Saturday, 5 September 2020

The Feel Is Festive


I like the locality where I stay. It is easy to move around and everything is within reach in no time at all, unlike in the big city where I've stayed before moving around was a hassle if you drive. Even if you take the public transport it was always a rush.

Here, though you have less choice, only  the bus, the taxi or the taxi sapu but the lone bus service is quite regular plying the routes. Anyway I like to drive myself because due to thin traffic going place to place to do things is a breeze.

In those days when I was still working I could come home to have lunch and then go back to work for the afternoon session on time. After office I got home in time to watch my favorite TV programme, the interesting South American drama series which I never wanted to miss.

Then after that, a five-minute drive to the tennis court. Life was so uncomplicated in small town. How I loved it then. It was like living in a village. In fact my big town friends used to call me orang kampung.

Lately this place is not as quiet as when I first moved here. Now moving around can be a hassle especially on weekend. Some of my tennis friends avoid playing on Saturdays. Why because driving to the club has become a nightmare as their threshold for traffic snarls is understandably low. 

The big jam has moved on to our roads!

Since the Covid thing brings with it many restrictions to travel to many holiday destinations people find it less of a hassle to come here, a place reasonably just as nice. What more with the fire-sale hotel rates being offered.

Yes the roads, the beaches, the eateries have surely become crowded . . . but somehow I like it. The feel is festive.