Sunday 3 September 2023

Feel Like Post-Event Blues

I am alone here trying to peck at the keyboard.

I dont know how to start and know not what to write.

Ok lets talk about yesterdays ...

Events of yesterdays still lingered in my mind

Nothing big nothing great but its still there.

The "crowd" started with the arrival of Adli and sisters and their mother since 2 days before the Merdeka holiday.

They kept me busy more than usual but I can manage. Forgo my hobbies a few days. 

Can you imagine how hectic it became when later they were joined by a group of my extended family members from the north, from my roots.

And then my own sister and family........... 

They came to holiday in this famous coastal town. At the same time to visit me whom they have not met since so long.

I was quite relieved to know then that only two of them were to be putting up at my house while the rest at the hotel.  My house is too small to accomodate all .....

But most time they hanged out here at this house. Of course I don't mind. They are my family anyway.

But then how can I not invite them to have meals in my house that's our custom thats our culture ...They said don't trouble yourself but I said oh no trouble at all while inside me gnawing..... can I manage ...

You can imagine the havoc because I was not really prepared for that many of visitors. I usually cook only for two and not used to cooking in big quantity

 I don't mind ...really- I tried and not forgetting thanks to my sister and neice who helped.

 I was at first overwhelmed by their presence, met them all so long ago some when they were still very small, and some I never met before. A little awkward of course. But the warmth slowly built up, good feeling developed and soon everybody was chattering away.  

It was not easy to handle the situation singled handed somehow I think I managed to entertain them with my my cooking, with my stories ...

There was so much to talk about,  so  much noise so much laughter......... and so much love

Happy family reunion of sorts ... what a happening

This morning all of them including Adli and siblings had left.

I watched them go until their cars disappeared from my view.

Suddently my home was so quiet.

I watered my plants 

I removed the dried leaves and flowers that littered my car

What else to do ....

It was quite hard to control a post-event feeling.

It was quite hard to hold back the tears....

The "crowd" 😃

I sooth myself by playing this song


  1. Selamat tahun 2024. Lama betul saya tidak melawat. Harap sentiasa sihat dan teruskan menulis.

  2. Mrs. A pun akan gelabah kalau ramai sangat tetamu.
    Tapi okay je kalau ada yang membantu.
    Happy new year 2024 ya