Friday, 12 October 2018

A Time To Choose


It's time to make a choice . . . for a pet bird. Consider the seven . . .

Would like to have this 'ornamental' bird. Very interesting but maintenance is costly. Got to build a swimming pool pond for it to play and laze. I can't afford.

This is another beautiful bird to rear as a pet but needs a special skill to catch it. Or do they have it on sale in the pet shop? Maybe no. If  I am not mistaken this bird is a protected animal. So look for some other.

This bird is too small to make a pet. I think it needs a gentle person to handle it. I am not. So forget it.

This is a big bird. Symbol of courage and dignity. But more of pride I think. Makes lots of sharp piercing sound. Will disturb the neighbors if I keep it.

Wonder whether this bird would be good pets. This bird is gregarious within own flock. They peck away other birds of their size but of a different look. So to keep them I think I need a few so that they don't feel lonely in the cage.

A bird that can sing quite well. A pet cum entertainer but it does not have nice colors on the body. 

This bird is beautiful. Its calls are loud and sharp. It can disturb the neighbor. Better not to keep it.

The birds pictured above do not have the criteria I am looking for. I have to go look for other species perhaps there are others living there on the trees by the seaside.

 PD Waterfront  

Ah . . . my frivolous thinking . . .  I have never kept any pet at all in my life . . . anyway, birds are not meant to be caged . . .


Wednesday, 10 October 2018

What Are You?

Hi  everyone

My bird watching walkabout is not productive nowadays. There seem to be fewer birds in the vicinity.

The kingfishers or the hawks or the bee-eaters are no more to be seen. The water hens, the orioles, the koels, the punai, barbets and whatnot are also not showing. 

Of course, there are lots of birds flying in groups high above. Everyday. They are quite punctual. In the morning they fly in one direction and in the evening they rush in the opposite direction. Must be going home just like us humans rushing home in the evening. Looks like their highway is above my house. 

Birds that are aplenty here are the sparrows. 

I do not know whether they are house sparrows or tree sparrows. They frequent both places or are they just the same, no distinction between them. Some establish themselves in the nearby tree and some at the edge of the roofs, and this is what I don't like. 

Their chirping in the morning, some people may say will cheer you up to a new day. but really their sound is not really music to the ears especially when you feel you need to continue your sleep. 

Sometimes they bring in all sorts of dried weeds and twigs to build their nest and in the process scatter the rubbish into the house. They quarrel and peck at each other and their feathers drop through the window. You still can tolerate that. But then if they shit . . .πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

I hope their population won't increase, scared that if they do they would one day come swooping at me. 

The other day I thought I saw a sparrow. It was more black than brown, different from the sparrows mentioned above. All alone by itself, very small and I thought it was a juvenile may be a robin. I don't know. It made small sounds but anxious and distress like. Was it hurt because there were blood-red spots on the body. On closer look, no, the red thing is its nature. Hey bird, what are you? 

Have a look at the photos.

Red-spotted bird and unripe mulberry fruit 

Hope you like the bird and the photos.

Meet again on next entry.

Bye . . .

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Bring Me Back A Souvenir

Hi everyone

I like welcoming people back from travels. Besides listening to accounts of their experience there you would also get souvenirsπŸ˜‰in the form of memento articles, clothing or food synonym with the countries they visited.

It is as if that only what counts. No. What really makes you happy is the fact that you know you are always in their hearts where ever they may be. The souvenir is the proof that you are not forgotten. What a humbling feeling. It does not matter what souvenir they take back for you even if it's only a fridge magnet. 

Most important is to know that they go whether for work or holiday, are fine throughout their stay there and then come back home safely. That is all I care. Thanks to the advance in communication technology today, you don't worry so much whenever people you love have to leave home and travel far. You are still near to them just as near as you are to the phone. We also can track their journey as they are high up there from the comfort of our own home.

As for the souvenirs, keep sticking them to your fridge door. Fill it up. You know, one of my friends became cynical seeing all those mementos.  She knows I don't travel and never once I responded to her organized jalan  jalan. A cynical of the highest order when she asked how I enjoyed all those traveling :(

A souvenir from Morocco

Sometimes you may receive foodstuff that is quite alien to you.especially to me because I am not that adventurous with food and recipes. At times you are not sure, you might just pop the thing into your mouth when actually it should be used as an ingredient in cooking. It can be hilarious sometimes due to ignorance.

Preserved figs

I like it best when people send me photos. Though these can tempt me I just resign to looking at the photos only than myself go traveling. I don't like the hassles of traveling and suffice to the accepting of souvenirs hahaha.

Let's look at some of the latest photos I received.

They sometimes do bird watching for me . . .

Hope you too enjoy the photos.


Wednesday, 19 September 2018

You Smile


The day is not smiling. The sky is darkening. Anytime now the rain will pour.

Which means there would be no outdoor activity for me.

Have promised to make up a foursome for this.

But the rain foils our plan.


Its a blessing in disguise. By right I need to rest. My dental doctor advised me to limit strenuous activity temporarily while my gum is healing.

I'm in the process of replacing the biggest molar with an implant. That process is not completed yet. The bone has been built up and already healed. The titanium piece is already drilled in. The doctor said to let this second part of the process to completely heal before screwing the other attachment and the crown.

I need to be patient when chewing food. Slow gentle like a real lady. No hard food like the jambu batu. Meanwhile, a friend suggested I take a blender along when going for makan πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

Let's while away the time and read some quotes by some famous people but the pictures are mine.

" Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond."

                                                                       - Miguel de Cervantes

"I was never afraid of anything in the world except the dentist"

                                                                             - Taylor Caldwell

                                                "Behind every smile there's teeth"



                                                  "Smile while you still have teeth"

Ok friends that's my short post for today.

" Keep calm and smile big."