Thursday, 15 June 2017

Eat Less Burn More

Hi friends

Time flies fast. Its already into the third week of Ramadhan.

Fasting is not a something hard to do for me in fact I like fasting. Not a burden at all. Apart from full filling and performing my religious duty I take this opportunity to try to diet hoping to reduce some weight ( think body fat and  cholesterol).

Eat less definitely and if we can burn more that will be good especially to people who are on the brink of obesity . . . mmm . . . just like me.

And this time so far my other half is not so gung ho about the buka puasa as the bazaar ramadhan nearby is lacklustre not really so full of tempting goodies as in the past years. Good ! I say . . . So its home cooked meals for us, we can control the sugar and salt and fats used in cooking right?

Aah but then I am the one doing the cooking . . .hmm 😩

Even last week when the children and all came over we did not have an elaborate and much more than enough full spread unlike in the past years when the table became too small to accommodate the many types of servings - home prepared and bought to cater for all the different needs and wants.

Everybody seemed to be quite health conscious nowadays eating less and choosing healthy food, no too sweet kueh etc and by fasting it can be done. When you fast its about curbing temptations right?

Think again, fat and cholesterol or being diabetics or just a 'pre'. One needs to exercise. I need to burn them, those fats thickening my blood and those clinging and disturbing my liver making it less efficient and those under my skin making me an ugly old woman.

When you fast your energy is running low as the hour is passing. Of course I stopped playing tennis in puasa month. That only leave me with swimming which I do in the morning and which makes me go sleepy mid morning.

How about cleaning house that involves climbing stairs and ladders? That need to be done, ah with those sparrows making a mess on my windows. That walking and climbing will give me some exercise.

Don't call it mad if you see a lone figure puffing and working out in the shadow of the mulberry tree in the night. Yes I need to achieve my 10000 steps though that won't burn much I know, I believe a little would still be better than nothing just think, being a couch potato glued to the tv expending nil energy unless you keep standing or moving and watching. I have to keep moving and keep the calories burning otherwise the money I spend at the wellness clinic will come to naught.

Standing uses energy
But last week for a few days the children were here and then after that I followed them to their  home. To be with the children I need not have to do a designated exercise. Being with them attending to their needs is already counted as exercise. Its happiness anyway, with all their antics. Only on some days in school holidays we are able to be together so I appreciate the togetherness and not minding missing my own exercise routine. Anyway laughing out loud until your body shakes helps to burn away some calories too . . . hah hah hah kah kah kah.

The girls are not moving much during the puasa days and being occupied by their home works and such. Though the older girls would want to help out in the kitchen I would rather not have them as they could fall asleep while standing! It happened once, really, lucky there was no accident. I prefer them to do their own thing like learning to write.

Learning to write Japanese alphabet
In between cooking and doing other household chores and minding the children I still would sneak to the outside when I hear the sound of birds .  A little running to the outside and standing there for sometime and watching and taking photographs of the birds still counts, it burns calories  . . .

By the way here's the bird . . .

Comel . . .

Hmm true, fighting the bulge is not an easy task, we keep 'spreading' despite all the efforts made. So we make the dress bigger and make the belt looser ha ha. But dear friends if we give up we will have health issues sooner or later.

Me, as I indicated earlier will always welcome Ramadhan. A time, a reminder for us to look inwards to purify and to cleanse in every sense of the word.

Happy Ramadhan.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Red Eyes

Hi everyone,

This is the time of year I like most. A special month in all its seriousness and discipline yet a time of celebration and joy with love ones. And me, am expecting all to come back this weekend to be together to celebrate and to contemplate in this auspicious month.

So I better get this entry, a short one though, be ready and published before my place be swarmed by the lovable gerombolan hehehe.

Selamat Bersahur  and good morning !


In the past week or so time was not so cheery unlike the weeks before that it was full of hurrahs.

The mood was dull (black?) and feelings low and swaying and the mind in the state of indecisiveness.

Aargghh . . .

The sea of red on the computer screen seemed a bother. It was in a way affecting me not as much in a big way but the overall mood was sinking, regretting with . . .why didn't I. . . I should have . . .

Its like a missing zero in a figure . . .

A short in a sum . . .

Its easier to say like this, you have a bird in the hand, but now it has flown away . . . 😞😞😞😞😞

Why would you be emotional if things are not so much affecting you. But its the waves of red that makes you gasp at every dip of the green as you watched until your eyes go red . . . and helplessly hoping  . . .

When it is red you see red. To whom is your anger directed? No one. Its normal, the indecisive mind.

Red Eye Starling
That's it  my short post . You can also read here about a related story ha ha.

Selamat Berpuasa .

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Pictures Have Unspoken Words In Them

Hi everyone,

I am still rattling about my train ride and taking you to browse some photos.

Can't help it. I keep looking at the photos which I took on the way back. Though memories have dimmed through the time the pictures help bring back happy times of the past . .  .

Besides the river, padi field was my play ground when I was small. Playing in the water trying to catch small fishes was fun. Picking the kangkung that grew in abundance and plucking cucumber grown on the batas was very enjoyable and a willing-to-do task when requested ordered. The very young cucumber, as small as the frankfurter was crunchy and kind of sweet and the longer you chew and let remained in the mouth the sweeter. We never knew about the sweetness of the colorful jelly beans which the children of today enjoy .

Of course, when you were small you were not really appreciative of the scenic view of the padi field. You took it for granted what there was before you. We just blended into the vast span of the green field, the blue sky and the voluminous clouds. And during harvesting time the simple sound of our padi stalk serunai went on a crescendo distinctively above the sound the rustle of the swaying padi leaves blown by the wind.

It is for someone from the outside of the time to look back and say ah that was beautiful . . .

Yes the romance of the kampung sawah scenery is something many want them to remain intact, undisturbed. A place where from time to time people would come to savour its beauty and quietness.

But if you ask me whether I want to be there again I would say no. It is so cool to view and take photographs from an air conditioned train but outside there, it must be scorching hot. With layers of clothing on, as most are today, you can't stand the heat . It was different then when young children of the sawah bendang only wore sleeveless T-shirt and cotton shorts  . . .never mind the sunburn.

Below are some snapshots of the city taken from the the balcony of an eatery, The Gravy, at Nu Central, where we took a rest on arrival. Of course, you see the concrete jungle in contrast to the above pictures. These pictures speak of noise and buzz. Sure, some who like quietness would be wondering why were they existing in its midst . . .

But you can still find serenity. Find a corner, sit in comfort, and quietly enjoy the skyline at dusk.  

A picture is worth a thousand words people say but if you are the photographer you have more on your mind . . . the unspoken words . . .

The first set of pictures above are in stark contrast to the set of the city pictures. Which one is synonymous with you? Or you, contemplating a change . . .

As for me I am happy to be where I am . . . 

Dear readers I hope you have enjoyed reading . . .

Will be back . . .

Monday, 15 May 2017

Put A Little Spice

Hello again friends

I am still thinking about the  savoury food  I had in Penang the other day. So hot and spicy and so satisfying, so special. I think the right word to use for it is authentic. Why their curry was so special it must be because of the spices they used. The taste was greatly enhanced due the unique combination of the different spices. That must be their closely and jealousy guarded trade secret. That is why you keep going to the same restaurant ( never mind the walking) although there are many more restaurants or food stalls around the area.

For us doing the everyday cooking at home we only use the standard curry powder in packets which are found sold at the sundry shop. They are mass produced and surely they must contain food additives and preservatives and their volume is made up with non-spice ingredients like rice or may be corn or wheat flour. So usually our curry just tastes ordinary, bland and without punch if you know what I mean. You thought you did everything right yet you don't get that wow . . .

In the old days my mother used to mix and grind her own spices.Coriander seeds made up the volume. Other spices in the right proportions including the the very hard dried turmeric which had to be banged first with the stone roller against the slab to break it before starting the grinding proper. We sometimes mistook it for our mother's expression of anger ha ha.

It was hard work for my mother when grinding spices using the ancient manual grinder which was a combination of a big and heavy stone roller and a slab.

First she would put the wet spices on the slab. Then she would break the spices by banging it with the roller. In between wiping off her sweat she would then with much energy pushed and pulled the roller on the slab until the spices were finely ground and most of the paste stuck onto the roller in neat layers. The technique to get the paste to stick on to the roller was to lift up the roller slightly as you pull it. This is of course  easily said than done.

Then with her hand she would lovingly scrap and scoop and carefully formed the paste into a ball twice the size of a tennis ball.

With that and other correctly matching ingredients she then would expertly cook the curry in an earthen ware pot.

As she tumis the aroma would be released from the spices that sometimes made our neighbor called out in a sing song way  voooiiii masak gulai apa tuuuuu . . . .

And the curry would taste perfect.

The right and clever use of spices makes all the difference.

The roller and the slab make the batu giling

Indeed without spices food is tasteless. And without spices there is no varieties in life.

From time immemorial spice is a commodity being sought after by humans. They had gone to war because of spices. People had died protecting their spices. Some people were bullied off their spices.

Today we get spices in packets ready to cook. We hardly know the individual spices that made up our curry powder, bryani powder or asam pedas mix and so on. I think if we know the specialty of each type of spices we can concoct our own mixture and give the dishes we cook more punch and make it unforgettable.

On my trip on the hop on hop off bus if you remember I mentioned that we made a stop at the spice garden. I was expecting to see the plants that produce some of the familiar spices. But no it was more of the tropical spices and herbs. Except for the black pepper plants I don't remember coming across any coriander or cumin plant. Oh ya there are cinnamon trees.

So tropical spice and herbs mean plants like the torch ginger turmeric or the laksa leaves. And rightly so the place is called tropical spice garden.

Though I didn't get to see what I really want to see it was still worth while visiting the place. It was quite a big area it looked like a forest in my kampung when the environment was not yet being tempered.

After paying the entrance fee we were each given an audio guide. As you walk to each of the spot you just switch on the audio and  a clear recorded voice will explain what you are looking at. But mind your steps  haa because the hilly terrain is carved out into terraces and at some points there are wooden board walk, stepping stones crossing the pond, shallow steps and climbs. Other than that it really was quite safe. By the way do not use high heels.

Mind your steps
As nature lovers we didn't mind spending time there. It took us nearly two hours to cover the spice terraces in a relaxed manner while trying to learn the names of the trees and plants there. I should feel a shame being as old as I am I do not know much except for some which are so commonly found outside.

Below is the stevia plant, I have never seen or taste it before but have read about it being a substitute for sugar  usually by the diabetics. There were very few of these plants but you can get the dried stevia leaves sold in plastic packets in their souvenir shop located at the end of the spice trail.

Stevia plant
Below is the belimbing buluh. Oh no we didn't come all the way here for the belimbing buluh. It's just that I found the fruits to be so much bigger smoother and yellow in color unlike those from the tree at home. They looked like plastic.

Below is the cinnamon tree protected with netting lest some one would be tempted to harvest the bark.
Cinnamon a spice we can't do without
This lily plant has medicinal value
Nutmeg tree
Where is the vanilla plant?

The Gaharu for perfume

Red bark tree
Below are more photos randomly taken as we walked up and down the spice trail

Like trays in the water

As you can see from the last picture the tropical spice garden is right alongside the the Batu Ferringhi main road. I took this picture while waiting for the hop on hop off bus to take us back to Gurney Drive where we had to change on to another bus that ply the city route and the hotel where we stayed The Royale Bintang is just so near to the bus terminal. It was so convenient.

Hope you enjoy reading. See you in the coming entry.

Bye . . .