Thursday, 14 July 2016

Preparing For Raya Open House

Hello everyone

After a hectic week its nice to be back at the computer typing again.

The celebration is not really over for me because there is yet another family gathering to be organised on the coming weekend. A combined one to include the aunties the uncles and the cousins and not to forget the grannies.

Not here in my house but in another place. Also not in any posh resort or hotel but at daughter's house which is next to a sister's house so that we have more space.

And so we are quite busy preparing for the day. Quite a number of essentials are to be taken there. We are not engaging any caterer but we ladies are to flex our own muscles to prepare things and cook and to bring out all our culinary expertise. Hehehe.

Things to be brought to the venue
A tableful of things also to bring along
Since we are doing it ourselves we have to start early. Yesterday I baked some brownies which I will keep in the fridge. Three batches would be enough.

More for me to prepare, date cakes, chocolate cakes with frostings, ketupat nasi with peanut sauce.

Brownies first.

You can say that brownies making is so elementary and requires no skills at all oh yes yes. But I always fall back to this recipe to make sure that I start on something in anticipating for the day.

I have baked this many times before and most people like it. Of course it is not my own recipe. I am no chef. I got it from Joy of Baking a favourite cooking and baking website here.

Anyway lets share some pictures which I took while baking yesterday.

Melt chocolate and butter

Add sugar

Add powdered cocoa and vanilla

Add eggs

Add flour mmm "selemoih"

Mix well until gooey

Bake about 20 mins only

Cool put in the fridge then only cut
Baking brownies is not so critical so I still have time to go outside and take some pictures for the sound of the hawk is so tempting to get me to the outdoor. This is a different hawk  smaller than the one in the previous post and which has more pattern on the body.

High up on the tree

Looking back at oncoming enemies
Wary of the anything unfriendly
Perched haughtily a typical posture of the #hawk

Do enjoy this posting and hopefully it may bring a little cheer to your day.

Am looking foward for our raya do and hope you too are still enjoying the festivities.

Bye . . .

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