Thursday, 15 June 2017

Eat Less Burn More

Hi friends

Time flies fast. Its already into the third week of Ramadhan.

Fasting is not a something hard to do for me in fact I like fasting. Not a burden at all. Apart from full filling and performing my religious duty I take this opportunity to try to diet hoping to reduce some weight ( think body fat and  cholesterol).

Eat less definitely and if we can burn more that will be good especially to people who are on the brink of obesity . . . mmm . . . just like me.

And this time so far my other half is not so gung ho about the buka puasa as the bazaar ramadhan nearby is lacklustre not really so full of tempting goodies as in the past years. Good ! I say . . . So its home cooked meals for us, we can control the sugar and salt and fats used in cooking right?

Aah but then I am the one doing the cooking . . .hmm 😩

Even last week when the children and all came over we did not have an elaborate and much more than enough full spread unlike in the past years when the table became too small to accommodate the many types of servings - home prepared and bought to cater for all the different needs and wants.

Everybody seemed to be quite health conscious nowadays eating less and choosing healthy food, no too sweet kueh etc and by fasting it can be done. When you fast its about curbing temptations right?

Think again, fat and cholesterol or being diabetics or just a 'pre'. One needs to exercise. I need to burn them, those fats thickening my blood and those clinging and disturbing my liver making it less efficient and those under my skin making me an ugly old woman.

When you fast your energy is running low as the hour is passing. Of course I stopped playing tennis in puasa month. That only leave me with swimming which I do in the morning and which makes me go sleepy mid morning.

How about cleaning house that involves climbing stairs and ladders? That need to be done, ah with those sparrows making a mess on my windows. That walking and climbing will give me some exercise.

Don't call it mad if you see a lone figure puffing and working out in the shadow of the mulberry tree in the night. Yes I need to achieve my 10000 steps though that won't burn much I know, I believe a little would still be better than nothing just think, being a couch potato glued to the tv expending nil energy unless you keep standing or moving and watching. I have to keep moving and keep the calories burning otherwise the money I spend at the wellness clinic will come to naught.

Standing uses energy
But last week for a few days the children were here and then after that I followed them to their  home. To be with the children I need not have to do a designated exercise. Being with them attending to their needs is already counted as exercise. Its happiness anyway, with all their antics. Only on some days in school holidays we are able to be together so I appreciate the togetherness and not minding missing my own exercise routine. Anyway laughing out loud until your body shakes helps to burn away some calories too . . . hah hah hah kah kah kah.

The girls are not moving much during the puasa days and being occupied by their home works and such. Though the older girls would want to help out in the kitchen I would rather not have them as they could fall asleep while standing! It happened once, really, lucky there was no accident. I prefer them to do their own thing like learning to write.

Learning to write Japanese alphabet
In between cooking and doing other household chores and minding the children I still would sneak to the outside when I hear the sound of birds .  A little running to the outside and standing there for sometime and watching and taking photographs of the birds still counts, it burns calories  . . .

By the way here's the bird . . .

Comel . . .

Hmm true, fighting the bulge is not an easy task, we keep 'spreading' despite all the efforts made. So we make the dress bigger and make the belt looser ha ha. But dear friends if we give up we will have health issues sooner or later.

Me, as I indicated earlier will always welcome Ramadhan. A time, a reminder for us to look inwards to purify and to cleanse in every sense of the word.

Happy Ramadhan.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Red Eyes

Hi everyone,

This is the time of year I like most. A special month in all its seriousness and discipline yet a time of celebration and joy with love ones. And me, am expecting all to come back this weekend to be together to celebrate and to contemplate in this auspicious month.

So I better get this entry, a short one though, be ready and published before my place be swarmed by the lovable gerombolan hehehe.

Selamat Bersahur  and good morning !


In the past week or so time was not so cheery unlike the weeks before that it was full of hurrahs.

The mood was dull (black?) and feelings low and swaying and the mind in the state of indecisiveness.

Aargghh . . .

The sea of red on the computer screen seemed a bother. It was in a way affecting me not as much in a big way but the overall mood was sinking, regretting with . . .why didn't I. . . I should have . . .

Its like a missing zero in a figure . . .

A short in a sum . . .

Its easier to say like this, you have a bird in the hand, but now it has flown away . . . 😞😞😞😞😞

Bulbul on take off

Why would you be emotional if things are not so much affecting you. But its the waves of red that makes you gasp at every dip of the green as you watched until your eyes go red . . . and helplessly hoping  . . .

When it is red you see red. To whom is your anger directed? No one. Its normal, the indecisive mind.

Red Eye Starling
That's it  my short post . You can also read here about a related story ha ha.

Selamat Berpuasa .