Saturday, 2 June 2018

Rainy Ramadan Morning

Ramadan Kareem and greetings to dear readers

Now we are already in the middle of Ramadan. I hail Ramadan. It is special. I am thankful for the good health which enables me to fulfil my spiritual duty without any problem so far.

The only problem since the beginning of time is only waking up from a deep sleep for the sahur. :))

Sleepy dove
It was exactly a year ago that I was confronted with a worrying health issue. It jolted me from self-denial because I thought to be physically active all this while means everything was alright with my health.

And the tests confirmed a condition which supposedly required a lifetime of medication. And worse my system couldn't accept the conventional medication.

I went for the alternative treatment though it was quite costly whereas the conventional treatment would cost me very little. Paying is painful and that made me follow the advice and instructions strictly and took the supplements accordingly.

Diet and exercise and reducing body fat have to go alongside with the taking of the supplements in order to make the treatment effective. But dieting is so very difficult to adhere to. It takes great efforts to overcome food temptations, thus I hail the coming of Ramadan which can reinforce my willpower.

I still continue doing exercise when fasting. Of course, tennis, treadmilling in the gym and jogging are out. That will cause body dehydrating. I do not want to cause a commotion collapsing on the tennis court ok, but still, I don't want to be cut away from the joy of tennis, doesn't matter if it is only from the courtside.

Then what do I do to keep active and not allow the body to idle?

Swimming. Gardening. Yes. But today, Ramadan morning was raining hard :(

White lily bowed to the heavy rain
You see it is so difficult to regain the healthy condition. It takes a lot of determination to continue doing exercise and dieting and swallowing those supplements. It is so frustrating and disheartening to see the blood test result is the same as the previous one and that the needle of the scale-weight sometimes never budges. At times I feel like giving up.

But with patience and true grit, after one year, I won. My condition reverse for the better. I feel light. My health indicators are better and that includes the BMI because I have lost more than 10 kg. Yay!


Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Colours Of Nature

Greetings to dear readers

In one of my past postings, I was lamenting about the lack of colours in my home garden. Actually, I have a few flowering plants but they don't bloom ever so often except the Japanese roses. When they do I never fail to photograph them. How I wish they all would come out at the same time then only, truly, the garden is colourful.

Enjoy the colours . . .


Bye . . .

Friday, 18 May 2018

When Things Are Scarce

Hi everyone,

The mulberry tree in my compound is already old. It is now not producing as many fruits as before. Yet many birds still come for the berries especially the blackbirds with the glossy feathers and the red eyes.

In a time when there are lots of fruits, small blackbirds, fly in, pick and eat the berries quietly and then they go. Now that there are fewer fruits they are quite noisy and seen pecking and shoving each other.

But these two bigger birds (male koels?) caught my attention by their super loud aggressive cry. I saw them chasing each other among the mulberry branches and ended up on the gaharu tree where their behaviour became more intense. Surely they couldn't be just fooling around . . .

By the look of it, I think they were duelling. And whatever for, of course, I don't know. Can't understand their language. My guess, they were fighting for the territory (the mulberry tree, I mean). When food is scarce they become more territorial perhaps.

And the winner is . . .

When things are scarce . . . the effect is the same as in our human life. Don't you agree . . .

Till next entry, bye . . .

Monday, 7 May 2018

Walkabout and Meetup

Hi friends

At times, like a VIP I do a walkabout :)

Armed with a camera I sauntered expecting a meetup with the birds. Sometimes I manage to capture their images, many times I miss because they are fast-moving creatures. If they stay longer in one spot they are very high up and out of reach of the camera focus. 

Sometimes when I am concentrating on one there suddenly comes another flying in that makes me gopoh and wanted both to enter the frame and finally ended up with blurred images. 

No point blaming the birds. Blame me for being greedy. 

Nobody asks me to do this work.  But I like! So it is not a work it is just a pastime.

Some pictures for you . . . 

1.  Hardworking fast-pecking woodpecker standing vertically in bright daylight to awe you.

2.  This hawk very often on perch here with head hanging down. Apa masaalah?

3.  Always singing but sounds like whining

4.  The Oriole bird, with a sharp flute-like call, persistent and loud.

5.  Some are so quick to get away when they hear you coming

6. Who owns them? They like to go over to the other side but most time they would be chased.

7.   Some are quite tame even if you go near them they remain there

8.  Always at peace, the lake never dry.

9.  They enjoy sitting on the fence

10.  Two birds enter the frame! Their bodies making a cross  . . .

Hope you like the pictures.

Bye . . .