled to myself when I typed those two words.

At last I have come to this decision to start a blog.

I have been in retirement for almost ten years and have not fulfilled promises I made to myself to do things which I longed to do but had no time nor energy when I was busy working. I wanted to write. I wanted to draw . These two things I aspire to do since young. But but but I was thrown into a different enviroment working hard like a horse (cow?) non-stop. Since money was quite good I never attempt to switch. Anyway what choice do I have with just little education.

Retirement can be a lonely time. How to fight the boredom. 

People make  suggestion ....go travelling...   how long the money can last? Mind you the retirement fund can only last for 3 years so said the finance people.

Another popular suggestion ..go learn more religion...go deeper...huh I don't want to be befuddled...

So I do things I like.

I try bird watching. Lets share a few photos

When I got this one I was very excited. Showed it to Mr husband but :(

So to bring more interest I try to make the picture more spectacular like this below

This last picture too did not get much attention but I myself like it very much.I put it on my computer screen on my phone my i pad my i pod.....

I took these photos about two years ago.

Now the nest is no more there .There is a construction going on in the area. Thankfully the tree is still standing there.

To those who stumble upon my blog dear readers I hope you will like these photos.

More to come ...stay tuned....