Sunday, 3 November 2019

Where Else If Not Kuala Lumpur


Though I am quite contented to be where I am and with my life, at home, I do sometimes want to take some time off and be away from home and break the everyday routine. I seldom go far and never beyond the country's border. Say I live within a shell, I don't mind at all because it is true, metaphorically.

My good friend the neighbor would know where I go if she sees my front gate is locked, unlike most days when the gate and door are wide open. Where else do I go if not to Kuala Lumpur the great city.

Me, no travel bug, really. Usually, travel only if I have a specific purpose. The last time I went to Kuala Lumpur was actually to have physiotherapy done on my leg. Of course, after that, I could take time to wander at the multi-story shopping malls but not this time as the leg needed a good rest.

bitten by the travel bug
In past visits after having done with whatever was my purpose of going, wandering the malls was what I usually do. Real shopping or window shopping a favorite pastime but at my age now shopping is not so enticing anymore. Unless I have a specific thing to buy the goods on display fail to interest me much. However, to make the trip to the shopping haven worthwhile and to justify the fatigued leg I must splurge on something. That, of course, is at the home department, I think I can make a haul video on the purchase :D

If there is a home and furniture exhibition at the mall I won't miss them. I would go look and examine the show items with great interest especially things like the endless pool which I have seen one exhibited before. I dream of installing one at home. 

Makan makan? Hmm, I cannot eat much nowadays. No more crazy about food, those mouth-watering salty, sweet, sour or fiery hot and oily, I now try to avoid but how to ignore food like this.

What else I do in Kuala Lumpur? Visit places of interest? Museum, me not the kind. Visited the museum umpteen years ago. So is the zoo, for children. Thinking back I need to go there again. I like taking pictures of birds. But then I don't fancy taking pictures of birds in the cage. I have heard about a big bird park in Kuala Lumpur and its a shame that I have not visited it yet.

Yes, I have been to the National Art Gallery once but was not able to view much, according to the staff there was some renovation going on. So I spend more time browsing the digital images of the art collections of the gallery on the big screen. I hope to visit the place again to view the real art when I can spend more time in my future trip to Kuala Lumpur

How about watching a live performance at the Istana Budaya or at the Klcc convention center. Been there two-three times, but the most memorable for me was watching Mamma Mia the ABBA-inspired musical theatre at the Istana Budaya many years ago. Modern concerts, I like them too but if I go I would be out of place, hah old me . . .

Where else? Klcc, of course, to take a picture of the iconic twin tower though not the highest in the country now, it still attracts. The surrounding area is a nice place to walk around and at night there would be a display of colorful lights accompanied by lively music at the fountain. But going there taking pictures once twice, enough. Enough of stretching of the neck :D

So on that most recent trip, the daughter suggested that we could take pictures of the tower from a different perspective, ie if we go up to a higher level. Agreed. So after my physiotherapy session, we checked into a hotel room with the tower view. 

Nice and comfortable to rest there. You get a nice view of the twin tower while lying on the bed. I took a few shots of the tower and the surrounding area, evening night and early morning scene through the glass wall. The place did not look as cheerful maybe it was a weekday and raining.

must cross this fabulous air bridge one day

It would be a waste if you stay at the hotel and just hibernate in the room. Just go use their facilities like the gym. Use their buggy to take you to the neighboring shopping mall. Of course, I used their swimming pool. Swam for an hour, early morning then spent an hour at the breakfast buffet. 

The hotel gym view from our room

meintheswim stealthily doing the breaststroke 

Felt like a vacation but it was only in Kuala Lumpur :))

I have yet to go for another physio session. So it is the Kuala Lumpur trip again.  Will stay with Adli this time.

Friends got to put a full stop here before you get bored.

Be happy.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

A Bird In The Tree (2)

Hi Friends 

Sighted this bird a few months back. 

It is black and white like the robin I use to see in my backyard but quite different in that on the underside it is nearly all-white from the neck to the tail.  Also, this bird is more elongated in shape.

The bird was sighted perched high on the very tall casuarina tree along the beach. It never came lower. Since it was quite distant so I could not identify what it really was. 

And furthermore, I have very little knowledge of birds. Nevertheless,  they fascinate me.

What's its name?

I hope you like these pictures.

Till next entry bye . . .

Friday, 18 October 2019

My Friend's Garden

Hi everyone,

In the past, she liked sitting at the verandah and from there could view the garden which needed more digging. As was usual there would be someone out there forever tending to the plants. The quiet ambiance, except for the sound of the garden tool occasionally knocking against a stone or something, would break the silence.

Though he was not in good health that did not stop him from doing things he loved. Once in a while, she would call out to remind him not to exert himself too much, his frail heart kept her worrying. He would usually turn and waved off and just smiled or cracked some jokes about his unfinished garden.

He was a plant lover, a keen home gardener, and quite a serious hobbyist as can be seen from the garden in his former house. When they moved into the new and smaller house making the garden was a struggle for him despite the area is so much smaller and so the garden was taking form much slower. However, she appreciates his ongoing efforts in trying to beautify the surroundings. 

Now if she sits at the same spot that comfortable feeling and quiet joy are no more there. The garden and the gardener had parted, sadly forever.

My friend is not really passionate about plants and gardening but still, if she could she would continue his work and try to improve and to keep the garden left to her thriving. She wished she could give as much interest and attention as he did. It's a pity she can't. Apart from her physical limitations due to a chronic illness it is also emotionally hard on her to bear the memories that the garden evokes.

Now occasionally hired hands would work in the garden. Though the plants keep growing and flowers may bloom the way she feels about the house and garden would not be the same anymore.

I hope her garden will flourish and help brings cheer to her life.

Till next entry, bye . . .

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Can Go Up Cannot Come Down


What is it that can go up but cannot come down.

You guess.


Correct. Correct!

This handsome cat with a voluminous tail had the other day climbed up the gaharu tree and got stuck between the branches. I heard its whining as it was trying to get down but I didn't give much attention as I thought if it knew how to go up surely it would know how to come down. I got things to do in the house better not waste my time watching him. Just hoping that if he descends don't ever poo in my garden.

Nearly three hours later I found him (or her? nevermind, it's him because he can climb trees) still up there. His whining was more heart-rending.

Serious situation.  He really cannot climb down. He must be up there for many hours already and must be hungry by then

I brought out a ladder and position it so I thought the cat could jump on to the ladder and get down. But it was afraid and instead, it tried to climb higher.

I dare not climb the ladder to bring it down. Apart from my leg has not yet recovered from some muscle injury I am also not very fond of cuddling and holding cats. Geli! My other half is worse he has Ailurophobia - that irrational fear of cats. Hmmph. We had a brief face-off as who would have to take down the cat.

Then I Whatsapp neighbors the above photos with caption "sapa punya?" but no one owned up. No response.

Lucky we have a gallant neighbor next door. He came out when he heard the commotion. He came to the rescue.

It was quite an effort to bring down the cat as it was reluctant and kept pulling back and did not want to jump into the container in which was put some fishy bits and pieces. The cat looked frightened and did not respond to coaxing. It only surrendered after some force was used but all were unharmed, the cat, the rescuer. No untoward incident.

I found out much later from the owner that the cat was missing from the night before so I assume the cat was stuck there for many hours. Its no wonders why it appeared dazed and bengong and not even a meow when finally brought down and released.

The cat with the voluminous tail

It moved around as if looking for something. Then it rested a while at the car porch and then went roaming again between the plants. Then it stopped. Hey, I thought cats don't eat grass, only cows and the like do it but I observed there and realized cats do eat grass.

There was a tag hung around the neck. A phone number marked on it. I called. There was no response from the owner. The cat later found its way out and much later the owner called back saying that the cat was safe at home and that it was missing from last night.

Found out that cats are naturally good at climbing up but not so much for climbing down due to their having curved claws and stronger hind legs but weaker front legs. 

Friends, if you see your cat climbing up a tree warn it not to go up too high okay :))