Saturday, 21 November 2020

I Love Listening To Old Song


The rainy season has started. It rains almost every day now, especially in the afternoon. 

Water, water everywhere. The week before when we wanted rain the rain never came. You know why? There was a water supply disruption here for 4 days (!) straight. That's why we waited for the rain then. Now the rain sometimes comes as if it is running out from a pressure washer.

No outdoor activity in the afternoon. Just last week we wasted time to linger outside the tennis court first because the sun was too hot for us to start playing. Now we cannot play at all.

Also too hot for us to take a dip at the sea last week. When the sun was a little soft we thought the rising water was rough and we lingered on the sand until the water ebbed and got bitten by the sand flies.

As the saying goes make hay while the sunshine or is there any other saying more applicable? Of course, missing a game or missing the fun of swimming is not a big matter.

As people say make the best of what you have. Since I have much free time, good to browse past pictures while listening to the old song . . .

Till next entry

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

My Beautiful Cattleya


I have a small collection of cattleya orchids in my home garden. Planted them many years ago. Some have overgrown the pots. And so when that happens I would break the original pots and separate the plants and repot them. And after a long span of time, I forget which plant would have what color bloom . . . if ever they will bloom. 

Actually, some of the original plants never even bear flowers. If ever they do the blooms are usually purple and I can't really be proud of them because they are usually small unhealthy unimpressive though the plant itself is healthy with strong roots and thick green leaves. 

That's my fault I think because I don't pay much heed to the importance of proper care which these plants demand.

Would I not be delighted by the beauty of this! 


As I am not very good at gardening I don't expect my plant to have a flower as big as this. 


 It has a nice fragrance too

 Yaa . . . only one perfect flower in that big pot.

The other one is spastic with the lip missing.  This flower opened first and I thought the flower would be only of one color.



At bud stage both looked the same, about the same size. 


Hope other cattleyas in my collection would feel jealous and start producing beautiful flowers :))

Happy gardening.

Friday, 6 November 2020



Floating on the surface

swaying with the waves

pulled by the flow

whichever way the wind blows

Pushed to the shore 

stuck in the sand

hails to endure

so is the scorching sun

 there shall remain

under the pelting rain

as the water swell will float again 

Rot and broken

not of any good

left and forgotten

Just a driftwood