Friday, 23 July 2021

Have You Been Vaccinated?

That question did put me at ill at ease then. 

Not anymore . Because I had my complete dose already.

I was not so keen earlier on but after deep thinking plus after the urgings surrounding me I came to my senses. 

Not that I am anti vaccine or anything like that, its just that the thought of not wanting to disturb my body system. Scared that  while well and healthy some foreign things injected in may cause havoc inside there.

I know I am quite wrong in thinking like that but after reading about the newly developed Covid vaccines its positive and nagatives of course being sceptical is just natural. Its a layman understading . .

On the lighter side, no I know not the needle that I am afraid of.

Of course its not something like this hehehe

(Injection on gaharu tree)

(This is to trigger the production of more agarwood)


But I got vaccinated anyway. 

I think I do good to myself , my family and to my country which aim to achieve herd immunity soon possible. 

After the vaccine you step out with confidence

Monday, 12 July 2021

Gardening Makes Me Happy

Though the prolonged MCO is making me feel lethargic by the day, I cannot allow my mood to slide. That can make my time go to waste.  I try to be productive. I spend a lot of time in doing up my garden albeit doing work at snail speed.

Tried a makeover for the garden but I don't have a proper plan. Haah whatever for, the area is just small . . . just aim to make it look big ๐Ÿ˜Š

Now my garden look more spacious.

I have pushed the plants and flower pots to the side and let the centre be occupied by grass. Its quite a hard work removing the plants which have rooted quite deep into the ground. Some how I could do without anybody's help.

See this big pot. It houses a tall hibiscus, the roots dig through into the ground. I managed to move it ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช. 

The grass is growing quite fast but there are still some bare spots. I have put more garden soil over the area hoping the grass will spread there in search of nutrients. Hope the whole centre area will turn green like a carpet. No, its not carpet grass. It is just the humble cow grass but they look nice when properly trim and stay short.

Of course I don't cut them with scisors. I have bought a grass cutter like this. No battery, no electricity. No need maintenace. So convenient. Good enough for my small lawn. Now the grass has no chance to grow high. Can't wait to cut them. Good exercise you know pushing that thing.

I like the changes I made but I thought better if I could replace some of the flower pots. Some bought from ancient time you can imagine how they look. But then I can't do it now . The nursary where I used to get my garden supplies is closed due to the MCO. Look like I have to scrub them. Theres plenty of time to even scrub the flower pots . . .

At times my work will be interupted by the little creatures. Sometimes you are not aware, nearly come to touching ๐Ÿ˜ฎthem but the catterpillar won't give a hoot to my squeal it will just continue chomping the young green leaves . . . who cares . . .

The other day someone sold me 2 sacks of garden soil mixed with cowdung and a sack of cocoa peat. I have repotted some plants using this soil and they are happily growing now. Hope they maintain the healthy growth.  

The grass is getting thicker and so green. Must be that cowdung . . .

Nice little lawn I have now. Little Adli can play here when he balik kampung. 

Wonder when will they open the state border. . . how long more this crisis will last. Will it take many more months . . . or years . . .

Hope not when it is over and they finally free us  the little lawn would be too small for Adli to romp around. Children grow fast., don't they.

Happy gardening. 

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Filling Time And Wandering Mind

The other day a friend called with no particular purpose but to just chat over nothing of importance. As with most people the phone chats help to fill time especially in this time of restricted movement due to the Corona virus.

Already so many weeks forced to stay home and she is getting fatigue over it. Anyway she thanked me for making her buy an electronic keyboard and learning to play music. That helps save her from being insane over inactivity.

Another friend also expressed how she has become tepu. Tepu  . . .ha ha its not about the saturated cooking oil .of course. Just can't take it anymore she said about this continuous stay at home order.

I read in the news there's anger, there's despair, there's fault finding among the raayat. I have sympathy for those who really are badly affected. We the ordinaries can't do much to change things. Stay calm find something to do to fill the time to keep us stay sane.

Me? Still ok sustaining living my quiet life. My home garden occupies most of my time.

It may just be a small one but it is good enough a place for me to sit around if staying indoor makes me feels tepu . . . I can go out and get to enjoy the soothing breeze here.

You see, though not big it has space for a few big and tall trees. So its shady and cool. 

Lucky that I like gardening and during the MCO as I don't have other hobby to distract I spend more time here.  Everyday watering the plants or raking away the leaves that never stop falling. So the plants thrive and the ground quite tidy.

I like to have a laissez faire kind of garden so I let the plants grow as they please. Some have overgrown their pots. The kesidang has grown so well that it has climbed up to the top of the tall gaharu tree.

Recently it delighted me with clusters and clusters of flowers blooming and releasing sweet fragrance. When the wind blows the air is charged with the sweet smell.

I appreciate this little pleasure, yes.



Happy blogging.