Friday, 22 July 2016

Where The Mind Can Be Free


The alarm set off simultaneously with the rumblings from the sky. Oh again! The weather is so unpredictable nowadays.

Should I be complaining when just a few months back I was complaining about the dry weather? I know we cannot dictate and have everything our way. Just have to zigzag or meander through and try coming out undaunted. Its about adaptability and priority and choices. Should I be thinking too much . . .

And so if its a mundane job like ironing that you have to do so be it do it even though its six thirty in the morning since the rain does not allow you to be out and exercising.

If work is not what you are doing then its back to bed or may be sitting at the breakfast table longer than needed. I do not want to live the do nothing static idle life which will make me feel so useless.

Of course I know people don't care for all the old people's ramblings so I better offer to share with you something that you might find more interesting.

Continuing from my last posting here are more photos . . .

 Birds are supposed to be here
The bird from the tree
Came down to the ground
Looking for food
More to find in the grass than on the tree?
No birds can be seen but can be heard
Only foliage lush and green
Tough tangle of roots
 Looking up again there they are.The orioles. Do I need to come over here when I can "get" them in my very own backyard?

If they are not noisy its not so easy to spot them
It is nice to be where the mind can be free . . .

Have a beautiful day . . .

Bye . . .

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