Saturday, 13 January 2018

Walking In The Rain

Non stop rain for three days and three nights!

It was lucky that the rain was only moderately heavy and drizzling most time otherwise some areas in this district would be flooded. Most people should be happy to stay indoor and enjoying hot coffee. No worries.

But on the first day it was really heavy. In the evening when it really started pouring I was midway in my walk. There was no place I could take shelter except the trees but I was scared of the possible thunder and lightning.

I walked on in heavy rain, really heavy , heavy rain. I was drenched, soaked to the skin. At first I tried to rush then I was thinking why should I it could cause more anxiety which possibly would  trigger pounding and palpitation in my heart.

And so I continued walking not even trying to quicken my pace. Not even trying to avoid the puddles of water forming in my path. Just redah saje . There was rain everywhere so might as well enjoy it. Let it rain . Let it rain.

Part of my track on fine day

Remember when we were small that time, we liked to play in the rain. Were we not  delighted as we played on the wet field or in the padi field, in my case. We ignored the worrying  parents who would be yelling asking us to get inside.

 As adults we always want the umbrellas. We always worry when clouds start to thicken. We open the umbrellas even when the rain has yet to come. What is this life if it's full of worries.

If you are caught in heavy rain like that don't run for shelter, just enjoy it and reminisce about your childhood time playing in the rain. Only thing is now you might worry about your new jogging shoes or the telephone in your pocket which all would get soaked.  My i phone was ok anyway after wiping and the shoes I blew with a hair drier after getting rid of the excess water and letting it stand for a night. No problem.

Now I don't know whether there's still rain in my area for I am in a different place. Was suddenly "uprooted" from my home to here, where I am completing this writing now. About 70 kilometers from home. And here too the rain drizzles on.

Let's hope the rain brings us blessings not misery.

See u next entry.

bye . . .

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Imagination is idealistic, magic. fantasy
in realm of  posibility
sans logic 
to inhibit mind's creativity

Imagination is
dream in the wake 
 to fantasize 
the pleasure of paradise

Imagination is invisible 
and abstract 
where the impossible

Imagination is to sooth
the hurts
of cuts and bruises
of  hearts

Imagination is escapism
from the harsh
and sorrow 
of the reality world

Friday, 5 January 2018

White Headed Munias Cheer Up The Day

Hi everyone

Almost every friend I met had wished me a happy new year.  Wishing new year has become automatic, fake or true we don't care. Just say thank you and wish them back sincerely. Ya lets hope we go through the next twelve months and beyond in happiness.

People are talking about making new year resolutions as always. Do you? Me, I don't have a list. I don't want to add any to the bag log of the previous years'. Seldom ever reaching my goals. Anyway at this age why should I bind myself with promises of to do or to be. Life for me would just go on with not much interests to look forward to. 😔

Ah no point being pensive and feeling melancholy, cheer up! Just get on to do what is best for now.

White-headed bird fresh and active in the morning

I have wanted to restart my health/fitness walk as soon as possible since I have neglected it in the past weeks. So on the very first day of the new year I have started my walk.

Gloomy weather, a warning of possible rain giving me uncertainty. Let not the gloom affects our spirit.

I started out on my walking albeit with hesitance. True enough, half way I decided not to proceed. I made a turn and head back for the house after about one and a half kilometer thinking that if I didn't I may be caught in the rain as the sky was getting darker.

The weather was just teasing, the rain was yet to fall or would it not come at all?  Not satisfied with the short walk I drove to a park by the seaside to continue my walking.

I like this place because it is quiet and scenic where you can enjoy being alone, to think or to reflect , without much distraction.

Disappointingly I found the place has been turned to a camping site by picnickers who stayed overnight  (or were they the new year revelers catching up on lost sleep?).

I walked on anyway, but just for a while  because I felt a little awkward with so many people idling around . I ended my walk. Obviously that was not enough exercise. Perhaps I would continue in the evening.

By early afternoon it rained . It rained hard and the wind came on strong . . .until it caused my pokok to tumbang . It rained into the night . . . I ended up staying indoor the rest of the day . . .

My dracaena plant once discarded but recovered to green my porch

Has the weather got any connection with our moods?  I don't feel like doing anything in this kind of weather except may be to relax on the sofa  and entertain myself to some old pictures.

Here, these were taken on my previous birding expedition walk around.

These are white-headed munias . Small but very active and "talkative". Supposed to be a common bird. But I only have seen them once or twice around my area. The picture was taken in May last year.

There are more interesting pictures in my album. I will share them in future blog posts.