Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Life Goes On

Hi everyone

I think it is not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya. Hope everybody enjoys the celebration and the holidays.

Since the puasa is already over so it is back to the normal routine. Eat. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, not to mention the snacks. There's still a lot of celebration sweets and treats so tempting. Quite difficult to restraint.

Hmm. Need to burn the excess.

I have started going out for brisk walking in the morning the past three days. And today went on the treadmill since the sky was dark. I doubt whether I can maintain the momentum for sitting and lazing around and nibbling and taking bites on the leftover cakes and cookies is so comforting though am not feeling at ease at the life of a standstill.

Body and spirit need to be given a push. I must respond to that call for tennis. My sports bag with the racket inside is still at the same place where I chucked more than a month ago!

My garden plants too were being neglected, I always missed watering them in the evening because of me supposed to be too busy in the kitchen in Ramadhan. But thinking back it was really not the case. Maybe it was just me lacking a positive mood because even now I keep forgetting about watering the plants.

Some plants do not bother. They keep growing and showing good health better than ever before, water or no water. Perhaps they have long enough roots to reach for the water in the ground. And lucky too the rain has started to come.

The purple allamanda which I got tired of hoping for it to flower surprised me. It has started to bloom and there are few more buds yet to open. I am so pleased. After all, life is not that disappointing.

These flowers make my day. I think I am getting back into the mood to continue doing what I like to do to fill my retirement life.

Stay cheerful.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Tumbling n Stumbling

Hi everyone,

A moment in the garden after the afternoon rain.

I saw it kept trying not to slide off from that big waxy leaf. It tried to stand but the legs failed to straighten. Couldn't take off for flight.  Kept tumbling many times. It kept crying, yes crying, I thought.

Somewhere in the tree, there was an adult which kept calling, urging the young one, so I thought. Well. I don't know, I am human, they are birds.

We human, always assume.  That's what we, I, especially do best anyway.

Perhaps both were independent of each other. I shouldn't be worried. But I kept watching and hoping the little one won't fall off to the ground. Scared for it, the cat might come!

But I would come for the rescue if ever a cat comes to pounce.

Suddenly everything went quiet. The bigger bird stopped calling. The little one stopped crying. It stood tall, then flew off.

No worry!

That's my little story for today, we'll be meeting again on the coming entry, have a happy day.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Would You Like Some?

Hi friends,

When I bought my present house the first thing I did was to plant a few trees in the side yard. However, after a few years, the trees succumbed to termites and died except for the belimbing tree which remains good until today.  Other trees that I have now, the gaharu, cempaka and the mulberry were planted much later.

All the trees are thriving and making my home garden a little crowded. I don't mind that because they give shade and makes the place cool although scattered dead leaves become an eyesore. The belimbing tree very frequently bears fruits in abundance and there would be lots of scattered ones rotting away on the ground.

The belimbing tree with its low branches is a perfect place to hang the orchid pots. I feel it is more natural than building a structure to hang them. The only drawback is when the tree bears fruit I have the extra task of clearing the fruits that got dropped into the pots.

The belimbing fruits do not cause any excitement as do some other favorite fruits like mango, for example. They do get noticed sometimes but only due to its sheer abundance. Other than that there really is not much interest to people. 

The fruits seem to have no value. When offered to friends, they declined. To batter trade with the vegetable seller in the market will invite just scoffs :( 

Even the birds give them a miss. How I wish they taste like grapes, then maybe you don't see them fallen and scattered to rot.

The sour acidic taste of the fruits makes it impossible to be consumed fresh. Other than using them in masak lemak  I don't know how to use it any other way. Sometimes it makes me sad to think about the fruits being sidelined and so unwanted. So one day I plucked some and try to turn it into something which can be more palatable.

Here is how I made sambal sandwich filling using the fruits as ingredients.

Ingredients: belimbing fruits, anchovies, chili paste, onion, garlic, ginger.
Not in picture: oil, salt, palm sugar.


Add a lump of palm sugar some salt and oil

Fry until quite dry

Final product


The texture is like jam. Taste is sweet but hot. Unexpectedly delicious!

So there, friends, a recipe for you to try.

Till next entry . . .

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Evening Dream

Sitting on the rocky beach
looking out as far my eyes could reach
mesmerized by the colorful mystery
I feel small and tiny

An artist if I could be
would express what I see
in the play of colors
on a big blank canvas

With artistic touch
I would sweep lovely strokes
as nature greets
and my heart speaks

But I have not a touch of artistry
finesse is beyond me
the marvel of colors
would lose in my inability

I am just ordinary
like most, a dreamer
all I do is stare deep into the horizon
till all colors are gone.