Thursday, 28 July 2016



The sky again was rumbling in the early morning but around eight the weather was ok and so off to the swimming pool for a dip.

Today I got acquainted with a new person and from our conversation I think she is also one restless women just like me. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: Hi been here often?

She: Almost everyday.

Me: How come we only meet today.

She: Different time. You come always at what time.

Me: Very early. Nice to swim in the morning. Sometimes me and my gang swim in the sea when the   water is high. Now not so  . . . less active  . . . .may be now we all older . . .less active.

She: Older should be more active if not all will jam . . .

Me:  You still working?

She:  I help my husband . . .he has a project here . . . before work I swim . . . I walk

Me: (inside my heart, I continue for her  . . . cook , wash, ironing and many more)

She: Children all big . . . me and husband only . . .now only have time to be here like this. Relax and   enjoy. Last time we lived in foreign country worked very hard  . . . pay children to college.

Me: Agreed. Last time where got time . . .Ya la all the time work work look after people. But ok la     children big already and become good people. We parents happy.

(Oh my English)

She: You swim well.

Me: Thanks. I see you can swim too.

She: I have been swimming but will never go to deep end. This pool is deep . . . that end.

Me: Yes ten feet. You go quarter distance then you go half . When you gain confidence go to the end.Once done you will be ok. Just keep on swimming.

Think I have enough for today.

She: See you around.

Me: See you.

Do birds talk?

Will not say more.

Cheers . . .

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Beetle

Hello all

Yesterday I accidently deleted images from my camera. Blame it on my not so nimble fingers trying to do things faster than it can.

And the camera it is so sensitive it set off deleting so fast that took me by surprise. I fumbled to remove the battery but too late. Alas the new images just taken the previous day which were not yet loaded into the computer could not be saved.

They were images of the beetle in the morning sun. The small creature look great with its wings so colorful, dazzling and shining reflecting the soft sun light.

In the  afternoon I spotted another beetle in a different location ( it might be the same beetle) but under the afternoon light it was not the same. Just one dark black thing.

Under the afternoon light and I am focussing from bottom pulak

Determined to get the photograph this morning I went to look for the beetle at the original place. Yes it was there flying over and stopping on the fence like making imaginary loops in its path.

The images are better but not the same as the ones deleted. The wings and body did not reflect the same amount of light as the other day hence less glitter.

Here are the pictures



After many flights take a long rest

Thats it the beetle. Some people don't like the beetle.

Some like Volkwagen Beetles.

Some still like the Beatles.

Ok that is all for this entry. Will be back for another one soon.

Bye . . .

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Misty Morning

Hello again


Seek it within yourself they philosophically say.

Can find none,  don't really understand.

Click click click . . .

Thats tranquility . . . for me . . .

Have a peaceful day ahead.

Bye . . .


Hi everyone

People like me who is all the time fighting the bulge would always welcome days when you don't have to cook. There is the chance that you would skip a meal or two and thought you would just survive the day with fruits and water only and therefore cutting down the calorie intake.

So when my spouse announced that he would be attending a kenduri I responded with gladness. Haa no cooking today yeay. Mmmm like children. Yaa there is always that young mischievious little girl in every woman.

So I would have fruits only for the day.

Opening the fridge to reach for fruits but the eyes caught on the left over sambal from previous night. It was too tempting. Hmm there was also some frozen roti paratha . There goes my diet . . .

Takes so little time to prepare

Pile on the pounds with this

Making life easy
Just a minute or two
And its ready 


It takes such a strong will not to go for another one.

Get away!
Get out
Jump in here
 Walk here
Or play here

Or go into the garden

Need trimming

Thats how I burn off the calories

Reminder; eat more fruits

Choose fruits in season
Choose the best ones

Eat to your satisfaction . . .  no harm . . . 

So have a healthy diet today

Have a great day . . .

Bye . . .

Friday, 22 July 2016

Where The Mind Can Be Free


The alarm set off simultaneously with the rumblings from the sky. Oh again! The weather is so unpredictable nowadays.

Should I be complaining when just a few months back I was complaining about the dry weather? I know we cannot dictate and have everything our way. Just have to zigzag or meander through and try coming out undaunted. Its about adaptability and priority and choices. Should I be thinking too much . . .

And so if its a mundane job like ironing that you have to do so be it do it even though its six thirty in the morning since the rain does not allow you to be out and exercising.

If work is not what you are doing then its back to bed or may be sitting at the breakfast table longer than needed. I do not want to live the do nothing static idle life which will make me feel so useless.

Of course I know people don't care for all the old people's ramblings so I better offer to share with you something that you might find more interesting.

Continuing from my last posting here are more photos . . .

 Birds are supposed to be here
The bird from the tree
Came down to the ground
Looking for food
More to find in the grass than on the tree?
No birds can be seen but can be heard
Only foliage lush and green
Tough tangle of roots
 Looking up again there they are.The orioles. Do I need to come over here when I can "get" them in my very own backyard?

If they are not noisy its not so easy to spot them
It is nice to be where the mind can be free . . .

Have a beautiful day . . .

Bye . . .

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Back To Normal

Hello all

After the the festivities and the jubilations of the past weeks now its back to normal. The children are back in school. Those working are back at the office.

The pensioners ? Back to their lonely abode. Not lonely but quiet. Older people, some like to be left alone to do things they like though they do enjoy having the family around.

Hubby has started to go for his morning walk and be active again. Me? Well there are some more work to be done in the house like keeping things back to its original place.

I can hardly wait to get on with my exercise I need to burn the calories overloaded during the festivities. The sooner I start the better.

Yesterday very early in the morning I plugged on some music and started moving, well something like this .

I think I have burnt about 200 to 300 calories for more than an hour of dancing to music of such tempo and some even faster. Don't think an old person like me cannot move like those young people in the video ha ha.

In the evening I went for tennis. Nice to be back in the court. My stroke still ok though I was out of action for more than a month. Well a good start, with my quite regular doubles partner coming out the winner on the first set after many weeks of lay off.

Earlier on the day after the line dance exercise before cooking for lunch I went for a walk at the seaside.

The sun was not yet high, the breeze was moderately strong blowing on to my face and through my hair making me feel cool and as I ambled on the boardwalk it gave me such joy and contentment.

For those who want to destress here is the place at such a time and tide. The sound of the waves is music to the ears. The ripples of sea water is a joy to the eyes.

Actually I was there to also see if I could meet up with some birds. There were their sounds and they did appear but seldom long enough to give me time to focus.

The atmosphere was at first a little foggy but later improved.

 Foggy seascape
So much better later
Small waves beating against the shore
The tide has come higher

Adding beauty to the landscape
Some wild flowers
And fruit

Ah here they are albeit a common species . Still good enough for my amature photography . . .

Other friends have left her alone
Just watching them(other birds) flew away
Ahh same position as above pulak
Better pose
Lets make the bird bigger

Quite a pretty bird

Thats all for now . . .hope you like the photos.

Enjoy nature and be happy always.

Will be back soon.

bye . . .